First1438chapter Dew

Wang Youcai was originally a gangster,But he became a big boy,Mixed into a gangster。Naturally, he doesn’t like these little bastards in Baishui Town。
Just hear a click,The beer in Wang Youcai’s hand has become a bottomless glass bottle。Beer spilled over the table,Flow down the table。
Li Weimeng’s surprise,People are also sober。He retracted the hand reaching Yao Chunni,As the saying goes, ghosts are also afraid of evil people。Looking at the beer bottle with glass ballast in Wang Youcai’s hand,Li Wei is somewhat timid。In case Wang Youcai really stabs this beer bottle into his stomach,It will poke a few holes。
“Yo!Kind of cowhide!Few people in Baishui Town dared to challenge Wei Ge,You fat fat man has eaten the bear heart and leopard courage?”A chunky guy squeezed a step forward,Pointing at Wang Youcai and said。
Wang Youcai swept the corner of his eye,The beer bottle in his hand suddenly rises,Just listen to the snap,The beer bottle turned into pieces。I saw the blood on the forehead of the guy who just spoke,Looks scary。
Wang Youcai’s move,Made these people dumbfounded。They are rampant in Baishui Town,Bluffing。Bloody incidents like this rarely happen,So Wang Youcai really scared them a bit。
Just when these people were in a daze,Suddenly, Wang Youcai took out several hundred dollars from his pocket and patted it on the table.:“Take it and bandage it。Don’t be too crazy in the future,I can’t take care of you,And the police”
Wang Youcai finished,Pulled up the scared Yao Chunni and walked away。The fried noodles seem to be out of order,It would be great if you can retreat。Wang Youcai is walking,While listening,Lest these people catch up。
This is the so-called paper tiger,Dragon tattooed on the arm,Talking big words,But once you meet someone more fierce than them,They can only admit it。
“Wei Ge!Forget it?”Who was beaten by Wang Youcai and asked Li Wei unwillingly。
Li Wei said with a sigh:“We can’t afford this guy,He seems to have come from the city,You see how fierce he shot,And the way you deal with it,This is a mess in the city”
Li Wei said so,The other two can only follow the guy who was beaten to persuade,In the end, he obediently went to the town hospital to dress up。
There is a saying called Yuanjia Luzhai,Actually, this is not true for Wang Youcai。Because the whole town has one health center,So those who were beaten by him just now had to go to the hospital to bandage,Other small drug stores can’t handle such wounds。
Wang Youcai just came out of the toilet in the hospital,I ran into Li Wei head on,He couldn’t help being surprised,I thought this guy was here to hit him。Unexpectedly, Li Wei was also startled,Then said with a smile:“Brother, leave a name!Just drank more wine,Make a fool of yourself”
“Who did you mix with?”Wang Youcai took a deep breath,Then avoid Li Wei’s topic,Asked him such a sentence。
Li Weiyi listen,He hurriedly moved to Wang Youcai’s side and said quietly:“I used to mix with Brother Wu in the city,unfortunately…”
“You mean Wu Wu?”Wang Youcai asked silently。

This holy magician faintly emits a light green light,Disappeared in the tavern,Left a few gold coins。And everyone in the tavern was unaware of it。

