“Afterwards,Xie Fujun did not give up the loan shark business,But to intensify,Participated and organized a large-scale underground bank with the support of criminal forces,Later arrested for illegal fund-raising and suspected financial fraud。But due to insufficient evidence at the time,The amount involved is not high,Xie Fujun was sentenced to five years,Actually he came out in less than three years。

“But what is surprising is,Shortly after being released,This person became a director and deputy general manager of a startup investment company,And after two years,Which is ninety-nine years,Became the third natural person shareholder of Yinhai Company。”
Speaking of which,Su Yanjun took a few sips of water,He cleared his throat again and continued:“Let’s take a look at Xinchuangzhiguang Investment Property Co., Ltd.,It is a large-scale private joint-stock enterprise in our city,The legal representative is Liang Shiyou,Main real estate and venture capital。due to many reasons,The investigation of the company is still in the undisclosed stage。
“So far,The company’s operations have not found any obvious illegality,The only coincidence was half a year ago,Xie Fujun suddenly resigned from all positions in the company,The reason is that it is not suitable to be an executive in two companies at the same time。Since then, start-up companies have begun to substantially purchase shares of Phoenix Real Estate Group in the secondary market,Became its ninth largest shareholder。
“There are three doubts here,First, Xie Fujun has served as executives of Yinhai and Xinchuang for two and a half years.,The reason for leaving suddenly is far-fetched;two is,After his resignation,Startups began to acquire shares of Phoenix Real Estate,What is the inevitable causality in it?
“The third is the composition of newly created shareholders and the extremely complicated shareholding relationship related to it.。for example,The new major shareholder Fuhua International is owned by Phoenix Group、HKYihua Investment、SZTripartite joint venture established by the city for cultural media,And now Xinchuang is the ninth largest shareholder of Phoenix,What is sensitive is that Phoenix is preparing for the second listing,There are too many coincidences……”
Everyone is listening quietly,Gradually different expressions,Obviously different understandings of the survey results。Liu Ming continued on a cigarette and interjected:“There is a problem that is easy to ignore,Just imagine,If there is no Xie Fujun,Yinhai and the company mentioned earlier、It doesn’t matter to shareholders,Seems to be very clean。
“But Yinhai’s illegal behavior is not a month or two,But as long as two years,This period happened to be the time when Xie Fujun served as both executives at the same time,Even if Xie Fujun himself has a split personality,Is it true that the new creation has nothing to do with it??This is very abnormal。
“And two years ago,Yinhai’s sudden large-scale capital increase,And change the business scope,This is inseparable from Xie Fujun,and so,Finding this person is the key and breakthrough point。
“I recommend,The next step:One is to arrest Xie Fujun,The second is to investigate the two murders,Not let go of any suspicious factors,For example, the guards on duty at the time of the incident, etc.;The economic investigation aspect strengthens the investigation of the fund exchange of start-up companies,of course,Pay attention to the way……”
It’s a sunny day,April in the South,Too hot。Worked all morning,Li Tianchou is already sweating,He grew up in the western mountains,Very unsuitable for the hot and humid coastal weather,My hometown is still early spring,Cold wind。
It’s finally lunch time,Can rest,Disperse sweat。What surprised Li Tianchou was,After the lunch,Everyone actually has a cold drink to cool off the heat,This made him involuntarily admire the meticulousness and thoughtfulness of Miss Song。
Luo Jun’s car wash shop is almost ready,It is expected to officially open in one week,Obviously he can no longer hide from the car dealer,Although Uncle Geng never showed up,But tell Xiao Song the same。
Come back after talking,Luo Jun looked relieved,“Ha ha,I have to work hard day and night。”Although it sounds helpless,But his tone of voice all reveals his vision of the future。Li Tianchou is very happy to congratulate him。
Luo Jun smiled,“Hey,It’s a mule or a horse, I’m going out for a walk,I’m just a little sorry Uncle Geng。”Li Tianchou understands Luo Jun’s free and easy and decisive,But his feelings for the car dealer and Uncle Geng still touched Li Tianchou。
“brothers,Come see me when you have time,Good job in the future,If you are interested in,Welcome to buy shares anytime。”Luo Jun splits his mouth,Smile very happy。This is a really good friend,Li Tianchou naturally did not refuse。
More sultry in the afternoon,Move slightly,I feel like sweating like rain。

