I can no longer cook, I can no longer pit

I don’t i don’t i can’t
The great god walks too fast like a tornado
I can’t educate me and I have nowhere to hide
I don’t want to cook anymore
I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want to cheat you anymore
Unknowingly you have taught me
Before I knew it, I recognized this master
Later I realized I gave another head
In hindsight, I should kowtow
Vigorously and infinitely
On the verge of collapsebaby
There are too few great gods in my world
WuWorship comes too fast like a tornado
I can’t do without you
I can’t eat anymore
I can’t pit anymore
I don’t i don’t i can’t
Unknowingly you forgave me
Before I knew it, I recognized this master

Finish the second arrow,Jump off the branch immediately,Arrow on the crossbow,While running to the distance。

If the man in black is in good condition,Wang Hong will definitely not escape his pursuit,But now it’s not only poisoned,I still hurt my thigh,Hard to perform,I can only watch Wang Hong run farther and farther。
The man in black screamed,Chased for a while,The suffocation gets worse,Knowing that it is impossible to catch up,Had no choice but to retreat,Kill the man holding the epee。
This young man seems to be an iron man,The man in black obviously wants to drag him to death,He still fights the opponent hard to the end regardless。
“Brother,You go,Don’t fight him!”
Woman shouting again and again,The man turned a deaf ear,Still swinging the heavy sword to the man in black。
Half a minute later,Wang Hong’s third arrow hit the man in black!
This powerful warrior,Finally can’t hold on,Long knife slipped,Fell to the ground,Was hit in the head by the heavy sword that followed,Die forever。
Seeing the man in black completely dead,The man with the heavy sword also fell to the ground。
In fact, he suffered more than ten knives from the man in black,I can’t hold it long ago,If it’s not for the younger sister,See another chance to kill the enemy,I’m afraid I’ve been injured and died before。
I can kill the enemy myself at this moment,The strong breath also dissipated,I didn’t even leave a last word in the end,Died with a smile。
The woman’s cry was full of grief,Staggered rushing over,Crying with a corpse,I turned a blind eye to Wang Hong who came by。
And Wang Hong is also not interested in comforting each other,Put on a pair of rubber gloves,Began to make a fortune by touching the corpse。
Although it’s the first time to touch a corpse,But Wang Hong is not only not afraid,On the contrary, it is full of excitement and anticipation。
The head of the man in black has been smashed by the heavy sword,A piece of blood,Wang Hong didn’t bother to untie the black cloth on his face,Groping directly on him。

“The Holy Spirit did not say clearly,But vaguely mentioned that the Five Elements Palace will have major changes in the future。”

hiss,Huo Tianzun thoughtful,I remember that this is the first time the Holy Spirit’s evaluation of someone has been in the entire Five Elements Palace.,I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse?
“and also。”Companions hesitate,But after thinking about it, I still whispered,“The Holy Spirit was wounded this time,Need time to recover,There will be no manifestation again for a long time。”
Huo Tianzun is shocked,Never thought that hostility from afar would be so fierce,Actually hurt the Holy Spirit,How sacred is this young boy’s past life?How could you provoke such a terrible opponent?
“Let’s go。”Huo Tianzun shook his head,I don’t want to think about it,Leaning over and lifting the young man to leave the hall first,My companion stopped and looked at the mottled wall on the left,Sighed,Also slowly disappeared。
A howl like an ancient wild beast actually awakened Li Tianzhen who was sleeping,Through the light blue barrier,He saw a distorted face,Very pale skin,The exquisite facial features are distorted and exaggeratedly deformed,Do not,no no,It’s Qiguan,Because the other party has four eyes,One of them was punctured,Blood rushes,Terrible。
Slow down for a long time,Li Tianzhen only remembered the owner of this face,It’s that handsome boy,The two extra eyes on the facial features are the big ones‘destroy’of,Such a distorted appearance is really hard to shine,But why do you want to make such a terrible painful state??
Li Tianzhen’s thinking is not very clear,The mind has been in a groggy state,In the long sleepy dream before,He always feels very hard,It’s not just the reason for the extreme physical exertion,There is still a hard way to be an outsider,It’s just that I can’t recall the details for a while。
But one thing still makes Li Tianzhen happy,Since these five senses are still four eyes,At least it shows that the big guys have been trying hard to contend,The boy can’t help it for now,Then it reveals that the boy is also the end of the fight,Don’t talk about breaking this blue barrier。
Chapter one hundred and twenty one Then consume

Lu Haokai glanced at her eyes.,Her ambition is so big,Will you want to swallow his company later。

