certainly,No matter how flying in Yang Suqing,He is in front of Gao Biyi,That is to obey the words.,This is not just because Gao Baoyi is the most powerful person in Qi.,Substant highest rulers。

Also because Gao Bo Yi this person,Parent,And insight,It is uncomfortable people。
Yang Su is do not feel that he can stand higher than height than Gao Bo Yi.,Since I know Gao Baoyi,He knows that this man’s terrible。
“Leader,I thought so。We feel that it is difficult to attack the country this year.,I am afraid that Yu Yu and even Wei Xiaoxuan are also thinking.。
There is a saying that it is not intended to attract it.。The more people think that we can’t get soldiers.,We must be from troops.。”
This idea is normal,Gao Biyi faces disappointing expression。
The truth is of course this reason that Yang Su said.,But,Is it a fool??They will even have basic preparations.?
With its gambling and everyone without preparation,It’s better to prepare yourself this year.,Then next year,Even afterwards,After the preparation is complete,Multi-course army,Attack!
Thunderstandings sweep!
It seems to be aware of the disappointment of Gao Baoyi,Yang Su smiled and said:“Lord is an urgent,If you haven’t finished it?。”
He taught him.,Continue to say:“Leader,No one said that the army,Just siege。Nothing said that after the soldier,Be sure to fight against the enemy。
Virtuality,When Wei Xia width thinks we will attack the city,We don’t do anything.。Can even take this opportunity,Observe how the other army will support Yurong。
Then we will take it away.,It is only to take a big army to take a few steps.。
When we come next time,Wei Xia woever will not think,This time is a bluffing moment.?The soldiers of him,Will you think so??Sitting in Chang’an,Will not sleep nervous, don’t sleep??
Even in winter this year, we can come,Time to spring next year,We can also come.,More less impact on Zhou Guo。
The country is big,I still worry that people can’t find a wheat.?”
Yang Su is brought about。
After listening to this,Gao Baoyi eyes bright!
Yang Su’s idea is also very simple,Summary is:I will squat,I just don’t go in.!
Take the army near Yushu City,Even the big army。but,It is a surrounding!
Do you think I will attack the city?,but,I am too guilty.。
Wei Xiaoxuan may calmly,But Yu Yu does not necessarily。What will happen?,Worth looking forward to。
Next year,Can be made,Spring to pick flowers,Summer to mower,Autumn go camping,Winter to pile up blood,I just sway at your door.,From time to time。
But I just don’t shoot.!
So,When did I shoot??
hehe,Don’t tell you!
Gao Boyi can imagine,The nerve has always been very sensitive,I am afraid that I have to be killed by Qi Jun.!And when Zhou people have become accustomed to Qi Jun sway out outside Yubi City,Thunder,I don’t get it.!
This is exactly“Imaginary,Essential”,Taoist of secret law。certainly,Light against this,Perhaps it is still unable to attack Yushu City,but,At least weakenly weaken the resistance will and response speed。
This is worth playing.。
“You stay in Jinyang for a while,It’s quite a long time.,Shizhi three days。”
Gao Bao is pleased to shoot Yang Su’s shoulder,Did not say Yang Su’s hope,For example:Mobilize him back to Yucheng,Back to the gods。
At this moment,Today’s siege simulation and complete end,The weeks of the attacking are once again defeated。This is still analoged Yushu City,If you really fight,It must be dealt with。
Look,Still you have to use the same thing.!
Gao Bao is dark。
NS1285chapter It’s disadvantageous people from time to time.
Ten years ago,Gao Yang established Qi,It is also this year,He is chaotic because of Hou Jing,Liang Guo is not self-reliant,Take the land of two Huai,And promulgated ten years of tax-free policies。
It is this policy,Ensuring Qi State has been in this decade,Basic face of two Huai,Yes“stability”Instead of“Confused”。
However,When these ten years have passed,Time starting again,Someone uses“Two tax reform”“Species”Exudation,Incitement。
Although Wang Lin and him“Fixed sea”exist,But still affecting the spring farming。

Flying wolf wants to stop,But the subconscious tells him that this is indeed the only feasible way at the moment。

