Stand up,Go to Yunqin,Calling Yunqin Road:“Young teacher,I have to participate in the college entrance examination for two days.,Don’t you tell me something??”

Look into a sealed road:“Say what?have nothing to say,I believe in you。This college entrance examination,Don’t take a seven hundred points,Don’t say that you are the students I teach.。”
“If I have been taken more than 700 yuan??Young teacher,do not forget,You still owe me, I hope not to fulfill it.。”Seal。
“rest assured,I remember it?。”Yun Qin Road。
“correct,What time do you leave?”Seal。
Yun Qin is worthy of eye seal,Disseminate:“Why do you ask this??”
“Of course, it is fulfilling my wish.!”Laughing。
“on vacation,Send you a message。”
Finish,Yun Qin’s back books back to Hongda。
The college entrance examination was held as scheduled.,Three days of time。 Hongda Summer vacation is also coming soon。
The day before the test,Yunqin is about a message to the seal。
The seal of the information is started to pick up your bag.。
Waiting for a day,No news,Yunqin will be thrown behind the brain,Start packing baggage back home。
Go home this day,Yunqin at the airport,Accidental encounter with baggage。
Surprised glanced on the row,Yun Qin asked:“You are this?”
“I am coming to you to fulfill your promise.。”Blocking leisurely holding long rods,Laughing looking at Yun Qin Road。
“what?”Yunqin confused。
“Such long holiday,I am going to travel,I think your family is very good.。”Seal。
Yunqin’s book with a tight,road:“so,what do you mean,Want to go back to me?”
Nod,“Um,This is not difficult for you.?!Saving, I can solve it.,That is, let you be a guidance.。”
Glance,And the boxed box,Yun Qin,“Okay,You want to follow。”
Anyway, her memory,‘Luo Yunqin’The hometown is not a famous tourist attraction.,Sealing hard is going,That’s going to!
that’s all,Feng Yun back with Yunqin‘Lu’an Town’。
——Ouyang Benjia Villa。
With gold silk eyes,An imperial bucket,No expression standing at the door of the villa,Dedicated to the villa。
Various iron bar door,The whole uncle is helpless, and looked at the Huangfu City.。
“Huangfu Master,We are really not,You will go back.!Three years ago said,I can’t open the door in the future.,You have been standing here, not right.?!Still go back.!”
Huangfu City looked inside the villa,I haven’t spoken for a long time.。
finally,When the whole uncle can’t help but persuade this,Huangfu City finally opened the mouth。
“Tell Ouyangger,Doesn’t he want to hide me??I am still young,I can wait。”
Finish,Huangfu people,I saw a certain direction in the villa again.,Decisive turn to leave。
Until I can’t see the figure of Huangfu,All uncle is loose,Wipe the sweat that can’t see your forehead,Sighed,Shake the shaking head,Go back to villa。
2nd floor of the villa,A room。
General General will take everything that happened to the door.,And the words of Huangfu Sinuan,The word is not refreshed.,It is said that it is not in the villa of Ouyanggeru。
Finish,Ouyang Gue is angry with the sofa under the top.,Dissatisfaction:“What does he meant??!This is clear that I am old.!I actually said that I am old.?!Uncle,You have heard no,He actually said that I am old.!!”

When he seriously,She doesn’t believe what he said.,And when he is half joking,He believed。