Lu Haokai suddenly felt this idea is a bit unfortunately,How does Gu Anan have dare??
“it is good!but,Talk about your plan。”
Lu Haokai is actually interested in this matter.。
Gu Anan looked at him.,She is very familiar with this man before his eyes.,I will tell this thing.。
“I know Gu’s shares,Equity dispersion50about,As long as we hold a girlfriend50Contract,You can get support for other shareholders,We can hold and acquire Gu’s。”
During this time, he has been studying excessive books.。
Lu Haokai looked at Gu An’an’s gaze,Suddenly become deep,Looking at the radiant light in Gu An’an,He suddenly found,I suddenly didn’t know this Gu An’an in front of him.。
Gu Anan at this moment,Self-confident eyes have a few proud,She is like a brilliant treasure knife,alone,I can also break out a world.。
“hehe”He suddenly laughed,“Gu Anan,Although you are very true of this idea,But not there is no possibility,Then you tell me,Now you are in your hands,How many shares are。”
Gu Anan slightly smile,road:“I have three percent in my hand.,I am married to you,There will be a percent,so,Far away from my goals,But next,I will think other ways to buy a group’s shares.。”
“it is good!”
Lu Haokai immediately agreed,Two major people merged,It will be alarmed。
Lu Haokai launched a car,Opening in the villa area in the Jinpu District。
Gu An An side glanced at the excitement Lu Haokai,The bottom is full of rays of calculations。
She loves,Unable,She wants,Also from her,so,She loves,She is not,She is now not getting something。
Gu’s Group,I raised her.,Finally, it is also in her hands.,Gu An’an mouth, the evil smile,Becoming more fear。
The next morning,Blue Xin woke up at seven o’clock。
An open eyes,A magnified Jun Yan appeared in her eyes。
Blue Xin pupil is sharp,Quickly climb up,One foot is going to Lu Haoqing。
Lu Haocheng has turned over a body.,Evue the foot of Blue Xin,Turn around,The thin lips are gently evoked.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You gave me。”
Blue Xin Xiaoshi is rushing to look at Lu Haozheng。
How did he come to his room??
When she slept last night,I only have her own,How to wake up,Lu Hao is lying next to her.。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,“Blue,What’s wrong with you?
I am so angry in the morning.。”
Lu Haocheng said,Looked around,He is slightly eyebrow,Imblede:“How can I be in your room??”
Blue Xin:“?

Liu Dunyue was the first to react,Excited to say:“Old Xie,I really depend on you to get Chen Xiu out!”

Everyone is unknown so,Waiting for Liu Dunyue’s following,Just listen to him:“Old Xie,As far as i know,You have a puzzle——Exploring Dafa,After use,One plant and one tree in a radius of a hundred miles、Even the ants can’t escape your perception when singing。
Chen Xiu can’t escape now,I haven’t used your magic!”
“No way!”
Liu Dunyue just finished,Xie Tianhua shouted excitedly:“Once my magic trick is used, it will be weak for three days,Even ordinary people are not opponents。
I don’t think it’s easy to use!”
Niu Hang, the ancestor of the Niu family, persuaded:“Old Xie,It’s just three days of weakness,What are you afraid of。
We can definitely keep you safe!”
Xie Tianhua thought to himself:“Special,Just because you are,I dare not use。
You guys don’t take advantage of my weakness to do me and Chen Xiu together!”
No matter how the other seven people persuade,Xie Tianhua just doesn’t follow,I was said to be anxious, even more angry:“How about I teach you the art of listening to heaven and earth,Who of you go to learn!”
Everyone is embarrassed now,Who wants to learn this unlucky world-sounding technique,You know that the eight great families are an alliance outside,In the past, there was constant friction between each other in order to compete for cultivation resources.。
Liu Dunyue can’t persuade me,Have to use the lure:“Old Xie,How about this。
I use personality guarantee,After you find out Chen Xiu using the world detective technique,I’m by your side to keep you safe。
and……After killing Chen Xiu,The Reiki Pill awarded by the Envoy of the Secret Realm,I……I give you half more,how is it!”
hand machine station:
998 Forbidden land

Old Xiao finished,Take Xiao Hei and walk away,How does this look like an 80-something old man,That’s nothing but the lad。