“how about it,William!”This is the third time the Cromwell Saint Magister has asked,There was a trace of anger on his face,Obviously squeezing an ant-like ghost to death cannot release his anger!
At the moment in the imperial palace,Wright is lying on a big bed,The William Saint Magister who practices life magic wipes his sweat,Treating Wright。
Life magic is the unique inheritance magic of the Magnolia Empire Life Temple,Lack of strong aggression,But has the most powerful healing power。Light magic can only heal physical injuries and diseases,And life magic can heal even the soul。
“Nothing serious。”Wright checked carefully,And released several corresponding life magic。“After the soul is injured, the mental power may decrease slightly,But the consequences will not be too serious,After all, it is the spiritual power of a seventh-level magician。”
“But may be in a coma for a while,The soul attack he received was accompanied by some undead power,Although I have been cured with life magic,But it still hurts。Ok,He should not be in a coma for more than a month。”
“Then thank you William Saint Magister。”Cromwell was quite polite to William,Not just for the other person’s background,Because he treated his disciples。
“what I should do,Master Cromwell,I’ll go first!”William Saint Magister did not dare to entrust him,After all, the opponent’s strength is far beyond his own。Neither of them talked about payment,After all, the favor of Cromwell Saint Magic is already extremely expensive。
Now that I know my disciple won’t be in serious trouble,The Cromwell Saint Magister also breathed a sigh of relief。
As for the mental power is slightly damaged?Mediocre magicians only look at mental power,And my disciple has touched the law,The Law of Perception has a much faster increase in mental power than meditation,No matter how bad it is, it will be a ten-year postponement of becoming the Holy Magic Guild.!
Talk about my disciple,Maybe you will become a sanctuary fighter first。
Since my disciple is fine,Then you need someone to settle the account!
Ten minutes ago,In a low-key side hall of the Imperial Palace,The first emperor who was respected and worshipped by countless people of the empire,Juggernaut Bill·Sistanda has a melancholy face。Thought for a while,Recruit his most gifted descendants,It is also the second sanctuary powerhouse of the royal family Sistanda,Gave a few words,I disappeared into the palace like a breeze。
ten minutes later,The Cromwell Saint Magister appeared in this side temple,The power of the soul swept past,With three-point anger on his face。
“Charlie Boy,Get me out!”Soon,Charlie, the second sanctuary warrior of the Sistenda family·Sistendar appeared in front of the Cromwell Saint Magister,Cheeky。
“Charlie Boy,I ask you,Where did your ancestor go?。”
“Master Cromwell,The clan ancestor just went out to visit friends!”

Wang Lin sighed and said:“I heard that Beiwei has started legal proceedings,But we have not received any summons from the court。Which small construction company,Annoying every day,Noisy because of liquidation“

“You listen,Let Wang Xin have a one size fits all,Should not pass,Deduct as much as you need。And tell these people,Refund time is only one day,Expired。If they want to sue,Let them sue。Blacklist these people,From now on, no one step into the venture group,Let Dragon Ball take care of this“Xia Jian thought,While making arrangements for Wang Lin。
Wang Lin seems to be writing with a pen,After a while, I asked again:“Is there anything else that needs to be arranged??“
“Oh!The establishment of a mining team,You have to arrange Guo Meili to do it,And let her speed up the relevant procedures,If she can’t take it down,Let her find Ouyang Hong。If there is a problem with the group’s funds,You may find Zhao Hong,Let her lend you three to five million”Xia Jian said,Took a breath。
Wang Lin:“Ok”With a,Then asked:“If Zhao Hong asks about you,What should i say?Borrow so much money from her,She will definitely call you”
“You said I went to study abroad,I’ll be back in more than half a month”Xia Jian finished,Don’t wait for Wang Lin to speak,So I hung up the phone here。
Long Lu took out the money,Two people walked out of the post office one after another。Xia Jian is still a bit unwilling,He wants to find Zhou Li,He just wanted to ask,Why she did this?
Long Lu glanced at Xia Jian who was a little unhappy,Smiled slightly:“Look at your listless look,Let’s not stop shopping,Still go back”
Xia Jian did not speak,Just nodded。They went back to the small restaurant,Long Halo puts her salute on her back,The two went to the shuttle stop。Said to stand,Actually nothing。But a group of people have been around,Xia Jian took a look,I can’t help but get hairy,One shuttle bus can hold so many people?
Coincidentally at this time,A Santana parked beside these people,A man in his thirties stuck his head out of the car window and shouted:“Go to the market,Can bring two people,One hundred and five per person,Who goes?”
This person shouted loudly,But no one speaks。Xia Jianyi listen,Took a handful of Long Lu and said:“Let’s go!The shuttle bus is too crowded”
“Too expensive!The monitor fee is only a few dozen yuan”Long Lu said with a smile。
Xia Jian said with a smile:“Nothing”Long Lu still wants to talk,So Xia Jian ran towards this Santana。
The driver of the car saw someone coming,Got out of the car happily,Opened the trunk for them。The salute of installing Longlu,Xia Jianbian and Long Lu sat there。The co-pilot sat a woman,Feel like the driver’s wife。
“Two give me the money,We will leave soon”The male driver said with a smile。
Long Lu paid for it,While saying:“Hurry up!We can save you money。I went to the family building of the city hospital,Must be delivered to the place”Long Lu said,So he handed over three hundred yuan。