His emotional road,I am afraid that it is not good.。
He smiled slightly,Time will prove everything。
Heaven:“Blue,Sleep!You are tired of a day.。”
Blue Xin looked at him,See the deep scorpion of his pair of cold pool,Transfer thick gentle and warm。
Every time you see his eyes,Her heart will lose the rhythm。
“Um!”She nodded slightly。
Lu Haoheng got up,Put her up,Lying around Kiki。
This bed is large enough,Their wound is lying above is also enough. 。
But Lu Haocheng is not afraid of afraid,I am afraid of this little woman in front of you.,Hard there is a thief, no thief。
He just put it down blue,Blue Xin has passed a pain。
Lu Haozheng low,She willed his inch shirt button.。
“Blue,do not move。”His voice is low to her ear。
Blue Xin head skin,I don’t dare to move at this moment.。
Lu Hao is lower,Handsome face,Look carefully a bit,Reach your hair to unlock her hair。
She,Fantasy fragrance sucks into the lungs,Let him instantly feel like the horse。
Tense,He did not unlock her hair,Instead, the reverse direction wraps a few laps.。
“what”Blue Xin’s pain again,People also rely on a few points to him.。
Lu Haocheng was turned with her light.,Heartbeat is not accelerated。
His heart is full of joy,His to this little woman,With this unusually suppressed heart。
A clear breath,Blue Xin instantly small face blush,Side of sunset。
“Lu Lu Hao,Will you solve it??”She said,Rendenerate yourself,Tone is difficult to cover up in tone。
Lu Haocheng looked at her blush.,Sexy throat rolls up,Tone:“Blue,And so you,I will decode for a while。”
He breathing slightly,Let yourself want to think about it。
Seriously lowing her hair。
He breathe slight breath,Spray in her neck。Lan Xin looked at him,His dark scorpion brushed a self-blame,And the silky feelings that have emerged,Let her have some movement。
Lu Hao Cheng also looked at her,The distance between the two is still close to,He whispered:“Blue,Excuse me,I will pay attention next time.。”The words are careful words。
Blue Xinyi,Looking at him, this careful expression,I can’t help but laugh.。
“Ha ha”She shiny to autumn water,Like Shanquan, clear clear,Laugh:“Lu Hao Cheng,I really really see you like this.?Remember when I first saw you。You see my gaze,Full-eyed murder,It’s like I close to you.,Will cut your meat from you。Compared with you now,Judging two people。”
She remembers that time,She first saw him open his eyes.,The darkness of the darkness is over-dangerous。
Lu Haocheng gaze all the gods staring at her:“Blue,I know that it is you at that time.,I will not be like you.。”
Lu Haocheng said,Suddenly remembered a thing。
“correct,Blue,The handkerchief you lost,I have found it,I am there.。”
“Oh!”Blue Xinyi,Glare,“Found better,When did you think of it?,I remember to bring me.,Above,It is Kiki who painted himself.,The cloth is also her own.,I lost it at the time.,I am also very urgent.。”
Lu Hao nodded,“good。”
He pulled the quilt to cover her.。
Then walk the past,Move the lounge chair,Be off,He passed the light.,Leave only bed headlights。
Then,His long figure is lying up,Take a thin thin,so,Near blue blue,He should not sleep tonight.。

Xia Jian stopped and observed for a while,He found that most of these shops are not occupied。Even if it is stationed, General Iron guards the gate,This made Xia Jian’s heart happy。

First2202chapter Late Night Black House
Because of the house number,and so6Room No. was quickly found。It’s strange that this shop is not decorated,And the door on the first floor is still hidden。
Xia Jian gently pushed,Found a single bed near the corner on the first floor,There are two people sleeping on the bed.。They are covered with quilts,Because the light is too dark,What do these two look like,Xia Jian couldn’t see clearly。
Since it’s here,Then there is no reason not to go in。Xia Jian gently opened the door,I shook my body and arrived in the room。
The two people on the bed snorted and shook the ground,They didn’t even know Xia Jian walked into the room。Xia Jian leaned back against the cold wall,I carefully looked at the indoor environment,Near the corner he saw the stairs leading up,
Xia Jian didn’t rush upstairs,But listened carefully for a while。When he found that there was nothing unusual,He tiptoed to the top of the stairs,Walked upstairs gently。
Okay,This staircase is made of cement,The sound of people walking on it is not very loud。Plus Xia Jian was very careful,If you don’t listen carefully,I can’t hear any sound at all。
Due to dim light,Plus I dare not make any noise,So Xia Jian went very carefully。Finally got to the second floor。The second floor is the same as the first floor,Just a room,And no separation。But Xia Jian found,There are four beds on the second floor,There seems to be someone sleeping on every bed。
Although there is no curtain on the glass,Bright light came in from outside,But Xia Jian still couldn’t see the identity of these sleeping people。
Xu Feng said on the phone,Zhang Yong and Zhang Xiaodong were detained on the third floor,So he doesn’t need to waste time on the second floor,So he touched the third floor again。Say you’re not afraid that’s fake,Xia Jian himself can hear his heart beating wildly。
Finally touched the third floor,Take a look through the light of glass,Xia Jian’s heart suddenly cold。It turns out that the third floor is different from the first and second floors。If the big room is divided in half,The middle is separated by an iron fence,And every room has iron doors。
Standing at the top of the stairs,Xia Jian carefully looked at the situation in the two rooms。In the room on the left,Empty,Nothing,Just two people sitting by the corner。Xia Jianyi saw these two people,Although it’s not very clear,But his heart has started to beat faster。