Xia Jian squatted in front of Xiao Xiao,Girl a little embarrassed,Hesitated,Finally climbed up,Man’s generous shoulders,Let Xiao Xiao on his back be very practical。
Once over the ridge,All downhill,So everyone walks fast,Although very tired,But there is a sense of escape from danger,When Xia Jian finds out,Xiao Xiao on the back,Already asleep,And the sleep is so sweet。
When I get to the side of the car,Xia Jian just crawled out of the pond,Sweat mixed with dirt,He’s not human。Old Xiao opened the car door,Until Xia Jian put Xiao Xiao in the car,Xiao Xiao just woke up with drooling,Girl blushing,She didn’t expect,I would sleep like this。
Relax,Tired and hungry suddenly came to my heart,Large backpack that can hold food,When did you lose it,Xia Jian didn’t know either,Where is tourism,It’s a jungle adventure。
“All right,Nothing more,Let’s go back quickly!Xiao Xiao hurt his foot,This car must not let her drive again,Xia Jian, let’s open it!”Old Xiao suddenly spoke,Shocked Xia Jian,Let him drive?Just take this car,He Xia Jian hasn’t sat a few times。Xia Jian shook his head embarrassedly。
Old Xiao glanced at Xiao Xiao and said:“After going back,Teach Xia Jian when you have time,The car must be able to drive”
Is this old Xiao a man or a god?,He adjusted the seat position skillfully,Just hear a whine,The car rushed out like an arrow,Mountain path,Bumpy,But what he drives is handy,Xia Jian sitting in the back row,So shocked。
Just now in the woods,There are not many people in Ergou,I wonder if Wang Qiang has caught up?That Wang Qiang’s skill,He Xia Jian has learned,Can retreat,And unharmed,How did this old Xiao do it?,Xia Jian wanted to break his head,Didn’t figure it out。
Bed in the First People’s Hospital of Bucheon,Xiao Xiao’s face of happiness,On the chair beside him,Xia Jian is peeling an apple for her,This is Lao Xiao’s order,Xia Jian, a senior nurse,He dare not listen。
“Hi!juvenile,I didn’t say i want to eat apple,You go wash the grapes!”Xiao Xiao blinked mischievously,She was deliberately making things difficult for Xia Jian。
Unexpectedly,Xia Jian is not angry at all,Smiled and put down the apple in his hand and said:“OK!I’m going to wash”
Xiao Xiao didn’t expect,Xia Jian was so obedient,She feels not fun anymore,Immediately said:“no need,I still eat apples!”
Xia Jian is still unusually well-behaved,Didn’t say a word,Sent the peeled apple directly to Xiao Xiao’s hand。When Old Xiao left,Called Xia Jian aside,Special account,Xiao Xiao’s foot doctor said it was a comminuted fracture,It won’t be better in a while,Probably,Xiao Xiao loses his temper,Let Xia Jian take care of it patiently,Don’t make Xiao Xiao angry。

Unexpectedly, Zhou Li smiled and said:“I also hope that there is nothing better between us。But for the past few days, Xiao Chenchen always asks you this fake father,So i have to make this call”

“Nonsense,You’d better not use your child as an issue。Zhou Li, you’re so mean”Xia Jianyi heard Zhou Li push Xiao Chenchen out,The anger in my heart can no longer be controlled。
Zhou Li said coldly to the phone:“Xia Jian!You are a man。I didn’t expect you to be so chicken belly and small intestine。On the child,I did a little too much,I said I’m sorry for your family。But as a person, who makes no mistakes?”
“All right!I don’t want to listen to you”Xia Jian roared,Preparing to hang up。
Suddenly,There was a child’s tender voice on the phone:“Xia Jian’s father!I miss you,Can you watch me?”Xia Jian can hear it,This voice is from Xiao Chenchen。Although he is not very close to Xiao Chenchen,But after all, lived in their house for a while,He is still somewhat emotional。
Just when Xia Jianzheng hesitated,Zhou Li’s voice came over the phone:“Western Suburb Villa222number,Do you love”
Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Zhou Li hung up the phone。what should I do?What conspiracy is this woman trying to use,Or Xiao Chenchen really wants to see him?
Logically,He has little contact with Xiao Chenchen,The child doesn’t have much affection for him。His parents took him so long,I didn’t see him make a call。This incidates that,This call from Xiao Chenchen today,Zhou Li deliberately arranged,What is his purpose for doing this??
Xia Jian stood up,He walked around in the living room holding his hands,I don’t know what to do with this?In case Xiao Chenchen really wants to see him,If he doesn’t go,If my parents knew about this,,He really feels better。
Xia Jian assumed many possibilities,But feel wrong。Final result,Zhou Li wanted to pass Xiao Chenchen,Come to meet him。So what is the purpose of the meeting??Then you can only know if you meet。
Think about it,Xia Jian was heartbroken at last,He thinks he really needs to meet Zhou Li this time,Otherwise he doesn’t know what she wants to do!She’s just a woman,She can still eat herself。
After figuring it out,Xia Jian didn’t rush over,But keep watching TV。I keep seeing the sky completely dark,He just called Zhang Teng,Pushed them back to the next day,Then he drove to the Xijiao Villa。
Bucheon’s real estate development in the past two years,It’s like getting on a rocket。Like this western suburban villa,It should be a mudflat in the first two years。
Xia Jian sat in the car and determined the route,Drove the car straight towards this place。Still a bit far,Without traffic jam,He has been running for almost an hour。I knew this,He might as well leave early。
The door of the villa is as strictly guarded。Xia Jian registered at the guard,The guard also talked to the people inside to confirm,Just let him drive in。
222I found it soon。From outside,This villa is also very stylish,People who can live in it,Naturally rich。
Xia Jian parked the car,Walked to the door,Gently rang the doorbell。Just hear a click,The room lock in the living room is unlocked。Xia Jian walked over,A light push,The door opened。
The whole living room is big,But only a few lights were turned on。Only near the coffee table,Appears brighter。Such a big living room,Turn on so few lights,Gives a very uncomfortable feeling。

