Is it possible to get back all the principal?Many money-end investors: dare not declare if the purchase price is uncertain

Is it possible to get back all the principal?Many money-end investors: dare not declare if the purchase price is uncertain
On April 27, a number of money-end investors said to the sauna and Yeenet that Zheshang Assets had set up the SPV Hangzhou Hangshen and used Hangzhou Hangshen as the main body of acquisition.Internal package of rights for tender offer.Officials, investors were informed that the purchase price was about 20% off the principal, and the declaration time ended at 24:00 on April 24, 2020.However, many investors said that because the specific purchase price is uncertain, they “dare not declare, and fear of being a pit.”  According to reports by the Sina Financial Research Institute, some initially announced Qiandu investors have received an agreement with a clear transfer price.If the investor agrees to the transfer price and confirms it, the contract will become effective.According to the terms of the contract, Hangzhou Hangshen shall pay the transfer price in one lump sum to the investor’s designated collection account within ten working days from the implementation of the agreement.The consideration offered by Hangzhou Hangshen is replaced by the undeclared principal declared by the investor, that is, the acquisition consideration is 100% of the principal.Reporter Zhang Shuxin editor Sun Yong proofreading Liu Baoqing

There are too many behind-the-scenes stories about Jordan ‘s first retirement after 528 days of separation