One afternoon,Xia Jian is busy with work。He could arrange for someone to do it,But when I thought I was about to leave,So Suoxin is done by himself。

Efforts were not wasted,Before get off work,All the work at hand is completed。He called Guan Yue in,Made a simple explanation。Guan Yue has always been sullen,Did not say a word during the whole process。
“I invite you to dinner tonight,How about fulfilling my promise to you?”Xia Jian said very politely。
Guan Yue shook her head and said:“This is no longer necessary,You go,Maybe we will never see each other again in this life,So save this meal!Avoid other troubles”
Guan Yue finished,Turned and left。It was six thirty in a blink of an eye,Xia Jian didn’t dare to leave early,Or wait until there are almost no people in the whole building,He just went downstairs。
Tie Li is standing in the lobby on the first floor,Looks like he’s waiting。Xia Jian greeted him,said laughingly:“Did you invite me to dinner again??”
“Yes!But how about we change the time tonight?Let’s get a needle first,Then eat,Eat at home,how is it”Tie Li asked with a smile。
Seeing Tie Li in a good mood,Xia Jian said hurriedly:“OK!This plan is good,We can purchase delicious things in advance,After finishing the needle,Just heat it up”
“Ok!The hero sees the same,Let’s go!”Tie Li said,And walked out of the hall first。Several security guards on duty,Seeing Xia Jian and Tie Li being close,I really envy them。
In this world,As long as there is money,General problems can be solved。Tie Li ordered a meal in a restaurant,I promised to wait for Tie Li’s call,Whenever。Of course you have to have money to do it。
Under soft light,Tie Li took off her coat in front of Xia Jian,Revealing her white skin。
First0897chapter Can’t avoid
Xia Jian’s fingers lightly tapped on Tie Li’s snow-white back like playing a piano。Tie Li crawling on the bed is crying and laughing*With,She really enjoyed it。

Fang Yu was surprised。

“You are the one who wants to buy my grandpa’s old mountain ginseng?”
Sasha was also shocked。
What a coincidence!
“Yep!30,000 yuan,Negotiated……If you want to add,I can also accept!”Fang Yu said。
Sasha nodded quickly。
Fang Yu,Already helped her enough。
“I give out fifty thousand!”
When Fang Yu was about to transfer。
An unceremonious voice came out from behind!
First39chapter You can be responsible?
“why you!”
See someone,Salsa frowned。
This person is not someone else,It’s a local tyrant who pestered Sasha before。
but,They are many years younger。
“I just said why you are not interested in me……I found my boyfriend!You guys look,It’s a good match!All the same soil!”
Xu Zhao laughed。

and so,Fang Yu has to buy some precious medicinal materials to make up!

