Two people stop talking,Thinking of each。After a long time,Jia Lina just asked:“where are you going?I want to sell the supermarket and follow you“

Xia Jian heard Jia Lina say this,He is both moved,Sad again。He sat up,He took Jia Lina’s bare body into his arms again,The two sat in silence for a long time。
“You said Dong Xuanxuan took the police to find you?What’s the specific situation?“Xia Jian broke this silence,He suddenly asked。
Jia Lina thought for a moment and said:“She asked me what day of the fight,Finished asking me if I know where you are now?I said you ran away,She also asked about Qin Dongsheng’s family situation,I feel like this old guy is also doing something”
“Lina,Because my current identity is fake,So I can’t stand the police’s interrogation,So i have to leave here as soon as possible。People’s Supermarket is finally ready,No one can compare to you in a few years。In case you can’t hang on anymore one day,You can go to Bucheon Venture Group to find a woman named Wang Lin”That’s it for Xia Jian,Can’t help but take a long breath。
Jia Lina drilled her body vigorously into Xia Jian’s arms and said:“I might die in Wuying Town in my life,Thank you for the happiness you brought me all these days。If there is a destiny in this life,I believe we still have a chance to meet”Jia Lina’s words made Xia Jian sour。
The two are just hugging,Said many, many things,Until dawn,Xia Jiancai fell asleep in a daze,When he opens his eyes,Jia Lina is gone。
On the bedside table,With a thick stack of banknotes,A note is pressed under the banknote。See it says“Xia Jian,This is 20,000 yuan,Not much money,You use it first,Inconvenient to go out with too much。I will keep the phone number forever,You are okay,You can call me”
Maybe Jia Lina left in a hurry,She only wrote these two sentences。20,000 yuan,This is not a small amount of money in the income of the people in Wuying Town,Although he stayed in Jialina for a few months,Even if it’s paid to him by salary,Not so much。This is what Jia Lina feels for him。
Suddenly there was another knock on the door,Xia Jian hurriedly hid the money in the quilt。Could it be Jia Lina running back again?!This broad day,Once discovered,He’s over。
Xia Jian ran over,Opened the door。A woman rushed in,And closed the door smoothly,This action is done in one go。
Woman takes off the big sunglasses on her face,Xia Jian has a look,Can’t help but shout:“Dong Xuanxuan!How do you know i live here?”
“Don’t forget what i do”Dong Xuanxuan said,Wrinkled his nose and walked around the room。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What do you smell?There is no perfume in my room”Xia Jian deliberately joked。
Dong Xuanxuan smiled and said:“The smell of woman permeates the whole house,The remaining warmth on this bed,What a Jia Lina dare to say she doesn’t know where you are?”
“She is gone,Did you follow her to find me?“Xia Jian still asked Dong Xuanxuan a little bit disbelievingly。
Dong Xuanxuan sat on the sofa,A little domineering:“Who do you want me to follow if you don’t follow her,Luckily she only came to see you last night,If one or two days earlier,You can’t sleep in a hotel“
“What do you mean?“Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Dong Xuanxuan smiled and said:“Zhao Shisan’s case,Yellow calf being beaten incident,The bureau requested to consolidate the case,It can be said that the whole county is arresting you everywhere“
“You came here today to catch me“Xia Jian inevitably asked nervously。