China fight the epidemic highlight the power play

  President Xi Jinping speech at the UN General Assembly general debate of the 75th stated: "There are big powers should look to provide more global public goods, to assume the responsibility of a big country, to show the power play." Currently, humans are still to combat new crown pneumonia epidemic.

To overcome the virus, to deal with the crisis, calling for unity, calling for major powers to play. China uphold the feelings of the world, join hands with other countries to fight the epidemic, and take practical action to bear responsibility for global public health responsibility, highlighting the talk about faith, heavy friendship, Jan justice, observe the moral power play. As an international community, China insists its obligations within the framework of international rules and international order, to practice commitment.

In the fight against the epidemic, the first time China informed the World Health Organization, relevant national and regional organizations epidemic information, the first time released information about the new crown viral gene sequences, etc., first announced in treatment and prevention and control program, with the parties to share prevention and control and treatment experience, will lead to future vaccine successfully developed as a global public goods for the benefit of the world’s commitment to support global cooperation in epidemic prevention.

Sincerely magnanimous, adhere to obligations, abide by its commitments, China’s move to win the faith of the international community widely appreciated. China maintains that countries go hand in hand, shared prosperity, both to make your own well, and let others live better especially hope that the majority of developing countries to accelerate development.

China’s fight against SARS in difficult times, many developing countries to help us.

China also actively helped some developing countries with weak public health systems and build a strong defense and fight the epidemic, called on the international community to give developing countries, especially African countries, more material, technical and human support, and promised to countries affected by the epidemic within two years of special developing countries to provide $ 2 billion in aid to build 30 China-Africa cooperation mechanisms counterparts in hospitals, accelerate the construction of the headquarters of the African Center for Disease Control, and strive to achieve the availability of vaccines in developing countries and responsible sex, with members of the Group of Twenty an implementation of the "suspension of the poorest countries, debt service initiative" a number of major initiatives.

Togetherness, solidarity, friendship between China and developing countries to bring human warmth, strength. Unite against the epidemic in the world, the mainstream cooperation to revive the economy in individual countries but to abandon fairness and justice, to engage in political stigma and epidemic operation, to engage in "decoupling", "building the wall", "de-globalization."

China adheres to concentrate on their own thing, will coordinate development of epidemic prevention and control work and economic and social development, and to give these false statements, hegemony to strong fight back.

In June, the Chinese government officially released the white paper "to fight the epidemic of pneumonia new crown China Action", a detailed review of the whole process of the fight against SARS China, to further clarify the national unity and cooperation, common fight against SARS in the right direction.

China to defend their legitimate rights and interests to just move, take concrete actions to safeguard the international multilateral mechanism coordinating role in efforts to build mutual respect, fairness and justice, cooperation and win-win new international relations.

  Great fight against SARS fight again proved that human destiny is to build the human community to address common challenges and build a more prosperous and better world human right.

The case from the push to build the fate of the human community starting in their own epidemic prevention and control under intense pressure, the Chinese do our best to provide assistance to the international community, the guardian of human life and health; human health advocates to build community and health Silk Road, through multilateral mechanisms to promote unity and cooperation in multi-dimensional international assistance, such as vaccine development and use. China raised with the relevant countries to take joint initiatives, tariff reductions, the abolition of barriers to the smooth flow of trade and economic globalization continue to promote and maintain a stable global industrial chain supply chain flow, injecting impetus to global economic recovery. In the particular moment of human crisis hit, China to "We Are the World," the feelings, moral for the first action further demonstrates the power play, a big country style. (Author: Institute of International Relations, Renmin University of China associate professor).

Baoshan exploring "first investment" to speed up research results

  From now on, the 2nd China-US Economic and Trade Forum of Europe and America is held in Baoshan District.

Shanghai is focusing on promoting the construction of international financial centers, and the new progress of the establishment of economic and trade open innovation has achieved new progress. Take the Baoshan District as an example, actively integrate the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and strive to create the "Shanghai Science Center for the main position", and force resources such as high-end talents, advanced technology and quality projects at home and abroad.

From the laboratory to the production line, the new link to the transformation of scientific research results is gradually formed; from exploring the new mechanism of "first investment" to cultivate "technical brokers", "seed project" accelerate landing.

  After the layer selection, the Baoshan District "Transformation of Science and Technology Achievements in the First Pioneering Mode" project, recently successfully revealed the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2021.

