At that time,Don’t see it.!

Walk to the lake,Liao Wenjie discovered that the girl’s ghosts were beautiful,More attractive than Xiaoqing。
Not saying that Xiaoqing is not beautiful,The two have thousands of autumn,Single looks on,It is difficult to divide a high。Can be in front of this female outside pure,In fact, Mei Tiancheng,Self-taking the soulbuff,Old Master is bundry,Xiaoqing is not coming。
This look and temperament,Liao Wenjie gambling five hair,Be sure to send the head of Xiao Qian.。
Liao Wenjie time when Xiao Qian,Xiao Qian is also changing him,Dark road book、Lip red tooth white,A good skin。
No wonder Xiaoyan has not given an audio,The feelings are not born,But I don’t have a good person.。
Xiao Qian is thinking,Stop the piano,Hand pressing on the strings:“Scholar,Late night, private forest garden,Still staring at the strange woman, no hair,Is your holy sage reading??”
Xiaoqing is still return for two consecutive nights.,Have such excellent signs,Xiaoqian decided to explore the bottom,Find Liao Wenjie’s character,Select the appropriate Raiders to take them。
Just meet,Her people set up the lady of rich people.,Sex,Don’t talk。
“excuse me,Licheng Cui Hua,Seeing Miss, one person in the lake,Thoughts,Time Shen piano sound,I also hope that Miss is forgive me.。”
Liao Wenjie said:“Mile,I don’t know if Miss is informing the name.?”
“Nie Xiaoqian。”
“Xiao Qian……Good name。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Just guess,Confirm is Xiaoqian,The shadow of the human famous tree,Then look,Suddenly even more beautiful。
“Cui Gongzi,If,I will leave first.。”
Xiao Qian got up and put away the truth,Simple two dialogue,She confirmed that the scholar is a color embryo.。
Xiaoqing has no hand,It’s really a ghost.。
She dares to guarantee the ghost head,She just walked in front of her.,Liao Wenjie will definitely follow the same,Said some three more nights,A woman walks the night road insecurity,Then I intimately send her home。
“Miss slowly,Not sent。”
Xiao Qian leaves the figure,Down the place,Send a passion of trembling。
“what,Miss,What’s wrong with you?”
Liao Wenjie probe,Sudden face black line,Just swim from the wooden platform because of a snake,Drilling into the lake。
Nima score,Take a man with you, you have a script.!
“Cui Gongzi,I have a pain in my feet.,may be……Vicious snake bites。”
Xiaoqian bite his teeth,Looking back to Liao Wenjie,Face with three points of shame and dodge:“Can you help me?,Help me see where the snake runs.,Is there a poison??”
“No need to watch,poisonous。”
Liao Wenjie lifted Nie Xiaoqian,Let her sit on the table。
“Cui Gongzi,This night is half,The lake center,Some journes from my family,Really to the snake,I am not a life.?”
Xiaoqian’s face is pale,Slowly pick your skirt,Display a pair of jade white long legs:“You help me see,Don’t be a poisonous snake bit broken wound。”