“That’s it,But you must come back alive,It doesn’t matter whether death can solve it,Just come back alive。”
Flying wolf patted Qin Hao hard on the shoulder,In the eyes of Flying Wolf,The life and death of a god of death is not as important as the life of any comrade in arms。
“understand,”Qin Hao once finished,One step left everyone’s sight。
Flying wolf saw Qin Hao leave,Hurriedly made a gesture to everyone,And searched for the stinger mercenary nearby。
The Stinger mercenary escorted the powder,Just find them,Is equivalent to finding that batch of powder。
Now what they can do for Qin Hao is make a noise,To attract death or sting mercenaries。
Attract death,Then it can give Qin Hao a chance to kill God。
Attract Stinger Mercenaries,Then they just need to resolve the battle as soon as possible,Then Qin Hao can take this opportunity to leave。
The investigators are still at the forefront to check the situation,Any changes will be reported immediately。
“Puff,”Flying wolf said quickly,“hidden,hidden……”
At this moment,The two closest to Thor were hit directly,There is a big hole on the forehead。
One hit kills again!
“Have a sniper,All hidden,”Thor quickly hid in the jungle。
“what should I do now?We have been targeted,”Huang Xiaoding squatted beside the flying wolf。
“What do you mean?Hide first,Pinpoint the location of the sniper,”Although Flying Wolf is a little flustered,But immediately calm down。
He is the one who directs the battle,Anyone can panic,But he can’t。


874 Empty handed bullet
An Nan、River City、old Town。
French-style small buildings are not high,Or two layers、Or three layers,It looks a bit like the flavor of Xia Guang Shisanxing。
This made Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng, two foreigners who came to An Nan, finally felt a bit of exotic flavor.。
After all, An Nan turned out to be a subsidiary of Xia for thousands of years,Xia font is also used,Only later the people from Fa country came,To force An Nan to use their words。
If it weren’t for the unique small buildings in the old town,Chen Tao and Ou Sheng just feel that An Nan is like a small southern town in Xia。
There are not many pedestrians in the old town,Occasionally, I met foreigners like Chen Xiu and O Sheng。
And most of the foreigners are summer people。
Because Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng met a few waves of people asking for directions, they all spoke very bad English,Last word,Everyone uses Chinese。
The old town is not big,Which is two or three streets。
Ou Sheng is taking pictures everywhere along the way,It seems to travel abroad without taking photos and checking in,Just like never been to this country。
Suddenly a dazzling light flashed in the distance,Very glaring。

He is a man,Walking among a group of big beauties,I really envy dead passers-by。When was Xia Jian,Also very proud。In fact, Xia Jian knew,He is also vain,It’s just that he loves it a little bit shallowly。

The northwest wind is blowing wildly,Make the pedestrians on the road quicken their pace。Xia Jian wanted to go to Cai Li Noodle House,But if you think about it, forget it!He drove for a day,Find a place to eat bowl noodles,He should rest early。
Once I have this idea,Xia Jian casually entered the noodle restaurant on the side of the road。This place in the west,The most noodle restaurant should be this noodle restaurant,You can find it on almost every street。
Adequate,But the taste is not as good as Cai Li’s。Don’t know why,Many people come here to eat noodles。Xia Jian ate at the same table with others,Otherwise he can only wait。
Such cold weather,He is not so stupid。Finished in a few mouthfuls,I went back to the staff apartment as soon as I paid。When he goes back,Two security guards are washing his car in rain boots。
The two security guards saw that Xia Jian was back,So I greeted him。Xia Jian found,They change shift,These two are the two he knows。
“If it’s too cold,Just wash it and it’s done”Xia Jian stopped,Said with a smile。
“It’s okay Mr. Xia!It’s done in a while。You should hurry back to the room!The wind is too strong tonight,Like a knife”Which of the older security guards said with a smile。
Xia Jianying asked:“Is it too cold at night??Do you want to add something to you?”Xia Jian said,Take a look at the guard room。
Suddenly a rush of heat came,Turns out there is heating in this room,I seem to be passionate。Not waiting for two security guards to speak,Xia Jian shrank and ran upstairs。
Xia Jian couldn’t wait to open the door,He got in,So he opened the quilt on the bed。Full,He feels that his task now is to sleep。
No way,It’s less than eight o’clock,If you sleep until 8 o’clock tomorrow morning,Doesn’t he have to sleep for twelve hours,Can he sleep?The answer is definitely not。So he took out his laptop from his backpack。
Now that I have completed the task assigned to him by Hu Huiru,,He has to return an email to Hu Huiru。Xia Jian opened the laptop phone,He sat at the computer and thought for a while,Then he took out the little book he wrote down today。
He spent more than ten minutes,And wrote an inspection report to Hu Huiru。Wait for him to send the mail,There was a knock on the door。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Make sure someone is knocking on his door,He just stood up,Walked over and opened the door。The door opens,I saw Lu Xiuli squeezed in in a flash。