Fang Yu’s body,Still a little weak。
“what?Buy a house……Our business is really good recently。But our pharmacy is basically small profits but quick turnover……Some money at home,It’s okay to make up a down payment!”
Fang Deyun murmured。
Son wants to buy a house,Of course he has to support。
It’s rare for my son to understand this truth!
“……Dad,Let’s fix this store first!”
Fang Yu finished,Help clean up the surroundings。
Close the pharmacy!
arrive home。
Fang Yu took out the check。
“One……Ten million?son,You did something bad?This money,Where did you come from?”Fang Deyun holding a check,Hands shaking slightly。
This is 10 million。
Their lives are fairly well-off。
So much money at once。
How to spend it?
He patted his face on his own。
This must be a dream!
“From President Jiang!”Fang Yu said。


This kind of discussion is all over the entire Puang First School of Magic,Most of the students talked about it。
Things to know before Wright,The most powerful genius at the First Magic Academy in Puang is called Jessica,Is a senior in the sixth grade,At the age of twenty-eight last year, he entered the level of a seventh-level magician,But I didn’t rush to apply for graduation。But according to the time of practice,It took this elder sister to step into the seventh-level magician twice or three times as long as Wright。
And the same age as Wright,The most genius is Palmer,Level 5 Magician,On age a few months younger than Wright,Carl is next to him、Niss、And Arden and other fourth-level magicians later。
“Big sister head,All right!”A girl with short hair blowing bubbles looked at Jessica with some worry,She knows how proud Senior Sister Jessica is,And has always been recognized as the first genius of Puang No. 1 Magic Academy,The result was surpassed by a much younger student,I won’t be hit。
“Hey!”The short-haired girl was hit on the head severely。
“Little girl,I look down on your senior sister too much!”Jessica, who looked like a girl with purple hair, rolled her eyes,“Am i so vulnerable?”
If a student’s grades are slightly better than others,Others may be jealous。But when a student’s grades reach the point where they look up,They only admire、Worshipped。Although Jessica is the first genius before Wright,But compared to Wright, which ranks second in the history of the entire Magnolia continent,I can’t afford much competition。
In a separate bedroom in the Coln Hotel,This suite has four bedrooms and two halls,Still big。And now Wright and his four brothers live here。
Since the news that Wright reached the seventh-level magician,The dormitory can’t be calm,Often a large number of people come to visit Wright,And Wright’s courtyard in Xiacheng was also exposed。Forcing Wright to run to the Coln Hotel。Waldorf Hotel has a deep background,No one else can come。
“Wright,If you don’t sing,Blockbuster。”Carl exclaimed。
Wright smiled lightly。
Actually this is Wright who also spent some time thinking,The teacher and Cecilia also told him about some big forces,Although the teacher is also on the side of the Puang Empire,But independent,There is no power under him!The Baruch family is also relatively low-key,‘Lord Baruch’I said that Wright is welcome,Wright rolled his eyes and refused。

“Should you think about your own lifelong events?Why are you always alone?Are there too many goals?,Dazzled?“Cai Li smiled and asked。