“What is the imperial empire??”Burke pouted,“My name is Burke,From the Far East Prairie。”

“My name is wright,Northlanders,It’s barely from the Puang Empire, right?。”Wright also said with a smile。
Roommates living together,I will get along for a long time in the future。A top-level magic academy like Puang No.1 Magic Academy,But all have sixth grade,Only to be a Level 6 Magician can you graduate。Even if the students are all geniuses,I’m afraid to become a level six magician,At least 20 years,The future relationship is also very close。
Maui looks very familiar:“My name is maui,My home is at Qingquan Fort in the South Island Province。Haha,It took me almost a year to rush over from home,I learned magic on the way,Now they are all first-class magicians,Haha”
“We all heard it outside。”Burke pouted,“I was on the road for almost a year,By the way, buddy Karl,where are you from?”
The boy named Carl is of medium build,Looks average,But yet another very special temperament、Wright’s mind suddenly appeared“Warm as jade,Gentleman”These few words,But I don’t know the meaning of these words,Carl smiled,Replied:“My name is carl·mark,Are you a native of the Imperial Capital?。We will all be brothers in a dormitory from now on,I will live together for decades,Shall we go out for a meal today?I treat。”
“Yeah,Burke’s eyes widened,Walk around!”
“Greedy。”Maui rolled his eyes,Then said:“Wait,I heard that the college arranged staff and servants for us,Wait for them to come and arrange things before leaving。”
The four waited a while,Pu’ang First Magic Academy arranged for staff to arrive,This staff is actually a student of the college,With four servants arranged by the college for freshmen。The staff arranges some things,Let a few servants stay17No. apartment building cleaning,Ask Wright to find him if they have something to do,Then bid farewell to the four。
Thereafter,Carl took his three roommates to a very quiet restaurant for dinner.。
“Carl,It seems that you are very familiar with the lady boss of this hotel。”Burke quipped,Carl was sending away the hotel boss just now,Wright has to admit,That’s a very beautiful big sister,Very hot body。
“Generally cooked。”Carl shakes his head,“Eat dinner,Haha,None of you are local,Come and taste the delicacies of the Imperial Capital”。
The dining table is probably the place that draws the most distance between people,Even the four teenagers in the dormitory drank juice instead of alcohol,But whether it is Wright,Or Carl,Although more mature than his peers,But there is still a child’s mind in my heart。Get acquainted in a while。Wright also learned about the four brothers in the dormitory。Maui is the youngest,this year8year old,Although I just said that I live in Qingquan Fort in the South Island Province,But soon everyone knew,He himself is the son of the lord family of Qingquan Fort,The South Island and Northland Provinces are a bit similar,Relatively independent,That’s why Maui said he“Barely from Puang Empire”。
Wright is the third oldest,just9year old,And Burke and Carl are both11year old,Berkeley a few months old,And Wright naturally became what they said‘Youngest’。
Where Burke is as he himself said,It’s the Great East Prairie,And he should be the son of a big tribe leader,As for Carl,Very serious,Everyone knows that they are from local nobles。
Of the four brothers,Carl should be the most peaceful and calm one,Maui is one of the most childish—Was originally the youngest,Burke……Probably the most reckless,Cough,Is the most simple and honest,As for Wright,It should be the most inconspicuous among the four。
Chatting,Everyone talked about the entrance test of the Magic Academy from their hometown。
Carl shook his head and said“I checked when I was enrolled just now,100 students enrolled this time,Mental strength、Elemental affinity is at least first class。I even discovered that among the students this year,Have a lot of mental power、Elemental affinity is super perverted character。”Carl’s message seems very well-informed。

Blue Xin’s three children,Is it yours??”