There are too many behind-the-scenes stories about Jordan ‘s first retirement after 528 days of separation
Jordan said that his father was like his friend.Figure / Visual China In the history of the NBA, no player has a career as magnificent as Jordan, and no one can compare to the ups and downs of Jordan ‘s three retirements.About the desirelessness when he retired for the second time in early 1999 and the final farewell when he retired for the third time in 2003, Jordan’s first retirement in 1993 was the biggest news of the year.There have been too many behind-the-scenes stories, and no one knows the details.On May 11th, Beijing time, in the latest episode of Jordan’s “Last Dance”, it is not just Jordan himself, Bull boss Reinsdorf, Phil Jackson, Jordan’s mother, brother, agent, privateAssistants and other relatives and friends also appeared one after another, recalling many important events before and after Jordan’s retirement, and for the first time fully revealed the reason for the “earthquake-level” retirement, Jordan’s retirement life and psychological changes to return to the arena.He decided to leave his father and was shot accidentally, accelerating Jordan’s first retirement. On June 20, 1993, Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to defeat the Phoenix Suns 4-2 to achieve an amazing three consecutive championships.Jordan recalled in the documentary that he and his father were sitting in the gym chatting at the time, “In my mind, I knew that it might be my last game. No one except the father could really understand my feelings.”Originally, Jordan said that the idea of” retiring “came into mind early, and his father’s unexpected death more than a month later indirectly accelerated his retirement plan.On July 23, 1993, James Jordan originally planned to participate in the charity event held by his son, but neither Jordan ‘s assistant, his mother, nor himself could always contact James Jordan. “Sometimes my father will drive to Wilmington to seeOld friend, by the way, I stayed for a few days and then drove back. When my mother could not contact him, we also started to worry.”In the following three weeks, James Jordan ‘s car was first found in a forest in North Carolina. The car was looted. Until August 13, 1993, the police found James Jordan ‘s in a stream.Corpse.After investigation, James Jordan parked the car on the side of the road while crossing at night. He was woken up by an 18-year-old man while dozing and there was a shot in the top.After attending his father ‘s memorial service, and encouraged by his mother, Jordan tried to walk out of the shadow of his father ‘s death. “He always inspires and challenges me. This is my father, just like a friend.”My father kept telling me to accept the negative side of things and turn it into a positive motivation.”However, Jordan found that without his father, he no longer has the motivation to play basketball.So, he found the Bulls boss and head coach Phil Jackson, “I gradually took responsibility for the Chicago Bulls and teammates. I almost retired. I have no desire and motivation to challenge. I don’t want to play again.”” Jordan subsequently put his retirement plan on the agenda. On October 5, 1993, in a MLB game against the Toronto Blue Jays in the Chicago White Sox, Jordan kicked off the game, and the news of his upcoming retirement soon spread.The next day, accompanied by the team owner, general manager, head coach and then NBA President David Stern, Jordan personally announced his retirement at the press conference.”I am a very optimistic person. I can inherit the most optimistic view, that is, my deceased father saw my last basketball game, which means a lot.The term retired means that from today on, I can do whatever I want, so if I want to come back to play, I can come back.I won’t close the basketball door.”Jordan said.When Jordan retired for the first time, it was at the peak of his career.Figure / Visual China’s retired life denies the absurd conspiracy theory, and it is logical that Dream Baseball, as the first person in the league to lead the team to three consecutive championships, why did Jordan choose to leave?In addition to being influenced by the death of his father, the outside world has been trying to find a reasonable explanation, so conspiracy theories have been produced from all angles.As early as the death of Jordan ‘s father, there was media speculation that James Jordan ‘s death was related to some of Jordan ‘s own behavior, such as the scoring controversy, Jordan was angry, “How can they deliberately spread salt on my wound.”After standby Jordan announced his retirement, similar conspiracy theories emerged in an endless stream, and some media even claimed that the then NBA president David Stern secretly suspended Jordan.”It is rumored that I sent Jordan away because he was sent to sex.Absurd, there is no basis at all.I can shoot the table and say that this is defamation and a lie that defames me.Because everything is fake.In the documentary, the deceased Stern clearly denied this, and Jordan himself also pointed out, “The reason why I retired was not because the league kicked me out, or I was suspended for a year and a half.I need to take a break. My father just died, so I retired.”As for Jordan’s switch to professional baseball, it is essentially that he wants to do what he wants to do, to fulfill his childhood baseball dream, and to accompany his father’s will.Jordan revealed that before the death of his father, the two had an intimate personality, “I should do this with him, should I play baseball, I said I was considering retiring and want to play baseball.”He said, do it.”Jordan’s ideas are strongly supported by the Bulls boss Reinsdorf and he is also the holder of the MLB team’s Chicago White Sox.On February 7, 1994, after more than two months of baseball training, Jordan naturally joined the Baron Birmingham, a Chicago White Sox subordinate team, and once again became a rookie in the professional league.”Even if you are the greatest player in basketball history, it does not necessarily mean that you can succeed in the baseball field.”In the face of general doubts from the outside world, Jordan worked hard to build a baseball figure off the court. He also performed well in minor league games. On behalf of the Birmingham Baron’s first season, he had sent 13 hits in the opening game.50 home runs were hit with a hit rate of over 20%.Back on the road to issue a statement I’M BACK, to open the second three consecutive championships, has been rumored that the reason why Jordan returned to the NBA because of a baseball career frustration.The many details of the documentary “Last Dance” show that Jordan’s return also has a lot of hidden feelings. It is not as simple as the unsuccessful baseball career.The manager of the Baron Birmingham team said that Jordan’s strike rate is not even achieved by many excellent thugs.Bulls boss Reinsdorf also said that if Jordan continues to play baseball, there is a great chance of entering the major leagues.In early 1995, due to the lockout of the MLB league, the Chicago Bulls struggled very well during the season, which eventually led to the return of Jordan.At the beginning of 1995, the MLB strike crisis has not been lifted, and the league caused the wrong decision to try to start the new season with substitute players.During the national spring training camp, the MLB League hoped that Jordan would play on behalf of the major leagues. A few stated that they would not participate in the competition during the strike and immediately left the training camp.Since then, Jordan never appeared on the baseball field, but joined the internal training of the Chicago Bulls.As Jordan and the Bulls have trained more and more, the date of the return of Jordan, which is widespread outside, is approaching.On March 10, 1995, Pippen shouted in the broadcast of the game, publicly revealing the return of Jordan, and a week later, everyone got his wish.According to Jordan’s agent Falke, he wrote three or four press releases to Jordan to announce his comeback. Jordan was not satisfied and did not express Jordan’s true thoughts.In the end, Jordan himself wrote some replacement statements. On March 18, 1995, Jordan’s “I’M BACK” dominated all the headlines.From October 6, 1993 to March 18, 1995, from the official retirement to the announcement of his return, Jordan experienced a total of 528 days.On June 20, 1993, three consecutive championships were achieved, and on March 19, 1995, the Bulls were re-dressed to play. Everyone waited 637 days for Jordan.”I’m nervous because I haven’t participated in professional competitions for a long time.”No longer accompanied by his father, Jordan’s eyes were full of tears before the game. He replaced the number 23, which represented countless honors, with the number 45, which was the number when he played for the first time in high school.In the first game, the Bulls finally lost to the Pacers in Indiana. Jordan only made 7 of 28 shots and scored 19 points.Jordan, who returned to the NBA, is unfamiliar with everything, but his pursuit of honor and championship has not changed. In the next three years, Jordan once again led the team to achieve three consecutive championships, creating a bull dynasty.Attachment: Michael Jordan ‘s first retirement schedule. June 20, 1993. Jordan beat the Suns to achieve his first three consecutive championships. July 23, 1993. Jordan ‘s father, James Jordan, lost. August 13, 1993. James JordanConfirmed that on August 21, 1993, Jordan said that he would not consider continuing to play basketball. On October 5, 1993, Jordan kicked off the MLB game. Retirement news came out. On October 6, 1993, the Bulls announced a press conference and announced that Jordan will retire. 1994 2On July 7, Jordan joined the Chicago White Sox subordinate team Birmingham Baron. In March 1995, Jordan began to participate in the training of the Bulls. On March 10, 1995, Pippen shouted on TV and invited Jordan to return to March 18, 1995. Jordan issued a statement.Announced his return to the Pacers on March 19, 1995, Jordan staged his first comeback sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread Liu Jun