Wright in a moment,Palm as a knife,Across his chest。Of course, there is more than one Sacred Magister in the Holy See of the Holy See,Naturally and easily saved。

“Koland,what do you mean!”Ernst shouted coldly。
“Means nothing?”Koland glanced away,“Since we can’t agree,Then do it?”Ernst wants to speak,But at this moment, Keland’s dark green vindictiveness instantly covered his whole body,Shoot straight forward like a sharp arrow。
at the same time,Wright also shot two daggers,Like two red streamers,Pounce straight‘strong’with‘Kirsman’!
This is also a countermeasure that Wright and Koland have discussed in advance,Naturally, the two of them didn’t mean anything to negotiate,No matter what conditions Ernst made,Koland will refuse,And then do it first。
Klander killed Desli, a strong man second only to Ernst in speed,Wright focuses on‘Kirsman’,Kill this wind magister。
Chapter 7 Hands-on
Ernst uses means to resist,A strong white light flashed,As if the light gathered into gauze,Soft and tough cloth suspended in the air,Jitter,Directly blocked Koland’s spear。
And on the other side,The flame mark of the strong eyebrows appears,White flame boiling,Lift the heavy hammer and slam it at Wright’s flame dagger。
A full blow from the leader of the fanatic,The power is not to be underestimated,Although I was struck by Wright’s dagger, I took a few steps back,But blocked the blow almost intact—-If you ignore an angel who was pierced by a thrown knife,Of course even if it is a penetrating injury,This angel also relies on the power of light to repair very quickly。
and‘Kirsman’,This wind-type holy magister is out of luck,And the strength is not strong enough。
He is still at the ordinary sanctuary level for so many years,Very average,Although it can release forbidden magic‘Dimensional Blade’,But normal defense、Speed is average,The reaction is also slow。
Not struggling,Wright implies【The Mystic Explosion】The flame dagger pierced his head。

“Don’t worry,Tonight caused heavy damage to that evil spirit,Short time,It will never be able to separate the energy to find it in person,I have time to wait。”Three-eyed toad comfort。