This is the only innovation reform task selected by the city as the main body.

  Aiming at the research results from the laboratory to the production line stage "some scientific research results have lost their vitality.

"Many innovative subjects feel that when scientific research results are developed to the middle stage, support policies and funds are often easily" missing ".

  When the scientific research project is in a germination state, the college laboratory has a rear shield for scientific research funds.

Entering the "Industrial Sample" phase, the investment institution will see the expectations will come.

In the middle stage of the two, it is the most important funds and resources to help "support", but no one is concerned. The pilot aiming of "first investment" is the scientific research results from the laboratory to the middle stage of the production line.

  The scientific research is transformed, the source is at the university. But most university teachers and students are not familiar with commercial logic, and even registered companies are unclear.

As a result, the University Science Park is given a "catalyst" role of production. Since this year, Baoshan District has attracted a large number of university science parks.

"Every university science and technology park has expertise and is adapted to the industry.

Zhao Jiang, deputy director of the Baoshan District Science and Technology Commission, said that the research and development of biomedical research is taken as an example, the scientific research team of the university can facilitate the "middle test and venture ground", so that the research results accelerate out of the laboratory. "Technical Broker" acts as a business and college There are two programs in the translation of scientific research results. One is to have research results, then search for industrial projects, the other is to have industrial demand, and then inverted the research and development. Usually, the latter is time consuming This is equivalent to "production after ordering".

However, when the market entity is looking at colleges and universities in a list of demand, the results are often unreasonable. "There is a ‘translator’ between them.

Liu Zehua, Director of Technical Transfer Director of the University of China, said.

Another identity of Liu Zehua is "technical broker", in practice, he encounters a lot of cases that cannot communicate. For example, a car company wants to find a part, the keyword is "brake feeling is good". But the response of the scientist is: "I have developed a graphene coating with good heat dissipation.

"The two are not in the same discourse system." They need a communication bridge, the ‘technology broker’ is this role. "In Baoshan District, University School, University Science Park, etc. It is consciously cultivated" technical brokers ".

"This job is high, such as a cross-discipline background, etc.

"Liu Zehua told reporters that they are actively striving for related colleges and universities to cultivate more" technical brokers ". (Reporter Wang Jiayu).

Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen Grote provincies, Shanxi uitgebracht "Shanxi Medicine Thee" Regionale openbare merken

  Het Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan 20 maart (Reporter Wang Feihang) Shanxi Provinciale overheid hield een persconferentie op 20e, officieel vrijgegeven de "Shanxi-thee-thee" provinciaal Regionaal Public Merk, duidelijk gemaakt Shanxi Medicine Thee in een nieuwe motor voor landbouwtransformatie, landelijk Revitalisatie en armoedebestrijding bieden nieuwe ondersteuning. JOE JUNJUN, DIRECTOR VAN DE SHANXI Provinciale landbouwplichtige afdeling, zei dat vanaf november vorig jaar het Public Brand Assessment-team van de provincie Shanxi volledig strikt gedurende meer dan 3 maanden is beoordeeld en wordt bepaald dat "Shanxi Medicine Tea" de Eerste provincie van de eerste partij van de provincie van Shanxi. Niveau Landbouwproducten Regionaal Public Merk. Het is duidelijk dat Shanxi de grote provincie Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen is, en het noordelijke deel van de Astragalus, Taishen, de winterbloemen en andere vari?teiten, het zuidelijke deel is geschikt voor het feest, Huang Dai, Forsythia, Bupleulum, Yuanzhi-fabriek , grote Chinese geneeskunde kolomvari?teiten, Huangqi en andere jaarlijkse uitgangen in het land.

Shanxi Medicine Tea is de grondstof in het midden van Chinese kruidengeneeskunde, met behulp van een plantenblad (knop), bloem (knop), wortelstok, fruit (echt), en vervaardigd enkel product of spelling, vergelijkbaar met theebellen, gekookte manieren voor mensen om producten te drinken.

  Tot nu toe zijn er honderden medicijn thee verwerking bedrijven in de provincie Shanxi, ontwikkeld meer dan 200 producten, zoals eindeloze bladeren, zeebuckthorn bladeren, moerbeiboombladeren, jujubei rijst, enz. Product R & D, marketing, merk creatie, enz. geniet aanvankelijk van schaal en invloed.


