Chapter Fifty Seven:Murong is critically ill,Want to kill

Fuming told the dean again about the general situation inside,The dean directly let Fuming leave the small yard,One hand is stuck on the table and lost in thought。
“Over there,Just refuse the past,still is。。。”The elder looks at the dean。
The dean rubbed his eyebrows“Just reject him directly,In addition,Let him tell the so-called Wang family,If you dare to play small moves behind your back,Let them weigh the consequences!”
The elder nodded,Got up and saluted and went out。
“call。。。I can only help you here,Hope you can survive!”The dean walked to the little lotus pond and sat down,Picked up the fishing rod and continued to catch the fish,The air is quiet。
“Bastard!It doesn’t give me face so much,Isn’t it just a little student?,This guy has such a tough attitude!”Sun Qin, the dean of Confluence College, smashed the communicator in his hand to the ground and shattered it.。
“Dean,Next to the Wang family。。。”Yin Kong and Fengxi are also with the dean,But this matter has not been told to the Wang family,Otherwise, it’s not their dean going to negotiate with the dean of Bailian Academy。
Sun Qin sat on the chair and forced himself to calm down“The top priority now is to calm down the Wang family,If it annoys them,I just cut off my own money!”
“Go and take the few people who survived to Wang’s house,Explain clearly the ins and outs of the matter,remember,Must not let us have anything to do with this matter!”
Yin Kong squeezed his hands tight,I feel very humiliated in my heart,Directly affiliated colleges under the dignified Holy Spirit Alliance,Actually have to bow down to explain to a fifth-level family,What a shame!
“Comply with”Yin Kong took a deep breath,Turn around and leave。

Two words from Wang Lan,Hearing that Wang Youcai was immediately excited。He laughed and said:“Don’t just sit,I’ll serve all the dishes I ordered,Let’s drink two glasses,I think there are fewer people eating at noon“

“Thanks to Mr. Wang,I will serve you“Wang Lan got up and left。
In a while,She brought up two waiters,Everyone is holding food,It’s like all at once。Just two people,Can this be done??Wang Youcai suddenly felt a pity。
He was busy taking out his phone,Called Tian Wa,Let Tianwa take away the two dishes again。Wang Lan poured wine to Wang Youcai,Said with a smile:“Unexpectedly, Boss Wang is still a good man“
“Can’t finish eating,It’s better to let him eat and everyone is happy“Wang Youcai said,So he caught the wine in Wang Lan’s hand。
Wang Lan smiled slightly,Two people drank one。Wang Youcai is not stupid,This is the second time he and Wang Lan have met,In fact, the relationship is only known to everyone,Wang Lan is so passionate about him,He couldn’t help but whisper in his heart。He doesn’t look good after all,Such a coquettish woman would never take his look。
This is Wang Youcai’s brilliance,It’s because you know it。
Wang Lan kept persuading Wang Youcai to drink,She actually drinks a lot。Three rounds of wine,The dishes on the table are almost the same,Wang Youcai uses Jiujin,So he slowly put his fat big hand on Wang Lan’s thigh that exposed the cheongsam。This woman has no resistance,It’s just that Chong Wang Youcai smiles more charmingly。
“ Boss lady!Are you asking me to do something?If there is any, don’t tell me,I like to go straight“Wang Youcai said,The big hand touched it all the way。
suddenly,Wang Lan grabbed Wang Youcai’s hand,Smiled slightly:“Boss Wang!Almost done,Isn’t it too courageous in the daytime?!“
“Hahahaha!Your husband is not here anyway?What’s so scary“Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Laughed presumptuously。
Wang Lan said with a small mouth:“Don’t say anything about her husband from now on。I divorced two years ago,Now single,So when I hear the word husband“
“what!You are still single!Why didn’t you say it earlier,What you said earlier I won’t go back last night“Wang Youcai laughed and said。
Wang Lan lightly hit Wang Youcai’s arm and said:“You can do it!I’m an old lady, don’t let it go,Let’s talk about business!“
“I think,This is what we are talking about,Don’t you say it??But I can remind you,Apart from spending a little money on women,I really can’t do other things,This is my question of principle“Wang Youcai is really a thief,While trying to take advantage of Wang Lan,I’m afraid that Wang Lan has any purpose,So he simply pointed out。
Wang Lan gave a light push, Wang Youcai said:“See how stingy you are,People haven’t spoken yet,You started to shut up,You told me to say or not“