“Just,Killed so many‘Ears and eyes’,This old demon is now afraid to die,Don’t scare yourself。”
“I panic,Can’t sit still。”Li Tianzhen didn’t listen,When I turned over, I jumped on the back of the unicorn beast,Indifferent,“Pretend to leave,Flying out of the realm covered by the old evil spirits,Bypass the southern foot of Dala Mountain,Just find a quiet place and drop down。”
Not long ago,The Nanjiaer Temple in the middle of the southern foothills suddenly became lively,Because the long silent creation god manifests,And descended the oracle,The preacher kicked all the lazy monks who were sleeping,Oracle,Let all clergy find a few strong believers from foreign countries among believers。
Every priest holds a bamboo tube,There are portraits of foreign believers in the bamboo tube,then,Since the Nangar Temple,From the mountainside to the foot of the mountain,There have been many people looking for believers,Not just the great monks who claim to be priests,There are other believers who got the portrait,A bunch of unremarkable believers were quickly turned out,But these people are not easy to mess with,They are friends of the prophet,There are important things waiting for the return of the prophet。
The preacher personally,Respectfully invited these people to the Nangar Temple on the mountainside,But when I wanted to isolate the two women separately, I was opposed by the other side.,Preachers are also magicians,The ability is still above the guardian,Don’t put these people in the eyes,But not willing to offend the prophet easily,So no longer forced,Just shut them in the wing behind the main hall,Secret guard,Waiting for the Creator to fall。
When Li Tianzhi walked outside the gate of Nangar Temple,It’s just bright,The east is like a glow,He sealed his gods in the way of the unicorn beast,Converged,Use again‘Big earthworm’The method has changed his body and appearance,Finally, the secret of the three-eyed green toad,Can actually change the unique body odor of each organism。
Chapter seven hundred and ninety five First encounter with preacher
This series of disguise,According to Qilin Beast,No matter how powerful the enchanting magical powers are, it is difficult to detect Li Tianzhi who has mixed into many believers.,Besides, after the toss of last night,The mental power of the old demon is also greatly reduced,Quietly,Taking advantage of the void is the best policy。
Li Tianzhi also deliberately stole a set of local clothing and put it on,So the dress looks very indigenous,Then play dumb all the way,It didn’t take long for him to go up the mountain and he heard about looking for a foreign believer.,And saw a portrait,Exactly‘Mane rat’The kind of,This made him a little excited,It seems that Qilin Beast’s prediction is correct,The old evildoer didn’t care about such a person including Xiao Song。
Good luck,It’s also considered crooked,There are people going up the mountain all the way,Seeing that the path leading to the mountainside is full of people,men and women、Old and young,All kinds of clothes,It’s as lively as a temple fair in the countryside,So early in the morning,I said nothing will happen today。
Li Tianzhen observed these believers while walking,Trying to find something like‘Ears and eyes’Creation,But his god is sealed,Introverted and self-locked,Can’t mobilize vitality,Not only is he so cautious,Even the unicorn beast and the three-eyed toad have also named themselves gods,Naturally, I can’t communicate with the two monsters,So he can only distinguish with mortal eyes,Really difficult,Not bad,Those who look dull,Believers who don’t talk to others are suspected,But it can’t be confirmed without a spiritual inspection,Can’t help feeling,The ability gap between mortals and gods and demons is too big。
I heard from the old man around me that there are important events in the temple today,Temporarily notified by the preacher,Planted an imprint in the mind of every believer,Li Tianzhen can’t understand the local language at all,Guess,He will probably figure it out,To the gate,But suddenly I feel guilty,I don’t know what imprint is planted in my mind,He doesn’t have it,Could it be recognized immediately?

Liu Yousheng takes a look,Face suddenly changed,When he was about to open his mouth and shout,Xia Jian couldn’t get used to it long ago,He dashed up,I closed the door with my left hand,His right hand grabbed Liu Yousheng’s collar。

“You are not a fucking man,Have something to say,Why do you need to do such a shameless thing?If you can live together,If you can’t get past, you will leave!Are you making trouble like this??”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Said sharply。
Liu Yousheng panicked,But he still yelled:“You adulterers*Still want to kill people, right?!Many people saw me when I went upstairs”
“Listen well,Killing someone like you really dirty my hands。But I tell you,No matter who is behind you instructs you,You better be acquainted,Otherwise, once you leave this door,I will hit you once when I see it,I’m Xia Jian, you can ask about it”Xia Jian let go,Liu Yousheng almost sat on the ground。
As the saying goes, ghosts are afraid of evil people,Xia Jianyi shot,Liu Yousheng suddenly looked like an eggplant beaten by frost,He glanced at Ma Xiaofeng and said:“Actually I don’t want to find you,But what can I do?”
What this guy said made Xia Jian unable to understand for a while,But Ma Xiaofeng understood it right away,She put down the stick in her hand and said:“Liu Yousheng,I see you like this,Except hate you,I still think you are very pitiful。How about this!I go out,Besides, I only have 50,000 yuan,I give you all“
“Okay!You said that earlier, we are nothing and nothing!“When Liu Yousheng heard Ma Xiaofeng say this, he suddenly became energetic。
Xia Jian looked at this man,Helplessly shook his head。He can’t believe it,Such a powerful Ma Xiaofeng would have such a useless man,It’s incredible。
Ma Xiaofeng sighed,Said solemnly:“Liu Yousheng,I made such a big concession,But i have one condition,You have to promise me,It’s my daughter and me,Because I’m afraid you can’t take it“
“what?Daughter is the root of our old Liu family,How could i let you,Stop daydreaming“Liu Yousheng roared when he heard it。
Ma Xiaofeng smiled and said:“My daughter’s surname is Liu,I raised her up,It can’t be done like this?”
First1344chapter Go for him
Xia Jian was originally an outsider。