Xia Jian sighed and said:“I don’t know what happened to me?I just don’t want to get married anyway。But you,Are you thinking about going one step further?You are not too old,It’s not a problem to always be alone“
“Hi!Why did you talk about you again?。I’ll be like this in my life,Fortunately, my daughter has gradually become sensible,She now has her own ideas,Stop believing others’ instigation,Has begun to accept me gradually,This is the result I want in my life,Nothing else matters“When Cai Li said this,,There was a happy smile on his face。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang。He took out a look,Qin Xiaomin called,Xia Jian hesitated a bit,Connected to the phone。
One call,Qin Xiaomin shouted loudly inside:“Xia Jian!You come to the provincial capital to pick me up,I want to work“Qin Xiaomin on the phone was crying。
“What’s wrong with you?Did you argue with your mother again??“Xia Jian asked tentatively。
Qin Xiaomin suddenly changed his tone on the phone and said:“You’re an unscrupulous guy,I just know how to take care of others’ feelings,Then you thought I didn’t?Why don’t you even call me once you leave?”
“Ha ha!So it was for this!Then don’t bother,I have a lot of things now,Too busy during the day,Dare not fight at night,I’m afraid it’s bad for your mother to hear”Xia Jian tried his best to find excuses,He just doesn’t want to call Qin Xiaomin,Otherwise, there is still some time to call。
Qin Xiaomin caught fire immediately,She murmured and asked on the phone:“what are you busy at?Report to me,Don’t you say something about the busy village?!”
“Xia Jian was reported,Said he took bribes”Secretary Wang suddenly moved his mouth,Said loudly to Xia Jian’s phone。Xia Jian surprised,Isn’t this old man drunk lying in bed sleeping?When did he come out,He doesn’t know at all。
Xia Jian wants to stop Secretary Wang from speaking,But it’s too late。Qin Xiaomin on the phone,Asked immediately:“What the hell is going on?Said you took bribes,The person who reported you got flooded, right?!”Qin Xiaomin cursed loudly on the phone。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,I don’t think it’s necessary to hide Qin Xiaomin,So I told Qin Xiaomin about the matter from beginning to end.。
Qin Xiaomin,Swear coldly:“A bunch of bastards”
First1421chapter Well ripe
Qin Xiaomin is a highly educated person,Want her to explode,It’s not easy。Xia Jian wanted to laugh when he heard it,But he still endured it。
“All right,This matter is over,You take care of your injury,Wait for your injury to heal,Hurry to work!”Xia Jian said with a smile on the phone。
Qin Xiaomin is no longer wayward,She heard it from the phone just now,Secretary Wang is beside Xia Jian,So she just chatted a few words,So I found an excuse to hang up。

Zhao Xiaoli also saw that Li Hui’s face is ugly。

“Forehead,Shouldn’t you?!”
Although the evening, Li speaks in his mouth.,But Zhao Xiaoli understands Zhao Xiaoling,Li Hui Feng and Han Shanshan have long since there are each other.。
Just did not poke that layer of paper。
“okay,You will chase it.,Good luck,If it’s not good,Tomorrow, my sister is giving you。”
Zhao Xiaoli said that it was also pushed Li with the wind.。
“go quickly,I am defected by Xiaoling.。”
Li Hui is some hesitation。
Zhao Xiaoling also followed:“Yes,After all, your relationship we all know,go quickly,We will not jealize。”
Although she didn’t eat vinegar on her mouth,But my heart has already been uncomfortable.。
Li Hui Feng is not intended to,Touch your head。
Han Shanshan is also angry.,The more you go。
She thought that Li Hui Feng will catch up.,As a result, she deliberately slowed down, but she still did not catch up.。
When I went to the village, I hated the electric wire next to the foot.。
moment,A drill heart pain makes her tears。
Then, the faded is falling.。
Pain on the feet plus the hurt by Li Hui,She suddenly wants to go back,Suddenly some want home。
“Big squad leader,What’s wrong with you?”
Li Hui Feng also saw Han Shanshan, squatting under the electric wire.。
When he walked into,Found that the other’s tears are falling down。
I don’t know what to say for a time.。
“Want to manage,You go back to greet your sister flower.!”
Han Shanshan said,That Willou wrinkled again。
This wrinkle made Li Anti-style also found that the finger cover of the other toe is actually torn.,There is blood on the top to seep it out.。
“How did you get??”
“Humph,No need to manage。”
Han Shanshan although the mouth said,However, the tears in the eyes are obvious, no longer the kind of falling.,Instead, slowly hit it.。
“I don’t care?
I will go back to you.,By the way, it will be packaged.,Soon, just fine。”
“Need not,You hurry back to take care of them.!Can you play a double carving?。”
“Big squad leader,You like this,Do you feel that I have a thought back??”
Say,Li Hui is directly, no matter what,Put the other party。
Han Shanshan did not expect that Li Hui Feng will so overbearing。
Her energy hugs each other’s neck。
“Hug,I have to hurry to treat you.。”
Original Han Shanshan also wants to have a hard。
But Li Hui is directly running.。
Running towards the mountain。
But hugging her hands and embrace is always steady。

If so,It seems that their escape tomorrow will be horrible,Maybe people have already put up big pockets,Waiting for them to drill in。