“Neither,Li Boss, you don’t have a joke.,We really don’t have to rush you.。”

“Big white,Let’s bite his feet first.,If you still don’t say you, drag them into the deep mountain to eat it.。”
After that, Li speaks directly to the wind.,Nothing for these three people。
“Lee Boss,we say,we say,Don’t let them eat me。”
soon,Xu Erzhen has completed the full 1511。
“hehe,Then I will give you another choice.,You are decided to be eaten by the wild wolf tonight.,Still tonight, go to the police station,There is also a big strong thing, I will let you testify.,If you don’t testify that it will live directly tonight.,You choose.。”
“Lee Boss,You don’t know.,We want to testify,Our whole family will be unlucky,Na Tian’s majesty is really not a little bit.,Especially his wife,There is a relationship in the county。”
For people like Xu Er,Li Anti-style is also very unfold,Just follow the same time Hu Xiaotian,Looking at people’s model,But what to do is injured.,It is difficult to accumulate,Although it is not a boss,But many of the boss is all out of the other party.。
“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you.,Choose,hurry up。”
What is Xu Er?,But Li Hui has no patience.,Directly let the big white told the younger brother,Take a piece of head on each other’s calf。
Xu Erlinger is also hurting on the ground on the spot.。
Seeing Xu Erzhen’s horrible,Two people who follow him tonight are also afraid.,On the weekdays, they also belong to the treasury in the street.,But face these wild wolves,They are really no courage。
And those wild wolves have smelled bloody,Just follow the words,It’s been jumping.。
“Necessary one more,You may really be eaten when you are out of sound.,Now you don’t choose,I will leave when I don’t choose.,Anyway, you are dead tonight.,Also don’t have to do with me,After all, I am a passerby.。”
I haven’t waited for Xu Er.,Two young people who come with him directly 。
“Lee Boss,We choose to refer to Tian Dafu。”
“exactly,We choose to refer to Tian Dafu。”
Seeing two people anti-water,Li Hui Feng is also very happy,Give Song Ting directly to Song Ting。
Song Ting also didn’t expect Li Hui to call her late night.,But when I heard the news that Li Hui said,It is just a hit by it.,Then wear a good clothes to call the team to act。
Xu Eriu saw the people who brought themselves.,He doesn’t want to go with his own little life.,Directly also demonstrates to testify。
soon,Song Ting took three people to arrest.,When I saw Xu Erliu’s horrible,She has some unexpected look at Li with the wind。
“sister in law,This is not me.,Wild wolf bite,And I feel that you should take him to the hospital first.,Otherwise, it is a rabies.,Hood,This responsibility can be borne。”
“Humph,This also uses you,But you are also careful recently.,Do you want us to send you a few days??”
Song Ting heard that Li Hui Feng was attacked in the middle of the night.,It’s also a hop.,However, when I learned that Li Hui Feng has already caught three people.,Moreover, the three people have explained some of the sinful evidence of Tian Da Zhuang.,She is relieved。
“Hey-hey,Need not,Here I can walk,That is the big big,I suggest that you will send a long line to catch big fish.,And first sort out evidence,After all, according to the prisoner biting by the wolf, the field seems to be particularly careful.,Many things have not left traces,Just three people,I am afraid I can’t get the other party.。”
“OK, you,You don’t understand these truths.?
Don’t go back to the son tonight to ask them three?”
“Hey-hey,I don’t dare.,Nothing is nothing,I will go back to sleep first.。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng also put a hand,I used it directly to leave.,Just when I just opened the small bed.,He stunned。
Chapter 517
I saw a graceful body, there seems to have been waiting for a long time.。
Sun Yaru shy,Let Li Hui also don’t know what it is.。
Especially the other side of the other party,It is also a bit dry tongue.。
“Yaru,How can you here??”
“A style,After you gone,I feel so fear.,I am afraid that I am afraid that someone will come over the wall.,Then give me” The following words haven’t finished,Sun Yaru has got up directly to the eight jars.。
Feel the warm body,Li Hui strives to make yourself flattering,At the same time,Let yourself stay in a calm state。