Aoshikang (002913): The turning point is now the rise of the second-line leader

Aoshikang (002913): The turning point is now the rise of the second-line leader

Recommended logic: Aoshikang established a rapid expansion of production capacity, with an output value of 2.2 billion in 2018, ranking 12th in domestic capital, with an annual production capacity of nearly 4 million square meters.

The company’s products become important suppliers in the fields of communications, automobiles, panels and other fields with large-scale characteristics. After the listing, the company’s production capacity accelerated, demand for 5G-driven 杭州桑拿 communication PCBs broke out, and the capacity of first-tier echelon manufacturers was short.

In 19, the company made changes in middle and senior cadres to promote internal cost reduction and efficiency improvements and product upgrades. In the third quarter, performance gradually turned to an inflection point, and profitability improved. At the same time, it introduced an incentive plan to motivate employees.

  Communication board supply and demand, order accumulation effect appeared.

Demand for base stations is accelerating under traffic-driven logic, and 5G construction will start in 2019. The capacity conversion of the three main communication board suppliers of Shennan Hudian Shengyi is close to the state, and the product structure continues to improve quarter-on-quarter.Profitability has improved significantly, and the demand for low- and medium-level communication boards has not significantly shifted. It has gradually shifted from first-tier echelons to second-tier enterprises, such as Jingwang, Sunda, and Aoskang. Industry chain analysis and feedback of second-tier PCB companies began gradually in the third quarter of 19Undertaking base station orders from Huawei ZTE, the driving effect of 5G has gradually begun to spread.

  The company’s product structure has been upgraded, and the output value of high-level boards has accelerated. Since the establishment of the company, it has been actively adjusting its product structure. By expanding and gradually making higher-level circuit boards, the company’s low-end single and double panels will accelerate its expansion in 2019, while high-level boards will maintain rapid growth.The output value of high-rise boards accounts for more than 80%.

High-rise slabs have increased from 670 yuan / square meter in 2015 to 730 yuan / square meter in 2018, and profitability has continued to improve.

  Significant results have been gradually achieved in management reform: the company’s restructuring of the company’s dual incentive plan for fair incentives and employee shareholdings after the company’s listing in 2018, the implementation of a professional manager system at the middle and senior levels in the first half of 19, breaking the deadlock in family business management, and gradually reducing the internal cost-effectiveness reform.Increasing investment in automation and intelligent production, the company’s gross profit margin improved significantly in the third quarter of 19 and is expected to remain high.

  The expansion of production capacity has progressed in an orderly manner, and financial stability has contributed to long-term development.