“Ok,The old man with green skin who often stays in the killing fields?”Li Ming recalled,There is such a character,It seems to be an immortal of the virtual universe company in the original work of Devouring the stars。

“What old man,He is the head of the Killing Fields of the Black Dragon Mountain Branch of the Virtual Universe Company!”Babata stared:“Respect others!Is the immortal under your teacher,Few are better than him!”
“There are not many immortality under the teacher, right??!”
“OK,He is a high-level figure in the virtual universe anyway,Although the status is not too high in immortality,I dare not say that it can directly get you into the core layer,But the power to recommend you is definitely there。”
“I also found some relationships,Show you【Space cutting】Sent him the scene video directly。。。Then he gave me a message。”Babata laughs:“It seems,Your strength scared him。”
“He invited you for three hours(Earth time)I went to the killing fields to see him!”
“What are you waiting for?”Li Ming’s eyes lit up:“Babata,Is there any special etiquette for such an immortal strong before the official?”
“Don’t be polite,People value your potential,You have to keep in good shape now,I’ll get chained later。”
“I am a cosmic powerhouse!”Li Ming’s eyes widened:“Will drop the chain?!”
Three hours later,Virtual universe,The third floor of the Killing Fields on Heilongshan Island。
“This killing field has a third floor!”Li Ming and Babata are a little surprised。In their impression,The killing fields are on two floors。
The first floor is the lobby, killing space and decisive battle space,The second layer is the maze and meditation chamber。
“This third layer,Is the private space of the virtual universe company,But all the senior executives of the virtual universe company will observe here。If there is a truly talented genius,I would recommend entering the headquarters of the virtual universe company,Even the core layer!”

Old man Pan puts his hands together right now,Smiled,“Brother Lang,Remember me?”