even,Li Ming also deliberately stayed away from the area of the Blood God Society,His route to the Heavenly Cang Palace has to make a big circle。

For 410,000 years。
A rather remote territory‘Positive domain’,This is a world without eternity,Weaker territory。
But when Li Ming passed by, he found,The leader of this territory is not a practitioner,But the special life of a monarch。
Li Ming and this special life also played against each other,Li Ming’s secret technique at this time《Wanjie mixed cave sand》Also close to Dacheng level,Power is also extremely powerful,Are enough to sweep the Ordinary Second Path Lord,But it’s still very difficult to deal with the special life of the two path monarchs。
For 430,000 years。
Li Ming has reached a territory comparable to the prosperity of the Great Wasteland‘Feng Shuyu’。
Eternal Wind,He is an eternal emperor of swordsmanship who is very famous in endless territory。
It also leaves a trail in the core of the eternal world‘Wind and sword’,Carved on a mountain。
Unfortunately,This mountain has long been jointly controlled by the three local sects,Outsiders want to enter—Chaos Spirit Liquid。
Li Ming’s Enlightenment,Naturally, I will not deliberately understand the eternal meaning of kendo。
In the fifty-two thousand years,Gate of Tiancang Palace,That vast and magnificent gate,There is a puppet on both sides that is comparable to the second path。
“The envoy of Tiancang Palace is available at,I obey the beijing god of the world,Come and tell Beixiu the cause of death!”
Shouted three words,A Taoist with a breathtaking breath rushed over。
“I am Heavenly Cang Palace Yucan Daojun!”A neutral-looking Taoist came,“Respect,But he saluted Li Ming,“Fellow Taoists know who killed Beixiu’s world god?Hurry in!”
this moment,Li Ming felt that the vows he once made began to slowly dissipate。

I don’t tell him about those dirty things at home.。

“This is the bayberry of Xiao Yi,I brought a basket over.。I remember that you also like to eat Yangmei.。”
Li Shuyi looked at fresh bayberry,Laugh,“Do you remember?Once I really want to eat Yangmei,But not eating the season of Yangmei,You bought me a can of Yangmei,I am very happy at the time.。”Li Shuyi is full of memories。
Themselves,Crazy and sweet。
Gu Yi smiled:“Remember,Why don’t you remember,Not long after eating Yangmei,You left。”
He is crazy to find her three years.,pity,No drop。
She bravely decisively,Bold active,Overlared his will,She leaves the meeting,He has already collapsed。
Li Shuzhen looked at him,Think of the matter,Mood is very complicated,“Recall,sorry,I left you that year, I felt that you are a man who doesn’t work.。”
Gu Yi:“……”Is this that she left his truth that year??
“hehe……”Gu Yi was laughed。
“Liuxu,Do you feel my true heart??Do you feel my true love??There are a few years in life.?”Gu Yi looked at him,He thought of millions of reasons,I didn’t think this.。
then,Do he look like this?。
But can this still blame her??Blame himself,If it is not too self-contained in the past,Will not give her this illusion。
Li Shuyi,Speak without saying。
Yes,As a simple reason,They missed so many years。
Their youth,Her beliefs love,Just end in her hands。
The two are silent,Liuxu’s mobile phone suddenly rang,Breaking a quiet atmosphere。
NS1754chapter:You haven’t started chasing me yet.
“I took a call.。”Li Shuqi has seen it in Li Tingyuan.。
She took her mobile phone to the balcony。
Gu Yi is not idle,Reward Yangmei to wash Yangmei。
“Hey!”Li Shuyu is very cold。
“you……Out?”Li Tingby’s voice is shocked。
How did she come out?,Who is helping her?
What to hear like this,Liuxu’s heart is painful。
“so,Shouldn’t you come out??”Her voice is very cold,Quality is more penetrating。
Li Tingyuan,He doesn’t seem to understand his daughter very much.。
Other daughters are spoiled in his arms.,She is looking at cold and cold.,Very clear,Just like her mother,Very unjust。
“Bamboo,The current Li’s group is chaos,tomorrow morning,You must go to the company to deal with those shareholders.,The company’s corporate gates of the Legal Group have to be removed by them.,Those investors are too much.,Why don’t you find a door?。”
Li Shuyi knows,Li’s annotation,Stock price falls,The people can’t stand,Datun Lies。
This is expected.,no,It is Lu Hao’s algorometer。
“you,What you did,Is it unclear??Besides,You never treat me as your daughter。”Li Shuyi said this sentence。
She has such a wildlmonish is a picture of Dad.,Self-beginning,She hasn’t happy。