The company’s production capacity expansion is expected to be built along with investment strategies. The expansion is generally based on cash flow to reduce financial risks. Since the listing, the company’s leverage has continued to decline. It is expected that Yiyang No. 3 Plant is expected to reach full production by 2020, and the Zhaoqing project is expected to reach 2021.Put into production.

  Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

The EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 2 respectively.

1 yuan, 3.

39 yuan, 3.

91 yuan, the net profit attributable to mothers in the next three years will maintain a compound length of 34%.

The company has excellent management and strong growth certainty. It is estimated at 25 times in 2020 with a target price of 84.

8 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating.

  Risk reminders: the risk of rising raw material prices; the risk of poor downstream demand; the risk of less-than-expected capacity building; the risk of increased competition in the industry; the risk of less-than-expected development of large customers; the exchange rate risk.

IPO offline stock purchase inquiry report: Chengdu Gas (603053), Ruiming Technology (002970)

IPO offline stock purchase inquiry report: Chengdu Gas (603053), Ruiming Technology (002970)

Company profile The company was formerly known as Chengdu Gas Corporation and was one of the first companies to cast town gas supplies in large and medium cities in China.

A Chinese-foreign joint venture was established in March 2005 and was formed by four shareholders of Chengdu Urban Construction Investment Management Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Gas Co., Ltd., Hong Kong China Gas Co., Ltd. and Chengdu City Gas Co., Ltd.

After more than 40 years of development, its comprehensive strength has taken the lead in the domestic industry.

The company’s business covers natural gas engineering planning, design, construction and installation, natural gas transmission and distribution, application, management, gas intelligent system research and development, equipment manufacturing, gas special equipment, pressure vessels, measuring device testing, and natural gas market expansion.

Possessing a complete gas pipeline network system, advanced technology and 都市夜网 equipment and a well-trained workforce, has accumulated advanced urban gas management experience and a high level of technology, and has participated in the drafting of many urban gas management specifications.

The company’s revenue from 2016 to 2018 was 36.

1 billion, 38.

6.2 billion, 44.

29 trillion, net profit is 4 respectively.

3.8 billion, 4.

7 billion, 4.

27 trillion, the compound growth rate of operating income and net profit in the three years were 10.

76% and -1.


The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin in 2018 was 21.

15%, with a net interest rate of 10.



About SZ Ruiming Technology Company The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of comprehensive monitoring products and information systems for commercial vehicles.

The main products are general monitoring products for commercial vehicles, comprehensive monitoring information systems for commercial vehicles, and fixed video surveillance products.

The company is committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of comprehensive monitoring information systems and solutions for commercial vehicles.

The company is a state-level emerging enterprise, and is also the vice president unit of Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association. It is also a member unit of the Urban Passenger Transport Branch of China Road Transport Association.

The company’s revenue from 2016 to 2018 was 5.

8.8 billion, 8.

5.2 billion, 11.

8.3 billion, with a net profit of 0.

5.4 billion, 1.

1.6 billion, 1.

At 51 ppm, the compound growth rates of operating income and net profit over the three years were 41.

79% and 67.


The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin in 2018 was 42.

09%, net interest rate is 13.


Haier Zhijia (600690): Emperor Yicheng’s early expansion and expansion

Haier Zhijia (600690): Emperor Yicheng’s early expansion and expansion

Casa Di’s unique strength leads the high-end home appliance industry.

After 2015, Haier’s Casa Di has accumulated a lot of money, and has become a foreign company to dominate the industry. The road of its brand is developed by industry factors, brand moats, and incremental margins.

What is the nature of the industry that has led to the rise of the high-end home appliance market in which it is located?

Home appliances have high consumption elasticity and become the cornerstone of high-end marketing.

The household appliances expenditure ratio of the highest / lowest income group reached 10 times, far exceeding the total consumption ratio.

The price increase of home appliances has lagged behind the increase in revenue, which has great potential for upside.

The proportion of high-income people and their spending power have both increased.

The growth rate of high-income audiences exceeded 10%, and the long-term target of potential middle-class audiences.

And the head income is five years CAGR8.