Lu Haokai asked,It is Qin Ning that did not tell him this matter.,He is also the one that is blounded。
“then,Tao Mengyi did give me the child.,But I am going to the bathroom.,We said。”
The sound is gradually leaving,Lin Ziwen ran a few steps forward,Looking at the man walking with Lu Haokai,Very fat,Nothing is not high,Rate,Blue Xin’s child is his。
If Blue Xin once and like this man,How can Lu Haozheng have been。
She has always wondered,Lu Hao Cheng Why do you want a broken??
Lin Ziwei’s eye is transformed into gloom and terrible,That one is fascinating,At this time, there are many。
This is really interesting,if,Blue Xin’s child,Really the fat,Lu Haocheng is only afraid that it will feel disgusting.。
Lin Zikai depressed one night,After hearing this message,All depressed instantly disappear。
Lu Haocheng arrived at the hospital,Just like Mu Wei Yan and Xu Feng also hurriedly felt in the hospital。
Just hitting Lu Hao Cheng。
Xu Feng urgently asked:“Ah Cheng,Sub-heng it?
Is the heavy injury??
The scene is not clear in the phone.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at them two old,road:“Mu Shu,Xu Wei,I just came over,The child will still be in the operating room,Let’s go outside the operating room waiting.。”
One listening to surgery,Xu Feng body is a soft,Almost sit on the ground 。
Lu Haoheng and Mu Wei Yan quickly held her。
Mu Weiyan is heartache looked at her:“Small phoenix,cheer up,Acta saw you like this,Will be more sad。”
Xu Feng face nodded with pale,She doesn’t understand,My son has just come out from the hospital.,How did you have something??
Lu Hao Cheng took them,Come to the operating outdoor。
Relling,Constis,Lan Xin and Le Yu are still sitting on the stool waiting for Mu Zi.。
Lu Siyi saw Lu Hao Cheng,Excitedly:“Lu Hao Cheng,What are you doing here??
Go to find evidence,Be sure to find evidence,In this way, A excsucks will not be injured.,The operation has been carried out for two hours.,Not yet out,Don’t use your tube here,You go to find evidence,Be sure to take the red woman who is not faceless.。”
Lu Haocheng watched,The first time I saw my sister so wolf.。
Seeing Rayling sitting around her,He nodded at him.。
I also saw a blue and happy,The two are very tired。
He went to his sister,“sister,Do not worry,The scenery is already being processed.。”
Lu Si,Look at him,“Evidence?”
Lu Haozheng shook his head:“All the monitoring facilities in the fifth floor were destroyed。”
Lu Si is roaring。
Xu Feng pace some illusions,Looking at Lu Si:“Think,You tell aunt,What happened??
Boiler,How is he now??”
Xu Feng said with a crying chamber。
Lu Si looked at her,Looking at her sad,The bottom of my heart hurts,“Xu Wei,Actu is underwater,Drag to the Room,When I rushed to the past,He just woke up,What know,Several bodyguards rushed in,result,The child is hurt.。”
How to say,Also let Xu Wei knows that Lu Siwei is a person?。
Lu Siyuan likes Mu Ziqi’s heart,Passerby know。
Xu Feng eyes have been full of coolness,That land,How could this be,How can I have the same year as her mother,She is looking at the Si Yen likes Ap.,But she doesn’t like her work style.。

How about kids easy to coax,A child’s face changes faster than a woman’s face changes than a book。