Summer look。

He can see it,Regardless of its strength or fighting experience,Be extremely superior。
Not the martial arts on the island,Most empty realm,It’s not very good.。
Every shot is extremely drilled,Tie to the sword demon all the joints。
“The joint is the weakness of sword demon……”Summer is dark。
Be in front,He cut off the sword,The wound is not a blood,Instead, there is a very pure fire.。
I feel that the original fire is so long,Dark magical dragon and replaced,Summer fire elements between heavens and the earth are extremely sensitive。
He dares,The sword magic is absolutely pure and huge!This kind of fire,Is the same as the refiner。
Interrogate,Men have achieved absolute advantage,How many times I bombarded?,Complete the sword magic leg joint。
Then the latter shot is like a poisonous dragon thorn hole,I suddenly a shock,Will tear joint。
The sword devil with strong unwillingness and grievances,Body lost balance,Revert to the ground,The mouth issued a sound like metal friction。
Men take a long gun,Looking down at the sword magic broken arm,Watching the shoulders from the ribs to a deep pit。
His pupil pose micro-condensation。
Drake swordsman double sword,I left scars in it.……What is the power?? He turned,Looked at the summer,Then I stared at the snake knife in the hands of the summer.。
This snake knife is to refine the military conference,Completely purified by Gengjin,No array。
Even so,Also sharp to pole。
Its uplinks turn out of Sensen chill,Directly let the man sweat together。
He stepped over to the summer,I have a bloody badge on his shoulder hanging.。
“I am Zhang Hong, the 36th team.,Which team are you??
I have never seen you.。”
“Which team isn’t I?,Come from Ze City。”
Zhang Hong stunned,Immediately extruded smile,“You are going to get the big rear, it is.?”
Summer is not explained。
Zhang Honggan cough,Refers to the snake knife in his hand,“Since this,Brother, you don’t sell this to me.?”
Summer,I watched him deeply.,Shakehead,“Do not sell。”
Say,Turned forward。
Zhang Hong’s eyes,Looking at the back of the summer,Greed and killing alternate,Sink,Slue up。
“brother,You don’t have to fight in a wound.,This knife is buried in your hands.,Give me,I will kill more swordsman,War for defending the wind city。”

Just listen to a crisp sound effect,4The stone urn in front of people turned into dozens of fragments……And a bright light shines from it,Gorgeously revealing a green key。