Guangdong East High-tech Zone,Kaiyite Biological Products Co., Ltd.,A black Benz SUV drives into the company’s gate,Bypass the front office building and factory,Drive straight to the living area behind。

This is a very large company,Covering more than 400 acres,Even in the high-tech zone where elites gather,It’s also a big company,Production of the entire factory、life、Office in one,The building facilities are quite complete。
The front of the factory area is a magnificent lawn,Green plants on the left and right sides、rockery,China State Construction Plaza is a sculpture of bull running with pioneering characteristics,Front flag、Factory flag、Regional colored flags are facing the wind。The building behind is the main office building,Although only four floors,But large area,The all-color marble facade is full of modernity。
There is a dedicated staff passage and production workshop behind the office building、Warehouse connectivity,Fully enclosed management,Beyond that is the living area,It consists of two staff dormitory buildings and several small apartment-style villas。
The Benz stopped at a villa next to it,Two men in suits got off the car,Entered the villa one after another,One of the middle-aged people is Zhang Zhiqiang after changing his appearance,The other one is Anan who is slightly younger,Also Zhang Zhiqiang’s bodyguard and assistant。
On the surface, the Kayit company is an overseas Chinese investment,The actual controller is Zhang Zhiqiang,This is also the last entity in his territory that has not yet surfaced,And it is also the only company that is completely legal from the establishment of the investment to the operation,This entry,He can only choose to stay here。
Zhang Zhiqiang just returned from work outside,Dismissed those idiots,Arranged for Xishan,He is a little tired,But efficient work has always been his code of conduct,Take a nap,He plans to go around the scene of Dingjia Road in East Guangdong Development Zone,Not just to appreciate my masterpiece,I also want to observe the power of the new virus,Now the news is very tightly blocked,Although there are various rumors in the urban area,But the effect is obviously far from what he wanted。
But once I sit down,Zhang Zhiqiang heard a piece of news that surprised him,Li Tianzhen’s little tail was rescued,Not only that,‘Blood shadow’Also lost two good players,and‘Blood shadow’Seems to smell danger,Has begun to evacuate from the entire Fujian and Guangdong area。
Zhang Zhiqiang’s forehead suddenly twisted into a lump,I didn’t expect a little tail to make such a big thing,Losing two people is a small matter,but‘Blood shadow’Once evacuated,He will lose a big help,I’ll shrink back when I get things done,The good hands he brought this time,One third was reimbursed by Li Tianzhen in the valley,It can be said that it was hit hard,at this time‘Blood shadow’Leaving again is undoubtedly a draw from the bottom。
It looks like the smooth battle has come to an end,The next is almost a tough battle,‘Ranger’coming,Mijia moved,Even dispatched other action groups,It can be said that the surname Mi is moving,To make a big bet,But these are nothing in Zhang Zhiqiang’s eyes,Li Tianzhen is not dead,It means that he may appear again at any time,This is the key point of this game,Must concentrate superior manpower,Li Tianzhi was trapped in the mountains,In addition, I can’t make Mijia feel better,Can’t make him trick or treat,Want him to jump up。
Zhang Zhiqiang grabbed that delicate phone several times,Put it down several times,Finally chose another phone,Dial a number,“Ashun,Help me look after my home,I told you that a guest was there last time,Now i remember who it is,I’ll send you the fax in a while,Keep him!”
Think about it,Zhang Zhiqiang dialed another number,“Amo,Ok,I’m fine,Uncle Hua is also good,no no,Don’t have to come back temporarily,I tell you a number,Go find this person……”
In a small hotel in Qingjiang County thousands of kilometers away,The two of Tao Meng who were so anxious finally received a call,Only after confirming that the other party is Baoshan Guoan’s counterpart did he relax,The two quickly made preparations before departure,I asked An Yongxiang briefly again,And observed his health,Everything is ok,Arrived in 20 minutes。
Chapter 596 Polite counterpart
About ten minutes later,A Jinbei bread parked downstairs in the hotel,The local license,Except for the front windshield,All are uniform dark brown glass,It’s hard to see the inside from the outside。