Watching Weibull eat happily,Leo just smiled calmly,Although he also admitted that he used Weibull’s mind,But as long as he doesn’t use Weibull as a tool。
He is willing to feed Weibull,I sincerely call Weibull, brother。
“Finally completed my two goals!”Looking at Weibull,Leo smiled relievedly。
Because his two goals for coming to Chambord are all completed at this moment,One is to get Moshang Yuege,Comprehend your own kendo。
two is,Address Weibull’s threat to Zefa,Let Zefa not be so desolate in his later years。
“You can return to the navy headquarters in three days,No worries now,I should join the navy too!”
He had always been a student before,The navy can’t say anything,But those high-level navy must have opinions,Not bad for a short time,Over time, those people are afraid that he doesn’t care about the navy.。
This won’t work,He has to rely on the navy to continue to grow stronger。
When Leo accompanied Weibull,The trangote on the side trot over。
“Leo boss,Listen to reports,There is a ship escorting slaves passing by our port。”
Leo looked at Trangot,Although he didn’t want to do slave business,But he can’t stop others from doing it。

When i returned,A few arrogant people are going crazy。

Arrogant mage:Aotian,Did you hear what this kid said??He told us to wait!he,He dare to say such things!
Aotian is the name of the proud knight in real life。
The arrogant knight panting:Humph!We are waiting here,See if he dares to come back!
They just went afterbossUp,But the speed can’t keep up,Also came back。
I just heard them cursing me when I came back,It seems that these guys are used to being domineering in the game.,Do not blame yourself,But blame others。
The proud swordsman sees me back,A twitching smile on his face:Humph,He really dare to come back!Said that the sword in his hand was sharpened on the nails。
I shouted:You guys come over!
These unruly guys laughed wildly,Walked over like a fool。
Arrogant chivalry:what did you just say?Tell us to wait?!
I:Yes,Because I am in a bad mood。
knight:So what?
I:You guys just rob monsters,If my strength is inadequate and you rob me, I will recognize it,Kill you at most。But you actually said you were going to kill me!I said your mother didn’t teach you how to behave?
The proud knight laughed:You really take yourself seriously,You can kill the dark night with one sword,That’s because he has no strength,But against us,You have to die!
Said the three of them showed the level,Proud Knight11level,Only lower than me1level。The proud swordsman and the proud mage are both10level。
These guys10Not to learn skills,But he took a group of younger brothers to guard outside the temple,What the hell?
But I don’t have time to spend with them,I said:The three of you!
The proud swordsman had a twitch on his face,Scolded:Really arrogant,it is good,I will teach you how to be a man!
After talking and moving,The long sword cut at me。

“what’s the plan?You talk。”

“I got a message,About seven buildings near Jingcheng Dongqu Road will be expropriated,An area of about 30,000 square meters will be vacated for overall tendering,I don’t care what you do,Get the land first,Show your sincerity。”Lu Yuxin said。
“Get land?What to do with land?”
“This is a transaction based on our distrust。In short,50 million margin,Then get that piece of land,I will start thinking of ways to communicate with him。I’m telling you how to trade next,When the final decision is made to sign the contract,That piece of land and the buildings built on the ground will be owned by my father。Then the transaction between us ended successfully。of course,A legal identity with a changed name,Must be prepared for me,Can provide me at any time if necessary!”
Lu Yuxin said with a cold face:“All right,Our stay is almost the same。Next, you can consider whether to agree to my request。Just give me an answer before you leave。”
528 My super brother
“As you can see,Our Xiaozhi has reached the world’s leading level in handling complex calculations,It’s not released because we will be working on deep learning in cognitive intelligence.、Natural language understanding、Emotion recognition、Computing resource integration、Super conventional input、Continue to optimize output and other directions。And we have also formulated a complete plan。”
“I believe in the near future,I personally estimate it will be within half a year,We will be able to show the world the most advanced quantum computer technology。that time,Our Xiaozhi will no longer only rely on the original input to calculate,There will be input that better fits the user’s daily habits、output method,At the same time, we also hope that it can have certain advanced intelligence and deep learning capabilities。”
“All right,Today’s visit has ended here perfectly,Thank you all for participating。”
Wait until the last batch of big scientists are sent away,Wang Yufei was also relieved。