Chinese Characteristic Socialism Party Construction Seminar held an act of attendance and speaking

This newspaper Beijing September 10 (Reporter Jiang Jie) Hands in Beijing on the 10th of the 10th. Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Minister of the Central Committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Esuitic is pointed out that the democratic parties adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, conscientiously studying the spirit of the relevant documents, focusing on the new task of the new era, and solidly promotes the construction of the socialist Party and political participation in Chinese characteristics, and has achieved positive results .

Esuitic emphasis emphasized that strengthening the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a long-term important political task of democratic parties.

I hope that the democratic parties have always adhered to the correct political direction, accurately grasp the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party leaders and the democratic party consciously self-self-self-self-self-self-service, the relationship between the ruling party construction and the participating party building, the relationship, progressive and extensive progress Relationship, innovative ideas, improve the system guarantee, strengthen overall synergy, and continuously improve the effectiveness and level of socialist party building parties in China’s characteristic socialism, and make new contributions to the continued health development of new era multi-party cooperation.

Wan Ejuan, Chen Wei, Ding Zhongli, Hao Mingjin, Cai Dafeng, Wu Weihua, Wan Steel, Chen Xiaoguang, Su Hui, Li Shengzheng attended the meeting. The relevant person in charge of the central government of the Democratic Party and the Ministry of Central Committee participated in the meeting.

China Niet-Public Medical Institutions Association wordt uitgenodigd om Chengdu Jinxin Group te bezoeken

De voorzitter van de Symposium-ventilator Yulan, introduceerde de ontwikkeling van Jinxin Group. In 1951 is de Jinxin Group in Chengdu tweede district Maternal en Child Health Station hervormingen in 2004, slechts meer dan 90 werknemers, jaarlijks inkomen meer dan 200.000 yuan, na Meer dan 10 jaar ontwikkeling, de groep heeft 11 ziekenhuizen, gedistribueerd in Chengdu, Zhangzhou, Shenzhen, VS Los Angeles en andere plaatsen; op hetzelfde moment, in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Verenigde Staten hebben drie onderzoeksinstituten opgezet; opgezet twee beroepsopleiding en Technische trainingsscholen en 1 Early Education Center, en 25 professionele medische managementbedrijven en 1 beleggingsmaatschappij hebben motivatie verstrekt voor de ontwikkeling van de industrialisatie van de groep. Op dit moment, bijna 4.500 groepsmedewerkers, bijna 3.200 daadwerkelijke open bedden, bijna 1.000 ouderdom, de totale poliklinische hoeveelheid van bijna 4 miljoen / jaar, een jaarinkomen van bijna 4 miljard yuan, een uitgebreide medische groep.

De groep is voornamelijk bezig met de specialiteitenzorg voor moederlijke en kindgezondheid, geest en traditionele Chinese geneeskunde, evenals de investering en werking van reproductieve geneeskunde, gemeenschapsgezondheidsdiensten, gezondheidscontrole, onderzoek en onderwijs, beroepsopleiding, pensioen en gehandicapt . Op dit moment staat Jinxin Group in de nieuwe hoogte, gevestigd in Chengdu, kijkt naar het land en versnelt de voetstappen van het internationaliseringsproces en naar het hogere ontwikkelingsplatform. De voorzitter van de voorzitter introduceerde de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkelingsresultaten van de Groep, sinds 2003, aangezien de transformatie van openbare medische instellingen tot niet-gevestigde medische instellingen, waaronder de kansen en moeilijkheden tegengekomen, tegelijkertijd de huidige binnenlandse sociale kantoor de chaos In de dokter stemde ook overeen met een sterke bereidheid voor de intentie om de provinciale associatie te vestigen onder de bevordering van de vereniging, bijdraagt ??aan het standaardisatiebeheer van niet-openbare medische instellingen.

Cai Qi video dispatched rain and snow, strong wind, cool weather response work

  Original title: Cai Qi video dispatched rain and snow, heavy wind, strong cooling weather, stressing the public to keep the public in the heart and warm and warm the city safe and smooth operation Chen Jining Zhang Yankun dispatched by the cold wave, this weekend, the city will appear significantly rain and snow and strong cooling The weather will usher in the first snow since winter. Yesterday (5th) afternoon, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Cai Qi video dispatched the rain and snow wind and strength and cooling weather response. He emphasized that this weather process rain and snow phase conversion, high wind cooling superimposed, with a certain extreme, and will affect urban operation and citizens’ production life. We must put the public and warm and warm and warm and warm, and our best responded to ensure that the public is safe and warm into the winter, ensuring urban safety and smooth operation. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining, and Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee dispatched together.