3%, the probability of high-end consumption increases.

The awakening of the new middle-class concept promotes high-end development.

The new middle class favors high prices and quality, with the first emphasis on the quality of high-end appliances.

In 18 years, new and middle-end high-end appliances are expected to reach 75-82%, with a thickness increase of 24-41pct, which will increase the retail share of high-end appliances1.


9 points, high-end market share of new products in ice washing.

3% / 42.

3%, continued marginal expansion.

What moat was forged on the road to emperor, and what kind of achievements have been made?

Product innovation is deep and comprehensive.

It not only has hard core breakthroughs represented by free-embedded, dual-cylinder partition washing machines, but also re-transformed and designed; and the entire category has a wide-area layout, a matrix of specifications, and complete configuration of details.

Brand upgrade, positioning high-end.

The brand + membership activities came together, and KOL strengthened “light luxury”, accumulating 12 million members to obtain the industry’s highest loyalty, the highest average price and a price increase of more than 18% to set a file, and finally gained high popularity.

Relying on Haier, the intensity of the channel is overwhelming.

The number of stores has broken through 8,000, the entrance is diversified, how fast and cost-effective the entire supply chain is, and the drainage effect is not comparable.

Full coverage of online e-commerce, overseas momentum has initially entered the developed regions.

The growth rate exploded, and the high-end proportion became the emperor.

17/18 growth rate of 41% / 44%, 1W + share 42.

7%, a total of 40 each for ice washing.

6% / 77%.

Haier-Casa Imperial exclusively owned the profit of the ice-washing market, with a leading dividend of scale.

According to previous studies, certain subsequent marginal increases will help Casati expand its territory.

Audience, technology, artistic advancement, high-end white TV 640 in 18 years.

700 million, can reach 100 billion in 21 years.

Ice washing is powerful, and the average price of the full price band is high.

After Siemens’s price decline, it will be difficult to have rivals in 3-5 years. The number of empty kitchens will increase by more than 40 billion, and the whole house and air-conditioning strategy will expand its coverage, breaking through the deep-cultivating marginal breakthrough.

Supply chain upgrades.

The release of ice-washed empty high-end production capacity; the “seven-star standard” service deepened after-sales services; proactive promotion under high channel gross margins; and the expected decline in expenses during the early period after the completion of the channel to promote profit optimization.

Investment strategy: Under the scale expansion of high-end appliances, ice washing took the lead, and the low-base growth of empty kitchen accelerated, judging that Casa Di’s 23-year revenue reached 225.400 million, net profit after tax 37.

400 million, can be Haier’s net interest rate from 5.

3% raised to 6.


It is estimated that Haier’s net profit attributable to mothers for the years 19-21 will be 92.



400 million yuan, EPS is 1.



8 yuan, corresponding to PE12.



3. Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The competition pattern is deteriorating, economic growth exceeds expectations, 重庆耍耍网 and the implementation of convertible bonds is lower than expected.

Tianxin Investment Consulting: Where are the short-term opportunities?

Focus on broken high tech stocks

Tianxin Investment Consulting: Where are the short-term opportunities?
Focus on broken high tech stocks

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Original title Tianxin Investment Consulting: Where are the short-term opportunities?

  Source Tianxin Investment Consulting today ‘s market comment: The market opened abnormally slightly higher on Thursday. After the opening, it briefly rose back to the green and then rose again, quickly rushed up, and regained the 3000-point integral mark.

In the afternoon, the market style changed abruptly, the stock indexes once again experienced a downward shock, and again fell below the 3,000-point overall mark. Individual stocks also stepped back.

On the whole, although the market finally closed on the red disk on Thursday, each stock index showed a trend of rising and falling; the trading volume continued to shrink, and the mood of prevention continued to rise.

Environmental protection, UHV, and software sectors led gains; semiconductors, tire pressure monitoring, and sputtering machines led the decline.

  Tomorrow’s market observation: On Wednesday’s market close, we expect that the market will continue to fluctuate and consolidate its layout trend on Thursday. At the same time, the structural opportunity to go long in the index market still exists, but it will exhibit the characteristics of accelerated rotation.