“Look!it is as expected!Got the key!”Cao Anna joyfully said。
Follow,A system announcement resounded over the ruins:“The Flower Team has successfully occupied the southern ruins!And get1Emerald Key!”
Just as a few people are excitedly preparing to move on to the next oriental ruins,Shunzi, who stepped out of the southern ruins, was surprised to find that the sand dunes moved again,The off-road vehicle they had parked at the door is gone,Facing a strange path,Shunzi reacted,entire“Forgotten City”It’s actually a big dynamic maze,It’s not that getting keys from the ruins is too simple,But how to take the key out is the real test of the player!
【This book was first published on the Zongzhong Chinese website,Please support genuine,Happy reading!】
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Seven FlowersVSOscar(three)
Yellow sand,Yellow sand,Yellow sand,Or yellow sand!?What the team members can see,In addition to yellow sand or yellow sand!
The oncoming air has a choking earthy smell,Smells quite uncomfortable。
This yellow sand“Lost City”Is a huge maze,The ground is made of yellow sand,The walls are made of yellow sand,Even on the map5The relics that can be seen are also made up of yellow sand condensed together。
system notification:“Attention players from both teams,Currently‘Center ruins’Not yet open,Please go quickly‘Northern Ruins’versus‘Oriental ruins’!”
“Next, there must be a 50% chance of meeting the Oscar team,Should go first‘Northern Ruins’still is‘Oriental ruins’What?”Shunzi thought:“Before the game starts7President Feng of Minute should be a real man,The sudden breakup of the pineapple should have an absolute advantage……And as long as we can sustain the staff before President Feng comes back,Can grasp the whole situation of the game……Then……”
Shunzi can only be a gamble,Quickly select the second relic,And what mystery is hidden in this yellow sand,Only wait for the relics of the center to open before they can be revealed。
“Oriental ruins,Let’s go to the Eastern Ruins next!”Shunzi looked firmly at the other players。
“Just do as you said,We all obey you!”Anna Cao said to Shunzi。
“Sister Anna!shit!Are we lost?”Xiao Zhao looks around the space,Those yellow sand walls are directly on top,combine it all toghther,Formed a huge maze。And within the maze,A few people are already close1No exit for minutes。

Looking at Blue Xin to send the room to the room,Lu Haocheng:“Muzi,I will go out for a while.,You look at the blue blue,Don’t let her go out。”

Mu Zizhi looked at him:“Why,The foot is on the blue,She wants to go out,How can I block it??”He can’t even stop your wife.,What’s more, is it still a wife?。
Lu Haocheng does not hide him,Tell him about the things happened in Lega。
“what!Do I still have such a thing in the past few days??”
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,“Other party,I am not afraid,Next, their family will do a lot of things.,What I want to do is to catch their little braids.,Send them to where they should go,I am worried about the safety of blue and blue,Now Li Shuya has an accident,Li Tingyuan has been giving his daughter asking a lawyer,But you also know that lawyers here don’t dare to accept our case.。”
“Lijia can’t move our face,But in the dark, you will not let us go.。”
Muzi has a slap in this matter.。
Suddenly, I am worried about him.:“What should you do now??You can’t come messy,You have to go out, bring on Lin Ye them.。”
“Go to Lee。”Lu Hao became overcast,This thing will not be alive.,“Lin Yen can’t expose,I am going to take A 尧,He is free to be fine this time.。”
“Others have not seen you, I have learned me.,I need me to understand me when I need me.。”Cold ice sound came,Lu Haocheng slowly looked back and looked at the European, who came in.。
“It’s really true that Cao Cao Cao Cao is coming.。”Lu Haozheng elegantly leaned on the sofa and looked at the cold.。
Ou Jingxi puts the things in the handside,Falling against Mu Zizi“Congratulations”Later,Opposite to Lu Hao Cheng。
“You have never been moving in the past few days.,I always thought that you have already made this.。”
“hehe……”Lu Haozheng was a smile:“I want to let them,But they don’t want to let me。”
Eu Jingxi’s long legs and elegant overlapping,Just slowly and evil look at Lu Haozheng,Unhappy opening:“Find the door,Not as learning blue blue,kill without spilling blood。”
Lu Haoge’s body slightly,I mention this thing,He is still anger at this moment.。
“you say,Do you have to know this?。”Lu Hao’s eyes looked at the European。
Ou Jingqing ignores。
Mu Zizhi asked:“What kill does not see blood?What did I miss again??”
Muzi Pigramn,Self-versed things that you don’t know。
Too,During this time, he is very busy.,They will not bother him。
Lu Haocheng told him that he just said Li Shuya grabbed Blue Xin.,There is no blueprising plan to come.。
“nothing?You look at the blue blue,Don’t let her go out,Li Tingyuan does not even have a lawyer,This gas is sprinkled on the blue head.,He has secretly sent people to stare at the blue。”
He understands the purpose of each other,Just want to grab his wife threatened him。
“so serious?”Mu Ziyou has a little worried about the room。
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,Although he didn’t go out these days,But the right to tell him about the movement of Lejia on time there every day.。
Mu Ziyi looked at him:“Can I do something??”
Lu Haocheng looked at him with a smile of play.:“You don’t have to do anything.,I want to think about the female star.,How do you want to be good?,After all, he let your wife premature birth.。I estimate that this thing is happy and you are not finished.,Just now there is no strength to find you.。”
Mu Ziyi listened,The eyes cut him。
“You are a little bit,I heard it.,I have to go to the keyboard.。”
Ou Jingyi listens to this self-exposure,I can’t help but look at him.。
“You will also kneel your keyboard?”The sound is full of questioning。
Mu Ziyu only hates his mouth too fast,This kind of thing is also in front of them.,Be too shameful.。
“What is this?Just kneel than one or two times,The woman doesn’t know,Waiting for my baby after the full moon,I will teach her again.。I have to send her a gourd baby graduation photo.,Let her know that he has a few pounds in the end.。”
“All right,One will be blue,I am walking with Apu.,You pay more attention。”Lu Haoheng got up,Wear coat。
Looked outside the window,Already have a bright sunshine,This winter is finally going.。
“Do not worry,I will pick my mother for a while.,Let her accompany you here,In her heart,Hey is more important than you。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”Why do you want him to hear??
Ou Jing, but still sitting,“Dumplings,Eat dumplings and then go again。”