“Don’t bother the big wave to open a doctor.,Little Poetry,The doctor’s advice did not open。”Sun Jun saw Ma Baobang being bullied.,It is also a bit more meaning.。

Yu Shi Ya smiled nodded:“OK,Director Sun。”
This is yin and yin“Director Sun”,Almost being scared to spray vomiting。
“Director Sun,You still have it.,Is it not right??It would not be a problem with your brain.。”Hu Yu also learned Yu Shi Ya’s tone,Vacuum painting scoop,Optimism, I ridicule, Sun Jun。
Sun Jun:“you,Old Hu,You have to bully me every day.?Fighter fear,I am afraid that you fall in love with me.。”
Hu Yu’s brids,He dragged his voice very long.,Finally, I only spit out two ice-cold ruthless words.:“Happen。”
Ma Baobang wrote a history,Medical advice。
He looks at your doctor’s commander。
Blood routine、Liver and kidney function、Electrolyte、CRP、Immunoglobulin、Calcitogenic、Full set of viruses,There is also a chestCT
He doesn’t want himself to miss it.。
Ma Baobang is put on the keyboard,Suddenly glanced,Suddenly think of。
“Correct,There is also a thyroidBovertake。”
Last week, I didn’t open the thyroidBSuper delayed Liu Jinhua treatment of course,Can he still put it on your heart?。
Ma Baobang quickly puts the thyroid glandBSuper paid up,“Great success。”
“director,I am already fine here.,You have to see the doctor’s advice.。”Ma Baoybo Chapion Chen Riyuan。
“I saw it.,The opening has been working hard.。”Chen Riyuan looked very satisfied with the doctor’s order。
There is also a happy heart in the heart of Ma Baoyu.。
Self arrived to six disease,He has always lived in Zhou Ye.,Never get the appreciation of Chen Riyuan,Although it is just a short sentence,But his heart is still very happy.。
“Thank you Director”He suddenly said something sweet。
He used to be the darling of Wuhan People’s Hospital infected.,I didn’t want it to be defeated by a specialist.。
Ma Baobo is always dissatisfied with Ye Ye in my heart.。
Why do he have a college student than me??
Where did I go??
Is he not lost??
Ma Baobo always feels more picky to him.。
It’s approximately a little afternoon.,Qianlong’s test list and inspection unit come out。
Zhou Ye originally writes a disease,Suddenly, there is a new report of the patient in the upper right corner.,He put it in the next consciousness.。
I clicked in and found that it was Qianlong’s report and inspection.。
“Big boy,Your Qianlong report is out.。”Zhou Ye wonderful reminder to the horse big baboo on the reading information。
Horse Boxing although the mouth is slightly,But it is also a person who loves to read the book.。
For Qianlong,He also checked a lot of information.。

“In that case,Then we seem to have to give up some resources!”A power boss said helplessly。

Shampoo is like this,New forces must occupy more resources,This also makes them unwilling to see。
If you don’t need to share resources,Who cares where you are。
Pirates float on the sea every day,Who cares。
“Someone found out which line the Buddha Brother Chamber of Commerce plans to do?”Someone asked。
This is what they care about,Their respective forces designed different businesses,If Leo’s business conflicts with them,They also need to prepare in advance。
A group of people shook their heads。
“Didn’t find out?”
A group of people nodded one after another this time:“What is this Fogo Chamber of Commerce established on Moses,Plus the annexation of two weak and second-rate forces,The slave business that these three forces are mainly engaged in!”
Say here,Many people are silent,Because arms and slaves are two of the three most profitable deals。
As for the third profitable business-Sell water!
Correct,Is selling fresh water,It’s just that this business is not big,After all, there are many ships needed to transport fresh water。
Although the rate of return is high,But it’s hard to make big money。
So actually the most profitable thing is that slaves are very ammunition。
Heard the news,The trade unions that dominate the slave trade are secretly guessing how to deal with it,Do you want to kill Leo together or share part of it?。
In fact, the three houses including Moses occupied a part,I just don’t know if these three businesses can satisfy Leo’s appetite。
If you can’t satisfy them, you must grab them。
The bosses of them all started with muscles,I won’t discuss major issues when I get together,So after a brief understanding of the situation, we left each。
Leo naturally didn’t know because of his rise,Shampoo land28Resources near the district need to be reallocated。