Lang Ke’s eye catching a little narrowed,After the old man nodded, he stared at Li Tianchou and looked up and down,Make no secret of guarding。Lao Pan quickly introduced,“This is my companion,Very decent guy,Go to Myitkyina together。”
Li Tianchou smiled at each other friendly,My heart frowned secretly,I feel that their words and deeds are very wrong,This meeting seems to have been agreed in advance,But from Old Pan’s words, there is a sense of sudden visit,What is this subtle contradiction trying to hide?
At this moment Lang Ke suddenly grinned at Li Tianchou,Then turned around and closed the wooden door with a bang and went back to the house。
“This?”Li Tianchou can’t figure it out,I thought you offended Lang somehow。
“what,It doesn’t matter,He went to prepare。We just wait here。”
really,In just three or two minutes,The broken wooden door was opened again,Lang Ke came out with a small cloth pocket on his back,He changed into a grass-green military uniform,Wearing Jiefang rubber shoes commonly known in China,A green army hat on the head,At first glance, it looks like a soldier in the 60s and 70s in China,It just doesn’t have any badges or marks。
This dress seems to be very popular in northern Myanmar,Like a soldier,Nondescript,May be the cause of the perennial war,It may also be due to lack of local materials,Anyway, it feels weird。
Lang walked ahead without a word,Old Man Pan winked at Li Tianchou and hurriedly followed,that’s it,The three of them marched silently in the small streets of the early morning town,Like a ghost,Soon disappeared into the darkness。
And the CDC in Mangshi,Xu Wen and others are on the second floor of a secret restricted area like seeing the sun again,Greedily looking at the morning light outside the window。After being quarantined for a day and a half,In addition to Wu Fang,Everyone was released,The preliminary conclusion of not being infected with an unknown biological virus made everyone a lot easier,Another half an hour,After the final result comes out,Everyone can leave this terrible place。
This time everyone seems to be shocked,Really lucky,Wu Fang was indeed infected with some biological virus,Although the symptoms are not severe,But the difficulty is that the virus sample is brand new,A new variant between sarin and mustard,Invade the human body with mature spores through the air,Cause infection,The incubation period will be onset in two or three days。
The only good thing is that there is no evidence that people can spread each other,Otherwise, Xu Wen and others will not be so lucky。But the emergence of biological viruses heralds a very serious problem,The opponent does not seem to be conspiring one or two terrorist attacks,But a bigger conspiracy。
Thus,The trend of the entire case and the tone of the investigation have to change,Before the superior has no further instructions,The Provincial Public Security Department and the local national security have moved quickly,Close and thoroughly investigate the woodware factory at the first time,At the same time, the local national security staff will be deployed to cooperate with the newly arrived field team to move in.。
On the one hand, it combines the case itself and seeks to find Yuan Hua as a breakthrough direction,Make a careful investigation of the town;on the other hand,Is to sort out the reconnaissance tracks Wu Fang has traveled,Focus on the investigation of the outskirts of the town and the Pampa port,And the small hotel where Wu Fang once lived has been ordered to close,After the CDC people left,The task force will plunge in again。
This series is fast、The decisive action seems calm on the surface,But it is dull and solemn everywhere,Especially when the woodworks factory was suddenly seized by the police, so sensitive people smelled the smell of danger,The town was overcast for a while,Mountain rain is coming。

“what?Don’t you say so early,Zhang Wen and Broad Bean went in again。”Peng Weihua was also anxious。

“by,Notify them quickly,I meet at Dongdaemun。”Zhu Lei hung up anxiously,Walk quickly to the gate of the community。
AcrossB09On the ninth floor of a small high-rise residential building not far from the villa,Two men are observing every move in the villa area with binoculars through the brown glass。
One of them is An Yongxiang,The other is thin,Sallow complexion,From the face, it gives people an indescribable uncomfortable,Especially the two pale yellow silkworm eyebrows do not match the facial features.,He looked carefullyB09After the situation around the building,Asked some unsure,“Yuxing don’t seem to be hooked?”
An Yongxiang is calm,After looking at the telescope for a moment,Answered very confidently,“Most definitely。”
“Oh?Ang is so sure?”
“You look again。”An Yongxiang is talking,Nunu mouth towards the distance。
So the thin man went to the telescope again,Under the lensB09The scenery around the villa is very clear,He watched for a long time and found nothing abnormal,I’m about to turn my head and ask An Yongxiang again,But suddenly saw the villa diagonally acrossB12A bunch of people。
About seven or eight men and women,Among them are three suits and leather shoes,Work sign hanging on his chest,Like a worker from a housing agency,And there are several others, both young and old,Two of the middle-aged people are talking around a staff member,It’s quite like the agent came to see the house with a partner。
The two young men who fell behind the pile of people quickly attracted the attention of yellow eyebrows,One of them is looking around,The other is covering his left ear with his forehand,My lips move slightly like I’m using a headset to talk。
Yellow eyebrows,Zhang Wen from Yuxing should be looking around,And the speaker is another key member of Yuxing Broad Bean。“Holding grass!Have a door。”
At this time, Zhu Lei just walked into the east gate of the community,He tried to call Wogua before,But no one answered,Urgent situation,Can’t bear to think about it,But at this moment,Peng Weihua called again。
“Old wish,Change。Fava beans were just nowB12ObservedB09The latter situation,I saw Xiao Song by accident。”
“what?!See clearly?”Zhu Lei’s mind was suddenly messed up。
“Can’t be wrong,Someone came out at the back door,Xiao Song was pushed and shoved in the door frame,Passing by,The door closed again,Broad bean said it was absolutely correct。”
hiss,Zhu Lei took a breath,With his years of experience in the arena,The first reaction is to feel that the opponent is doing the game。There is no such a coincidence?As soon as you show up,The other party will show you what you want most,Fishing hooks usually look like this。
But what if Broad Bean really sees girl Song??Don’t you just leave it alone?Zhu Lei asked if he could not do it,Current situation,Knowing it is a trap, you must jump。
In fact, Zhu Lei has already put his life and death out,Yuxing is like this, he can’t shirk it,And judging from the problems exposed,Yuxing management will face severe legal sanctions,As chairman,It’s right to be at the top。