  Cai Qi emphasizes that he will do a good job of heating, and transfer to formally heating to ensure that the temperature is on time.

Strengthen the heating and protection of key places such as schools, nursing homes, welfare cations, do a good job in old communities, heating in remote mountainous areas, solving low-protection households, disabled people and other special difficult groups. Use the 12345 citizen service hotline, the problem of heating reflected in the masses, to complaint, let the masses will be warm and warm. Adhere to the safety of the first place, the emergency protection team strengthened the value, and encountered the first time of the burst.

  Cai Qi emphasizes to strengthen urban operation guarantee.

In time, weather warning and travel prompts such as rain, wind, wind, and travel prompts will guide the public to reduce travel. Do a good job in sweeping ice, protect the safety of the public.

Do a good job in the preparation of wind, strengthen the inspection of outdoor advertising, light box plaques, traffic logo, air conditioner, and tower cranes, eliminate safety hazards. Increase rail transit, bus capacity reserves, take steps to extend operational time and increase shifts as needed. Strengthening the coordination with railways, civil aviation, focusing on the monitoring of passenger traffic volumes around the "five stations", increases the intensity of the connection, and strengthen the connection capacity protection.

Do a good job in transportation safety management in mountainous passenger lines. Cai Qi emphasizes that winter is the high-risk season of pollution, and continues to make good pollution prevention and control, strengthen normalization, refine supervision law enforcement, deepen "one micro" action and regional defense association, and do a good job of heavy pollution weather response.

To do a good job in life, it is necessary to protect the stability. Strengthen market scheduling and source of supply, strengthen the supply channels of origin, smooth freight channels, and ensure the supplies of life necessities.

  Cai Qi demanded that all units at all levels were committed to the responsibility, and one handed personally, and decided to prevent counterfeit measures. Strictly enforce the system, and the important situation is reported in time. The emergency team is in place.

The current epidemic prevention and control task is still very important. We must care about the prevention and control of the first-line staff to strengthen the service guarantee of residents in the sealing community. The city leaders Cui Yanqiang, Zhang Jiaming, Yang Bin, Yang Jinbai, the Secretary General of the Municipal Government Dai Binbin, the main responsible comrades of all districts, respectively participate in the main venue and branch field.

(Reporter Yan Mengzhu Fan Junsheng).

Changchun City, Zhimen District Project Construction "Accelerate Run"

  The tower hang forest is standing, the machine sounds, and the workers are busy with the world.

This is the construction site of the third phase of the three phases of the North Sewage Treatment Plant, the North Sewage Treatment Plant, and the Zhicheng District.

  "We are currently undergoing civil engineering construction. Zhang Shipe said, it is expected that the treatment plant can have water conditions at the end of this year.

The completion of the project will greatly enhance the processing skills of urban sewage, alleviate the influence of urban sewage on Yitong River water ecology, enhance the surrounding ecological environment, and build the people of Spring City. The project is busy, and the government is guaranteed.

In order to advance the project accelerated, in the city, we can insist on problem-oriented, resolve bottlenecks, help solve various problems, focus on coordination to solve the overall relocation of Changchun Zhongxing Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jin Yue Rail Transportation Support Product Intelligent Production Base (Phase I) Project Procedures for procedures. At present, the overall relocation project of Changchun Zhongxing Road Vehicle Co., Ltd., Changchun Zhongxu Railway Co., Ltd., covering the land, the total construction area of ??1.37 million square meters. In the clean and tidy construction site, the reporter saw that a three-layer building has begun to take shape. "We have two large buildings, a steering wheel factory, a passenger car to repair the joint factory, now the steel structure body has been completed, the construction of maintenance structure is being carried out. Our goal is to force the warm seal at the end of the year." Changchun Zhongxing Track vehicle limited Wang Long, Engineering Engineer, Engineering Energy, is expected to complete the railway maintenance qualification certification and test production of Changchun Zhongxing Road Vehicle Co., Ltd. In February 202, it reached overall relocation. At the same time, the construction site of the intelligent production base project of Jilin Jinyue Rail Transportation Co., Ltd. in the total investment amount of about 1 billion yuan.