At this moment,Another group of medical staff filed through the corridor,Enter the medical examination center,Shen Yingjie’s eyes are wide,Can’t tell if there will be Li Tianzhi among these men and women wearing masks,But she can’t sit still anymore,“I want to see my family。”

“I’m afraid it’s not suitable at this time,Wait until the medical examination is over,We find a chance。”Xu Wen is a little embarrassed。
“I have other things,I’ll leave after seeing。”Shen Yingjie insisted,He knew that Xu Wen was one of the people in charge of the operation,Others can’t get in,But he must have a way。
Xu Wen raised his eyebrows slightly,After a deep breath, it seemed to make a concession,“Just take a look,Never communicate with family members。”
“no problem。”Shen Yingjie has stood up。
“Help stare。”Xu Wengen‘Mane rat’Explain a sentence,Then walked towards the gate of the medical examination center with Shen Yingjie。
The inspection is really strict,Even his own people are not sloppy,All the weapons on Shen Yingjie、The documents are all detained,Xu Wen is the same,Several times in and out,Got used to it,He is only responsible for the periphery of the medical examination center,There is another guy in charge,Very good-looking,People are not good at talking,I don’t know where it was transferred from。
There is actually a second level after the first level,Shen Yingjie muttered again,So strict,How can people get in?Isn’t it clear to tell Li Tianzhen that this place is extremely dangerous??But thinking of the tough and terrifying opponents I met before,This kind of caution doesn’t seem to be excessive,But trapping Li Tianzhen is too reluctant。
unconsciously,Shen Yingjie’s mood relaxed,I hope Li Tianzheng can retreat,In the third ECG room,She saw Li Tianzhu’s sister,The siblings are very similar between the eyes,I couldn’t help but make Shen Yingjie get close,Unfortunately I can’t communicate,Xu Wen is right by,And behind him there is a guard who is staring at him,Shen Yingjie had to give up。
Turn around,All Li Tianzhi’s family have met,Shen Yingjie also lost the reason to stay,They are in good physical and mental state,If I still have a chance to contact Li Tianzhi,She will tell the truth about what she saw,And tried to dissuade him from coming to the hospital。
when it is time to leave,Suddenly a familiar figure appeared in the corridor,Very like Li Tianzhu,Shen Yingjie thought her eyes were blurred,But take a closer look,Absolutely right,Straight waist,When taking steps, habitually lean right shoulder slightly forward,At the same time, the left hand has a half fist movement,She covered her mouth,Almost didn’t shout!
But such a small unusual move did not escape Xu Wen’s eyes,And what is even more frightening is that the guard behind Xu Wen ran forward and stopped the male doctor.,This person puts one hand on the doctor’s shoulder,Touch to waist with one hand,The tense posture immediately caused a chain reaction,Suddenly crowded in the spacious corridor,Many policemen and plain clothes appeared,At this moment, even if Li Tianzhen’s abilities are superb, he can’t go away。

And looking at it,at this time,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,A strange idea suddenly came up。