Liao Wenji mouth,Sudden frown,I thought of the golden hoop left in Tang San Tibet。

Love and freedom,Another choice of questions in front of Zunbao,Free,To Zunbao will lose love,And choose love,To Zunbao will lose freedom and love at the same time。
Helphere to choose,It is said that it is put down the obsession.,It’s better to say that I forgot myself.。
“military adviser,Why don’t you talk?,Is it considering the time of afternoon tea??”
“You think too much,I am not familiar with those big characters.,Even if you know,I will not find them for you.,For me this kind of practice,It is a very headache thing that is owed.,If you don’t have it, you will lose your life.。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head:“But you don’t have to panic.,I can give you a bright road.,Go to the monkey,Although this monkey is not a monkey,But what happens, he also inherited the heritage left by the former,Among them, there is a daily passage.‘Qi Tian Dasheng’,Looking for the old monarch to ask for a nine turn, the soul Dan is not a difficult thing。”
Supreme treasure squeezed,When I thought, Sun Wukong didn’t have a good mouth.,I don’t know how.,A cold,Strong intuition tells him,Going to find a monkey, definitely not good fruit.。
and,Even if he smashed the bitter fruit,Monkeys will not do money,Entrepreneal, a sweat pill, perfunctory。
“military adviser,Is there any other way??”Supreme treasure asked。
“Indeed,But this method I don’t recommend you to use,Because……”
Liao Wenjie hooks to the respect:“After using it,You will become a monkey。”
“No way,So horror?!”
Liao Wenjie thought,Finally, I took out the golden hoop.,Lighter:“Helper,The portrait of Guanyin Trich is going to have seen it.,Zixia fairy also covered you chapter,You are just a borderless monkey only.。Put it on it,You are Qi Tian Dasheng,No matter whether it is still in the sky,You can always find a way to resurrect white girl。”
“military adviser,You want to lie to me。”
Supreme treasure eye angle,Along the way,But all the monkeys he have seen,Including him,There is a calculation,All in the abuse,Which one of this one is boundless。
“Big mistake,How do someone think,I can’t manage it.,I have always supported you to be a person.,Take out this golden hoop just don’t want to interfere with your life,After all, this is your choice.,I can’t intervene it.。”Liao Wenjie。
To Zunbao stopped,I don’t send the golden hoist.,A long time:“military adviser,Wear this golden hoop,I still me??”
“have no idea。”
“Then I still remember Jingjing and Zixia??”
Liao Wenjie first nodded,And then shook his head:“But ugly words in front,After dressing this golden hoop,You are no longer a mortal,People’s life can’t touch it again,If you are moving,This golden hoop will get it closer.,Pull your head into a gourd。”
“Just a gourd?”
“of course not,Put on,Although you can save the white girl,But from this four major air,Beautiful in your cloud,The beautiful dream of the left teacher is not done once.。”Liao Wenjie is really scared。
“Don’t give it a dream,I really don’t make a monkey.……”Supreme treasure smiles,Holding the hand of the golden hoist and tight,Tight and loose,I haven’t put down for a long time.。
“right,This golden hoop has problems,Actually don’t let near women。”
Liao Wenjie:“You a monkey,Don’t let near women can’t reproduce,If you can’t reproduce, you can’t grow a group.,Lingming stone monkey is a rare animal,Don’t help the monkey,Actually, you still let you quote,This golden hoop is not protected at a point。”
“makes sense……”
Supreme treasure is weak,After a moment,His brow is a pick,Puzzle:“military adviser,You are also fairy,You are not mortal,Why can you close??”