"We have been working hard, starting from June 25 to this day, the project has completed the external wall insulation of the integrated office building and staff dormitory.

Four production workshops are expected to complete cold insulation on November 30. Zhao Libo, the head of the intelligent production base project of Jilin Jinyue Rail Transit, is expected that the first phase of June 2022 can be completed and put into use. It is expected that the output value can reach 300 million yuan, the profit is about 50 million yuan, providing more than 700 jobs. indivual.

  The project construction is in full swing, and the industrial development is thriving. According to Dong Xianjun, Deputy Director of the Wide City Project Center, this year, the Wide City is planned to develop 50 million yuan and more than 50 million yuan. As of now, 57 million projects have been opened 50 million yuan. The opening of the recovery rate is reached. 57 projects have all been stored in the warehouse, the warehouse rate is 100%, and it is fulfilled.

In January to September, the investment was 10.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. Editor in charge: Huang Wei.

And create a new situation in building a comprehensive weapons and equipment to make a positive contribution to achieving the goal of a century army

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 26 (Reporter Mei Changwei) – Military equipment conference in Beijing on October 25 to 26. CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping made important instructions, to extend my sincere greetings to the participants on behalf of all the comrades front and weaponry.

Xi Jinping stressed that "Thirteen Five" period, the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission strong leadership in the military and all parties concerned to work together to build our military weapons and equipment by leaps and bounds, made historic achievements, to enhance the capacity of the national strategy especially the military strength to provide a solid material and technical support.

Hope comrades thoroughly thought a new era of strong military party, thoroughly implement the new era of the military strategy, stepping up the "Fourteen Five Year Plan" implementation of the tasks, step up construction of modern weapons and equipment management system, creating a new situation weapons and equipment, in order to achieve make a positive contribution to the army a hundred goals.

CPC Central Committee, Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Zhang and Xia attended the meeting.

He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the important instructions of President Xi and decision-making arrangements, to grasp the new era of weapons and equipment, historical position, accelerate the construction of a new pattern of development of weaponry and equipment, brought together a powerful force to promote the development of weaponry and equipment, focused national security needs, focused their attention on the reality of military struggle , outstanding scientific and technological self-reliance, generated around the combat effectiveness of troops, aiming at the world-class research to lay the battle, and do everything to speed up the modernization of weapons and equipment, and promote the construction of military weapons and equipment in the new starting point to a much higher level.

The meeting summed up weaponry "Thirteen Five" during the construction, deployment of weapons and equipment construction tasks "Fourteen" period, we were studied to discuss construction of modern weapons and equipment management systems. CMC organs concerned, major military unit leaders, the central and state departments, Chinese Academy of Sciences, various military industrial companies and other leaders attended the meeting.

Be alert to foreign invasion! Unveiling these 15 common "invasion killers" true face

How to strengthen foreign species intrusion prevention and control? In recent years, my country’s species invasion prevention and control work has achieved positive results, but there is still a problem that the intrusion risk is large, the anti-control management is difficult, and the long-term mechanism is not sound. At the beginning of this year, the "further strengthening of foreign species invasion prevention and control work programs" such as the Department of Agricultural Rural Ministry (hereinafter referred to as "plan") clearly, adhere to the principle of bottom line thinking, source prevention, comprehensive management, national participation, and increasing increasing , Clear storage, strengthening system construction, introduction management, monitoring, prevention and control, science and technology support, responsibility implementation, continuous improvement of prevention and control system, further enhance foreign species invasion comprehensive prevention and control capabilities.

"Program" proposes nine measures: 1. Carry out the census and monitoring of foreign invasive species.

Through 3 years, the number, distribution scope, harm level of the invasive species outside my country is found.

Relying on the establishment of monitoring warning networks such as the national and soap space basic information platform, the key area of ??the border area and the main entry port, the main product area, the natural protection area, with the major pests and pests of crops, and lay the monitoring station ( Point), organize regular monitoring. 2. Strengthen the introduction of foreign species. Carry out the introduction of crops and forest grass seed seedlings, enterprises and plants and their products, and standardize foreign species into quarantine approval and intrusion risk assessment, and implement foreign species classification management.