Since this has happened,It’s better to take advantage of this time,Just solve all this。
Wei Shasha looked at the crowd in front of her,Speak directly:“What do you want,Your wages,Have been sent to you,But now you are not doing what you should。”
“For this,What should you say?”
When Wei Shasha finished,At this moment,Those around,But very proud。
“Then we don’t care,Anyway, the money you gave,Just too little。”
“Yes,Who said no,So few who do things for you,Not hurry up and give more?”
“It’s okay not to give,If not,Then you don’t want to leave here so safe and sound。”
Now,Everything is said around。
And these people,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
Even when these people look,Such a thing,Actually it should be dealt with quickly。
And looking at these,at this time,Wei Shasha gritted her teeth。
She can see it,These people in front of me,I’m just looking for trouble here。
originally,Wei Shasha’s heart,I still have some sympathy for these people。
But now,Wei Shasha feels,Actually they don’t need sympathy at all。
“Humph,You better not do this,otherwise,I called the police directly。”
Seeing Wei Shasha say this,The leader,Even more arrogantly:“Give me up,Grab her mobile phone。”

“I immediately let someone send a notice,You will exercise my rights,The group really needs to be reorganized”Xiao Xiao finished,Immediately returned to his temporary office。

Xia Jian took a look at his watch,It’s almost ten o’clock,The manager of the sales office in the financial center should have arrived early,But what puzzles him is,This person hasn’t shown up for a long time。
Until Liu Ying and Nanyuan’s new manager Wang came,The so-called Manager Lin has not come yet。Xia Jian feels sick,He immediately called Lin Wei,Lin Wei said she had notified Lin Na by phone,I don’t know why she is so late to show up。
First1441chapter Show off
Liu Ying from the Eastern Building Materials Market came first,Next is Manager Wang from Nanyuan Tourist Area。At the beginning,Xia Jian thought it was Dragon Ball’s project in Nanyuan,I learned later,Xiao Xiao hired a new manager Wang in Nanyuan,I heard that this person is very good,Have many years of experience in tourism project management。
Lin Wei called Lin Na several times,This person said to be coming soon,But I can’t see the figure。Xia Jian was angry,And started a meeting with Liu Ying and Manager Wang。
Xia Jian and Liu Ying are old acquaintances,Liu Ying admires Xia Jian’s management methods is the five-body project,So she has great respect for Xia Jian。Although Manager Wang doesn’t know Xia Jian,But when he came, he saw the announcement just posted in the group,Know how much power Xia Jian has,So he dare not careless。
Liu Yingyi listen,Xia Jian asked her to pay rent one year in advance,You can enjoy the preferential policy of 11 months monthly rent,Don’t understand。Because Liu Ying doesn’t even know that the group is currently experiencing a shortage of funds。
“President Xia!Our market is operating well,There is no need to do it like this。Each family pays one month less monthly rent,The whole market down,That’s a very big number”When Liu Ying said this,,A pity。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Manager Liu,This is the decision of the group,So even if you execute。Also, this event only lasts for three days,Cancel after deadline。Notice immediately after you go back,Every merchant must know this,Did you write down what I said?”
Liu Ying nodded and said:“I got it,I’ll go back and handle it now“After Liu Ying said hello to Xia Jian,Then walk away quickly。
Manager Wang is a middle-aged man in his forties,When Xia Jian arranged work for Liu Ying,,He kept sitting on the side listening。Until Liu Ying leaves,He just smiled and asked:“President Xia!May I ask you to arrange these jobs for us,Does Mr. Xiao know??“
“I think you should have seen the notice just now,I am now acting as an agent for Xiao Xiao,So what I say is equal to what she says。And during my time in managing the group,She has to listen to me“Xia Jian said unceremoniously。

“How long will i stay here?”