Judging from the performance of the market on Thursday, the market trend is indeed the same.

Looking at the pattern of gray market fluctuations throughout the day on Thursday, the temporary consolidation continues, so the market 深圳spa会所 will continue to oscillate on Friday, and the opportunities for individual stocks will continue to differentiate and shift!

  Short-term market analysis: In the short term, the market is still a trend of shock consolidation and digestion.

First, the spread of the epidemic globally will bring a solution to the weakness of the global economy and increase the risk of avoiding risks. Second, the recent surge in technology stocks cannot be digested in just two or three trading days. There are still some digestion processes.The third is that the northbound funds used as a leading indicator have been net alternating for five consecutive trading days. This is very rare and will shake the market’s decision to go long. The fourth is that the market may reduce related data released on the weekend or early next month.

Therefore, for the time being, there is a high probability that the market will still consolidate and run.

From the initial point of view, the later policies and policy reserves will come one after another. There is nothing to solve in the medium-term market. Keep optimistic. Pay attention to some stocks that have risen sharply.

  Prospects for investment in the future market: According to a comprehensive analysis, the state of market adjustment and operation has changed, and coupled with the extremely shrinking trading volume, the market is still consolidating in a short period of time.

In terms of operations, it is recommended that short-term high-tech stocks be broken, especially for products that do not have performance + support, or to lighten up; low-performance stocks and policy support technology stocks and cyclical stocks can be low-absorbing operations!

Women’s bags under the eyes come from psychology?

Women’s bags under the eyes come from psychology?

Usually, most people, especially women, have done that peasant woman at some point in their lives. When they are as helpless as the peasant woman, they put acne on their body, or paint with dark gloomA pair of dark circles may also drop a tired and serious eye bag to express rejection.

     These blemishes may last for a week, a summer, or throughout adolescence and menopause.

     There must be many people who do not believe this and would rather follow the explanation of “endocrine disorders” and apply the ointment and skin care products to their faces in vain.

The endocrine view is not good. Wouldn’t it be better if we could see the underlying cause further.

A girl blushed. We said that she was caused by a large amount of blood flowing into the facial capillaries, and she ignored the deep reason why the girl blushed.

     Lincoln once said, “People should be responsible for their appearance by the age of forty”, which means that innate physiological factors are increasingly replaced by acquired psychological factors.

This president is too vague in his words, not 40 years old, not later than 20 years old, people should be responsible for their looks.

     The woman’s “ugly” is a covert expression of dissatisfaction with reality. A 17-year-old girl has been injured by a rash for a long time. It is neurological after a doctor’s examination. After psychological examination, she found that the cause was her mother’s life.Overly concerned about dissatisfaction.

She hated her mother for treating her as a little girl, and the mother didn’t let her do anything else her peers could do.

She couldn’t wear her favorite clothes, couldn’t go to the streets alone, and couldn’t talk to the boys on the phone.

So she used her itch to ward off her mother’s “nausea” covetousness, which is a typical case of externalizing the inner feelings.

     Similarly, the girl suffering from ulcers should actually reflect on whether she is showing somebody’s face and expressing her anger that is lingering with that dark red of acne.

Fracture ulcers are mostly fractured in introverted people, because they rarely express their emotions through the mouth, so the largest organ in the human body, the skin, “comes forward,” and uses a chug to say trouble.

     Let’s take a look at the dark circles and bags under the eyes of anyone.

These are some more coquettish women who rely on their hearts. They may seldom coquettish, but they must be good at longer.

If the eye circles and bags under the eyes are not used to tell her boyfriend “to get rid of you”, it is to say to her husband “I’m tired, don’t bother.”

     The so-called “women are the ones who please themselves”, on the other hand, women are also “ugly” when they are unhappy.

     The psychological clues used to guide beauty and beauty issues with psychological guidance are often not straight, but are randomly curved like curlers, which is difficult to see through at a glance.

A female celebrity, quite proud of her self-care skin care, had a small spot on her face after accidentally receiving a beauty salon treatment, and she was scared for a while.

After analysis, it was found that the proud female stars were not as confident as they appeared.