Thought of here,Xia Jian can’t sit still,He stood up and walked to the window。Suddenly,A few drops of rain dripped onto the glass window,Xia Jianyixi,I couldn’t help but glance at my watch,It’s already ten thirty。If this heavy rain starts at midnight,They don’t have to act tomorrow,Tonight。
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help getting excited。There was a knock on the door,Xia Jian walked over and opened,Zhao Chunling led Li Fengzhu in。
“Brother-in-law!Can I come over to chat with you?”Li Fengzhu said,Looked behind。And stepped in,Shut the door by the way。
Zhao Chunling suddenly lowered her voice and said:“Everyone is a little excited tonight,Already started”
“What to prepare,Bring your ID card and money,Nothing else,Can’t bring one more piece of clothing,So as not to attract others’ attention”Xia Jian deliberately stood by the bed and said,He just wants Xu Liang next door to hear them。
Li Fengzhu nodded and said:“This is how I arranged for them”
Xia Jian nodded,Did not speak,But picked up a small book,Write on it:“Someone next door is eavesdropping on us,So our plan needs to be changed,If it rains heavily in the middle of the night,Let’s act tonight,Tomorrow will definitely not work,People may know this”
Li Fengzhu took a look at the little book in Xia Jian’s hand,Face suddenly changed,But she dare not speak。Zhao Chunling saw the expressions of these two people,She snatched the little book in Li Fengzhu’s hand,I was dumbfounded after reading it。
“I think that’s it!Let everyone go to bed early,Nurture the spirit,I’ll take a break during class tomorrow,We all go to the toilet,Then stay in the toilet and don’t come out,Wait for others to leave,All out from the small door”Xia Jian was talking,Over the notebook,Wrote two sentences on it。
“Mute your phone to Li Fengzhu,Let’s contact by SMS at night,must be careful。Liu Xiaocheng may already know that we are going to run away tomorrow。And Zhao Gang is going to a meeting,May also be a trap,So everyone can’t take it lightly”Xia Jian gave it to Zhao Chunling when he finished writing。
Zhao Chunling gave it to Li Fengzhu after reading it,The two women nodded towards Xia Jian。Li Fengzhu knows,She took a breath and said:“Brother-in-law!I’m a little scared,Or let’s stop running tomorrow,Let’s wait for the next chance!”
“nonsense!Tomorrow is the best opportunity,Zhao Gang is not here,And we all broke the door lock,When will you wait if you don’t run at this time”Xia Jian is still standing by the bed,Said in a not very loud voice。
Li Fengzhu glanced at Xia Jian,Suddenly raised his voice and said:“Brother-in-law!I won’t bother you two,lets talk tomorrow!Li Fengmei finished,Turn around and leave。
Xia Jian suddenly stopped her,Wrote in the notebook:“Don’t tell them we will run away tonight,In case the partition wall has ears。After receiving my text message,Tell them again,Let everyone wear more clothes。Use a note for notification,Never talk“
“Brother-in-law!“Li Fengzhu nodded,Then he opened the door and walked out。
Zhao Chunling shook her head helplessly,She rushed to Xia Jian:“We also rest early,Cultivate enough spirit to run away”She finished,I walked over and turned off the lights in the house。
Xia Jian lying in bed,Listening to the movement next door,But can’t hear anything。He got out of bed,Got under the bed again,Which small hole did I touch with my hand,Put your ears on。
Such a post,He couldn’t help being surprised。He heard the sound of walking in the next room,Don’t feel like living alone,At least there are two or three people。If so,How did Xu Liang come to his room??and also,Why is it so convenient for him to pass the note,Could it be that the others have been away?
The more I think about it, the more suspicious it becomes,No wonder this person can hear everything they say,The problem lies in this little hole。Xia Jian is trying to remove his ears,When you are going to plug this hole with a paper ball,He suddenly heard Liu Xiaocheng’s voice。