“It depends on your attitude,What i just said,Think about it。”
“Can’t exceed forty-eight hours at most?”
Xiao Yadong’s face froze,He is really hard to say,Li Tianzhen is not an ordinary person,Forty-eight hours later,Guoan may take him away at any time。
“This is normal。“
“it is good,Thank you。”Li Tianzhen has nothing else to say。He has already inferred from the other party’s words that it is not easy to go out again,At least Yuxing’s case hasn’t been settled before,He can’t get out。
So Li Tianzhen decided to leave here at night,With his current ability,Don’t say this police station’s detention room,Strict barriers、The prison with deep walls and wide courtyard can’t hold him。
Just walk like this,The nature changes,Embarrassment of the instructor is a trivial matter,I’m afraid I can’t keep the identity of the traveler,Although it is still not the opposite of law enforcement agencies,But it’s not much better。
But the safety of his family had to let him make a choice,Li Tianzhi has a hunch,The opponent hiding in the depths will contact him soon,Things have reached this point,The other party has used all the methods,It’s time for the showdown。
Two o’clock in the morning,Shen Yingjie received a call from Liu Qiang,Li Tianzhen escaped the police station,Unexpected,Seems to be expected again,She settled down,Reported the news to the instructor,The other party was silent for a moment,Said something,“Got it。”Hung up。
The instructor’s statement made Shen Yingjie a little blind,Her task is to keep up with Li Tianzhi,Monitor and restrain his words and actions,Now people run away,The task naturally ends without a disease,The instructor did not give clear instructions on the next step,I can’t just spend my time in Fukuyama.?
Being bored,Phone ringing,A strange number appeared on the screen,Shen Yingjie hesitated for a moment,Still pressed the answer button,“it’s me,Li Tianzhi。”
“Damn,You guy。People are there now?Why are you running?”
“Don’t talk about it now,Everyone tacitly。Please do me a favor,There is something to bring to the instructor。”
“What words?Have to tell me?Tell him yourself。”Shen Yingjie is angry。
“Don’t want to face him now。”Li Tianzhen’s tone is blunt,Seems to have great opinions on instructors,“There are three groups of people following me,One group of people are not good birds,I will clean them up later,The other two groups are brothers,Please leave as soon as possible,Otherwise it will be bad。”

“Hi!Did you say it earlier!“Xia Jian said,Took out a wad of banknotes from the bag。

Wang Lin shook her head,He glanced at Xi Zhen who was preparing to make tea for Xia Jian and said:“You are his assistant,Some things you have to remind,Don’t follow,If something goes wrong,I won’t let you go“
“Got Mr. Wang,I will pay attention later“Although Xi Zhen said,But she also knew,Just rely on Xia Jian’s temper,She said it doesn’t work。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,People like Zhao Longlong are not here,He won’t bow his head。How about this!Take this money,From where to mention another 50,000 yuan,And dealt with it,Remember,Must establish a document“
“Oh!That’s a total of 250,000 yuan, right?!“Wang Lin said,Took the money on the table。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Is twenty-five yuan,Write it all up,And clearly tell them,Zhao Longlong only paid 200,000,These five are a little bit of our entrepreneurial group“
“I understand,Know what to do“Wang Lin said,Took the money and turned away。
Xi Zhen put the brewed tea on Xia Jian’s table,Suddenly asked:“President Xia!When shall we go to pingdu?Mr. Guo called today to ask“
“New Year is coming,Many things in the group,Especially in the eastern market,You have to take care。You don’t have to go to Pingdu city this year,It’s frozen anyway,There is not much work to do“Xia Jian was talking,What are you thinking about,But he didn’t even remember。
Xi Zhen nodded and said:“Ok,I know。Where are you going?“
“I must go there,The end of the year,So many things have to be summarized,Besides, I’m still the honorary mayor“Xia Jian’s voice just fell,The phone rang。
Xia Jian took out a look,Ouyang Hong called,He hurriedly connected and said:“Hello Mayor Ouyang!Why did you remember calling me today?“
“Don’t be mean,I ask you,When will you come to Pingdu,Don’t forget,You are also the honorary mayor of Pingyang Town。There are many things waiting for you in the town!“Ouyang Hong said with a smile on the phone。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“How could i forget?Honorary Mayor,Not a petty official,I have to treat it。Planning,Should be able to get off in three to five days“
“Well!I won’t bother you,Let’s talk in detail when you get to Pingdu“Ouyang Hong finished,Hung up。Xia Jian wanted to make two jokes,But people just don’t give him this opportunity。
Xia Jian on the phone,Then turned on the computer,After checking a few emails,Suddenly he couldn’t help but rememberGZGu Yue,They haven’t talked for a long time,I wonder if she is doing well now?
Thought of here,Xia Zhima called her over。I didn’t expect the phone to ring for a long time,No one answered。