She didn’t know if she should continue her life like this or change her lifestyle.

At the age of Shaohua, this is a common concern of many people.

     So she came to the beauty salon she had always taken for granted.

It is not difficult to imagine the uncomfortable heart of a proud female star when she is manipulated by female care, so she let the skin bulge a few packets to show her correctness, and get a comfort: I am right, I don’t have to change anything.

     Women who love beauty should know: your mind can make your eyes open or close, and it can make sweat pores like this; your mind can control raising your hands and feet, and you can also control the skin to be tight and loose.

     The key is what you put in your mind.

Send a sincere self-suggestion to the mirror every day: “You are so cute, I love you.

“It’s a good beauty.

Parents take care of their children’s sounds

Parents take care of their children’s sounds

Children’s vocal cords are weak and vulnerable to injury. Some children are lively and enthusiastic, hoping to use sound to attract the attention of others.

Some kind of scramble to answer the teacher’s question loudly in the classroom; shout out to the children in the game; others develop an indulgent personality, and when they are not satisfied, they often take the means of crying and yelling, practicalThese will have the consequences of hurting the vocal cords.

  Therefore, parents must be careful to protect the child’s child’s voice. Children’s high voices are timely, and the first 1/3 of the vocal cords are subject to the greatest vibration. If you often yell loudly, vocal nodules or polyps will form in this part, causing hoarseness.

In addition to shouting, children with chronic tonsillitis, hypertrophy, and chronic paranasal sinusitis, because the secretions adhere to the throat wall, children often involuntarily make “giggle” clearing voices, which will be affected over timeDamage the vocal cords.

Some hearing-impaired children develop a habit of speaking loudly, which can also damage the vocal cords.

Severe vocal cord injury in childhood may affect the development of the vocal cords, and it is not possible to recover until the child’s adolescent vocalization.

  It is very important for parents to know how to prevent children’s vocal cords from being injured, and remind their children not to yell.

The scale of the class should be raised, others should be involved, whether right or wrong, and express opinions after listening. Don’t shout and interrupt others.

This can protect the vocal cords and cultivate good manners.

Don’t let children talk for a long time.

Take a break after each speech and drink saliva.

Try to speak as little as possible in a noisy environment, so that the child does not need to yell straight to make the other person hear.

After talking for a long time, it is not suitable to eat cold drinks or boiled water immediately, and usually eat less spicy and stimulating food, especially in the child’s sound-changing period. This can avoid local stimulus of the vocal cord mucosal limbs.

When your child has a cold and cough, try to keep him from speaking as little as possible to reduce vocal cord congestion and edema caused by illness.

  Choose songs that are suitable for children to sing.

Don’t let children yell loudly, as this will not sing good songs, but will damage the vocal cords.

Actively treat ear, nose, throat, and throat diseases related to your child’s vocal cords.

If the child has a vocal nodule, the doctor does not recommend surgery and care should be taken.

Basically, when the child reaches puberty, the summary will gradually fade due to changes in the endocrine system.

Traditional Chinese medicine curettage effectively treats chloasma

Traditional Chinese medicine curettage effectively treats chloasma

The chloasma is distributed symmetrically in the palate, the fissures, the forehead, the nose, the periphery of the mouth, around the eye sockets, the boundary is obvious, the pressure does not fade, the surface is smooth, no scales, and no itching pain.

There are many factors that cause melasma, mainly including endocrine factors, physical factors, chemical factors, corrosive factors, and nutritional factors.

Long-term mental stress, chronic liver dysfunction, tuberculosis, cancer, and chronic alcoholism are called induced melasma.

  According to the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, chloasma can be divided into three types: liver qi stagnation, spleen and soil deficiency, and kidney water deficiency.

  Facial scraping cosmetic method is a combination of tradition and modernity, which has certain theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine. The basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine is the balance of yin and yang, and the anatomy of whole body scraping is to expel yin. This is tangible.Poison, this is invisible.

In modern medicine, the internal organs of the human body have holographic reflection areas on the face.

The meridians are intertwined. This connection is from the internal organs to the internal organs and the external organs to the extremities.