I walked around and watched this fruit tree.。

This world of plant growth seems to have no soil at all、Moisture、Sunlight or other nutrition,I don’t know if they should also be called plants.,In short, they can grow in any position.,In addition to the built house built,Every place can see the trace of these plants,Even them can grow on other larger plants,Therefore, it constitutes this world that seems to be living。
Who can think of,This world is on the verge of destruction.?
“What is the nucleus??”
“Just throw,Throw up on the floor,Soon there is no。Don’t throw it down, it is,Be a person。”
“Oh。”Zhouzi throws fruit core,“Do you usually eat these fruits??”
“Do not eat。”
“Then what do you eat??”
“We rarely eat something that is long from the hometown world.。”Red dyeing slightly smile,I saw it left.,She doesn’t panic, I will explain.,“But not because of the taste is not good,Or we don’t like,Is because of the lack of the world resources,So we generally go to your world to find it.,Bring these energy back。”
“This way.。”Zhou,Also shake your head,“But I still don’t understand。”
Red dyeing is blinking to him,A few points of playful:“Leave it to ask Minggong,I can see Minggong in the evening.,Anyway, he knows more,He likes to teach people。Otherwise, you have seen Ming Gong.,I don’t know what to say.。”
Zhouzhi expressive became strange
He is tangled on the way,See what Ming Gong should say,How to do,Troubled。
Have a personal short board being distressed。
“Are you very familiar with Ming??”Zhouzhi no sound color removal topic。
“so so。”Red dyeing,“More familiar with you。”
“Do he like to be a teacher very much??”
“His biggest dream is to be a teacher。”
“This way.”
Zhouzhi nodded if he thought。
The first person of Tangtang,Live for so many years,It is so persistent to be a teacher,Even later, I also opened the school.,What is a ghosty??
Zhou suddenly felt a little strange。
Twisted the head to the left,Rapida greets the sharp looks of 槐,Nothing to attach,Instead, it is a review。Based on his understanding of his,This eye seems to have penetration,Get his thoughts。
Then the old monster didn’t speak.
“That is better than burning。”
If a week, I don’t want to hear.。
The front light becomes sufficient,Even a little glare,Zhou Zhiwei,I suddenly went big my eyes suddenly.。
They have come to the treetop。
I only see the forest.,Under feet,On the cloud,Countless tree crown in the cloud in the clouds,Undulations。Monster with wings or no wings in the air,Some just passed,Hurriedly fly,Some are like playing,倏 倏 蹿 蹿 蹿 天 天,Rowing an arc and drill down。
I hangs on the left mountain,Laminated,Can be in this fantasy picture,But only more show its nature。