Increase the intensity of the unauthorized introduction, release or discard foreign species behavior.

3. Strengthen foreign invasive species port prevention and control. Give full play to the comprehensive management of customs anti-smuggling, severely crack down on illegal introduction, carrying, post, smuggling of foreign species, effectively blocking foreign species illegal entry channels. Strengthen the equipment equipment and equipment of the port, improve laboratory quarantine, test, identification technology, improve customs in the customs port, and build an intrusion line of the species port quarantine.

4. Strengthen agriculture foreign invasive species governance. Strengthening regional invasive species governance in farmland, fishery waters, implementing blockade prevention and control measures, and resolutely keep the bottom line of the food safety.

5. Strengthen the governance of foreign invasive species in areas such as forest grassland wetlands. Promoting the governance of the urban and rural green area. Relying on the protection of major projects in biodiversity to promote key regions such as biodiversity protection priority regions.

Strengthen the governance of the river lake and the estate invasive species.

6. Strengthen scientific research. Optimize the layout of scientific and technological resources, strengthen the basic research of foreign species intrusion prevention and control, key technology research and development, integrated demonstration application.

7. Improve policy regulations.

Amended agriculture, forestry alien species invasion emergency plan, and improve the emergency response mechanism. Systems to revise the risk level of foreign species, test identification, investigation and monitoring, comprehensive prevention and control and other technical standards. Agricultural rural, natural resources, ecological environment, customs, forest grass and other departments shall be included in the "14th Five-Year" related plan according to the division of responsibilities, and further clarify the prevention and control ideas, key tasks and specific initiatives.

8. Improve the prevention and control management system.

Implementing the responsibility of the foreign species invasion, the people’s governments of all provinces (districts, municipalities) should strengthen organizational leadership, improve policy measures, strengthen funding, and implement prevention and control requirements.

Exploring the establishment of a mechanism of prevention and control of cross-administrative regional invasive species.

9. Strengthen publicity and education training. Intrusion foreign species invasion control as an important part of the national security education of large and medium-primary schools, exploring participatory, practical education, guiding the awareness of the prevention and control of foreign alien species induction.

"Program" requires that by 2025, foreign invasive species is basically clear, legal and regulations and policy systems are basically improved, joint defense association, the work pattern of group defense, and the major hazardous invasive species diffusion trends and intrusion risk are effective contain. By 2035, foreign species intrusion prevention and control system mechanisms were more perfect, and the significant harm of invasive species has been fully contained, and foreign species invasion risk is fully controlled.

(Group: Li Yuan Comprehensive People’s Daily, Xinhua Net, China Youth Daily, Agricultural Rural Department Website, etc.

China (Guiyang) Intellectual Property Protection Center was approved

This newspaper (Reporter Gao Wei) On October 27, the State Intellectual Property Office approved to build China (Guiyang) Intellectual Property Protection Center.

China (Guiyang) Intellectual Property Protection Center is located in the northern part of Zhongjing International, Yunfeng Avenue, Baiyun District, covering an area of ??over 3,000 square meters, is the first intellectual property protection center in Guizhou Province, will be a new generation of information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing industries. Carry out the rapid synergistic protection of intellectual property, support Guiyang national data and network security demonstration pilot city construction, providing fast pre-trial, rapid authenticity, and rapid rights protection for the city’s innovation, rapid and fast rights protection.

In the first half of this year, Guiyang City actively constructs the intellectual property protection work pattern, focusing on China (Guiyang) Intellectual Property Protection Center construction, actively carrying out the information of intellectual property information, Guiyang Market Supervision Bureau (Intellectual Property Office) official website link and The public promotion promotes the national intellectual property public service network, relying on Guiyang City Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) institution to innovate entrepreneurial entities and governments at all levels at all levels of information services, and promote "new generation local patents" Retrieve and analyze the system of Guizhou, "providing high quality intellectual property information public services to the public and innovative entrepreneurial entities of the jurisdiction. After the establishment of the Intellectual Property Protection Center of China (Guiyang), it will focus on the city’s industrial layout and open the patent to quickly review the "green channel", promote the development of intellectual property resources, transform operation, and industrial navigation analysis, providing more convenient, efficient, low cost. Full chain service support, protection, use, management, etc. Provide quality services, effectively promote high-quality development of new industrial manufacturing, and help implement "strong provincial" action. (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.