When scraping stimulation is performed on the face, the two-way regulation of the meridian acupoint reflection area is transmitted to the internal organs through the holographic element, and the internal and external activities are adjusted to regulate the physiological activities of various organs in order to maintain physical health and brighten the skin.

  Scraping treatment is performed with buffalo horn plate and safflower oil.

  Scraping sites: Liver depression type: Ganshu, Taichong, Xuehai, Zusanli; Spleen deficiency type: Weishu, Pishu, Zusanli, Blood sea; Kidney deficiency type: Shenyu, Zhaohai, Zusanli, Blood sea.

  Contraindications for scraping: 1. The abdomen, lumbosacral region of women, and nipples of women are forbidden to scrape.

  2. Leukemia, less platelet scraping.

  3. Heart failure occurs in patients with hypertension, renal failure, ascites in liver cirrhosis, and severe swelling in the whole body is forbidden.

  4, varicose veins of the lower limbs, the direction of the swab should be scraped from the bottom to the top, using a light method.

  5. It is not suitable to use this therapy for skin ulcers, injuries, and degradation in the area to be treated. It is not recommended to scrape when the serious illness is healed, serious illness, qi deficiency, blood loss, and full food.

The Psychological Significance of Boy-Girl Communication


The Psychological Significance of Boy-Girl Communication

First, the intellectual aspect.

There are differences in the types of intelligence between men and girls.

Boys and girls often learn from each other and influence each other, so that they can learn from each other’s strengths and complement each other, and improve their intellectual activity and learning efficiency.

  First, the emotional aspect.

The emotions in interpersonal communication are rich and delicate, and the emotional exchanges and feelings obtained in heterosexual communication are often not found in same-sex friends.

This is because the genders are different in terms of emotions. Girls’ emotions are more delicate and gentle, compassionate, and emotions are full of calming power.

In this way, the distress and frustration of the boys can be found comforting in the peaceful mood and sympathy of the girls; while the exposed emotions of the boys, broadened, warm and powerful, can eliminate the girls’ worries and doubts.

  Finally, the personality aspect.

Talking only within the same-sex range will tend to narrow our psychological development, which is far less than enriching our personality with multiple interactions with both the same and the opposite sex.

Multiple interpersonal interactions can infiltrate the different connected personality, complement each other, make the personality more open and cheerful, the emotional experience is richer, and the will is stronger.

A Bulgarian psychologist once said: The true power of men is the resilience of a little femininity.

  We’ve all had this kind of experience: activities with the opposite sex participate, we generally feel happier, activities more motivated, often play more vigorously and do better than activities with only the same sex.

This is the “heterosex effect” in psychology.

When people of the opposite sex participate in activities, the need for psychological proximity between the opposite sex is met, so they get a different level of pleasure from each other, which stimulates internal enthusiasm and creativity.

Although healthy sexual intercourse has many benefits for our growth, we must grasp the scale of sexual intercourse and prevent “over” and “underperforming”.

  But how do you interact with the opposite sex?

  First of all, we must correct our attitude, cultivate a healthy awareness of communication, and dilute our awareness of the other party’s gender.

Thinking well, naturally will be generous when communicating.

  Generally, extensive contacts should be made to avoid individual contacts. The degree of contact should be shallow and not deep.

Extensive contacts are conducive to our understanding, to learn more about the opposite sex, to have a basic overall grasp of the opposite sex, and to learn to identify the opposite sex.

Some people look like a charming little handsome guy, but they will find him flashy in their interactions, and some of them have the best academic achievements, but they are only arrogant.

If only a limited range of individual contacts are conducted, it is inevitable that “only trees will be seen, but forests will not be seen.” The understanding of the opposite sex is not only limited, but may be biased.

Therefore, it is very much needed for us to take advantage of every opportunity of collective activities to consciously engage in a wider interpersonal range.

  Thirdly, the communication relationship should be sparse and not far away. If they are away from each other, grasp the psychological distance between the two, causing contact that makes each other feel too close and causes upset.

If we find that the other party’s signs are wrong in our communication, we must adjust our attitude so that the communication returns to a state of calmness and calmness.

This is more conducive to our growth.