The cold breath made her feel very uncomfortable,After all, Lingxi’s Nirvana Skyfire is not very powerful yet。

“Give you ten minutes,I will wait for you there!”
Sun Mingyun came to the opposite side in a flash,Ling Xi frowned and stepped forward。
An icy blue light that reached the limit instantly hit Lingxi’s。
Ling Xi frowned and looked to both sides,There have been a lot of blue light around。
“explain,These blue rays are a kind of evil beast,Although the attack power is not strong,But it’s still uncomfortable to hit me!”
Hear Sun Mingyun’s explanation,Nirvana fire appeared on Lingxi,But it doesn’t do anything to this evil beast,Directly penetrate the flame and continue to attack Lingxi。
“how come!”
A look of surprise appeared in Ling Xi’s eyes,My own flame can’t help these evil beasts!
“Although your Chi Jin Yan has a strong offensive power,But these ice blue spirit butterflies are the standards of the sixth-level evil beasts.!”
Ling Xi looked at these lights in surprise,Unexpectedly, these tiny rays are actually sixth-level evil beasts!
“But don’t worry,Although these ice blue spirit butterflies are level six,But not good at attacking,It just hits the enemy,So don’t worry!”

Chapter 84 You Are Late

Yang Zhuo said so,Actually, I’ve taken this。
but,I do not know how it is,Yang Zhuo felt strange as he thought about it。
Even when Yang Zhuo saw it subconsciously,obviously,Look at Yang Zhuo,till this moment,Such a thing,It’s quite important。
And this time,For Yang Zhuo,He suddenly found,A bunch of people stood not far away。
these people,Yang Zhuo is no stranger,Because he has seen the leader。
Not someone else,It is Wang Teng。
“Wang Teng,why you?”
When Yang Zhuo saw this,Even more surprised,Subconsciously asked before my eyes。
I’m finished with Yang Zhuo’s remarks,at this time,In front of Yang Zhuo,Wang Teng is standing there,I smiled faintly in front of my eyes。
Such a thing,Wang Teng itself,It became clearer。
So this time,Wang Teng said directly:“Of course it’s me,Why can’t it be me?”
“But for you,I just want to say,You guys are late!”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,It’s as if he gave him a slap in front of him very simply and decisively.。
Even though I was prepared here before,But here,I didn’t even think of these。
It’s here,at this time,Wang Teng is looking at Yang Zhuo,Ask directly:“What are you doing?”
“Could it be that,Are you going to start doing it on me?”

“Come soon!I have a seat!”Zhang Song to Erren。

When Shunzi put a table of Anyuan’s breakfast on the table,All three feel very rich,It seems that one night’s physical exertion is quite heavy。
“Oh,Delicious,Better than the breakfast buffet in a five-star hotel!It’s worth the night!”Cao Anna praised。It turns out that a family eldest like her,It’s rare to eat what ordinary people eat in a cheap breakfast shop。
“Haha,You two think about what I just proposed?”Zhang Song said while eating。
“I,I have no opinion。Although I can’t do it,But I should be able to help with the management and data analysis of the corps!”Shunzi said。
“You?Miss Anna?”Zhang Song asked again。
“Are there any girls in the team??”Cao Anna asked。
“There are other teams,As for our e-sports agency,You will be the first!”Zhang Songdao。
“Do you think our current strength,Is there any hope for a team to get a place in the college league??”Essentially,Cao Anna, who is still a born businessman, asked。
“There is no hope at the moment,but……If you add that person……”Zhang Song only half said,But full of meaning。
Shunzi didn’t understand the conversation between the two at all,With tears,I love this breakfast money and eat breakfast madly。
Until their way back,Cao Anna got off the car and bought each of them a piece of black rice balls from the Fangpo cake dumpling shop,Shunzi regretted it instantly……
Prelude-newborn Chapter Twenty Go with the flow
Morning sun,Spilled through the window into a ward in the hospital of Jingnan University of Science and Technology,The one on the bed is thin and white、The lovely long-haired girl sat up on the pillow,She opened the boxed breakfast,A wisp of rice fragrant。
“Lu Yi,Come and eat tofu and black rice balls while it’s hot,It’s not tasty when it’s cold~”Bai Ling said。