In the morning, I was still thinking about how to recruit more students,How to hire a good teacher,How to do a good business of wedding photos,right now,Ha ha,everything is over,Like a dream。

She knew,The cooperation with Zhang Siwei is over,Back to the era of looking for jobs everywhere,Everything is back to the beginning。
Okay,She doesn’t have much,Two bags are installed,Xia Shuyue quickly restored the room to the way it was when she moved in,Try not to cause too much trouble for uncle。
After finishing,She sat on the sofa and panted,Looking at the two bags in front of you,This is all my belongings,Where are you going now?
Go find a house right away,It’s impossible to find the right one right away,Remember Zhao Luo said,Their original den,He rented it for a long time,Xia Shuyue immediately carried the bag and went downstairs,Took a taxi to the cabin。
Innermost layer of backpack,The key is still there,Xia Shuyue opened the door,Put two bags on the ground,Sigh in my heart,This is where I should stay。
Physically tired,Psychologically very tired,Today this,She really couldn’t accept it for a while,Walk to the bed,Xia Shuyue lay down,She is so tired。
People in the second trimester,Always sleepy,Groggy,Xia Shuyue fell asleep,In confusion,A beam of light shone on her face,A familiar voice immediately,“Do you want to die,The light doesn’t turn on,The door does not close。”
Xia Shuyue raised her hand to block the light,open one’s eyes,I found out that it was the landlord’s aunt,She slowly got up and sat down,“I just came back。”
“You haven’t been back in this house for a long time,Suddenly the door opened,I thought I was a thief,Just come up and have a look。”The landlord’s aunt continued to speak loudly。
Xia Shuyue only now smelled a faint musty smell all over the room,She sniffed,“Yes,All tide,Some taste。”
The landlady helped her open the window,The evening sun shines into the house,Bunch by bunch,Golden beams of light printed on the wall。
Xia Shuyue got up to carry the bag,The landlord saw that her actions were obviously different from the past,ask,“you are pregnant?”
Xia Shuyue paused,Then lift the bag,Put on the table,Head down without speaking。
Seeing Xia Shuyue turn around,The landlord just saw her belly,Never asked,“This house,It’s due next month,Are you still renting??”
“rent,Rent for another six months。”Xia Shuyue quickly took out the money from her bag to pay the rent。

Xia Jian and Han Juan have seen this scene,Both of them were equally surprised。Boss Lin glanced at them and said:“Let’s go!Listen to me in a while,I’ll keep you okay“ Boss Lin opened the way ahead,Han Juan carrying Xia Jian,Follow her closely。suddenly,Xia Jian felt Han Juan pinch him with his hand。

First0975chapter I can’t believe it
Smart people just need to be reminded of some things。
Xia Jian was taken aback,I immediately understood what Han Juan meant,He deliberately gasped and said:“No way,I want to go to the toilet,Faster!I can’t hold it anymore“
Boss Lin,Not only not angry,Instead smiled:“You back,Recite after going to the toilet,I’m waiting at the gate,Don’t mess around,Otherwise, something will happen,I’m afraid everyone can’t bear it“
Han Juan replied casually,Turn around,Which courtyard did you bring Xia Jian back to?。The courtyard is dark,Fortunately, she was optimistic about where the toilet is during the day。
Since it is installed,I have to act like a bit,Han Juan put Xia Jian on the ground first,Put his back against the wall,Then turned around,Carried Xia Jian into the toilet。In fact, Han Juan and Xia Jian knew,at this time,There must be eyes behind them watching their every move。
Once in the toilet,Han Juan deliberately closed the toilet door,Then speak loudly:“Xia Ge,You can stand on the wall“She said,He quickly took out his phone,Sent a message in the past。
Xia Jian thought Han Juan was sending a message to Xi Zhen,So he didn’t speak either,And really in front of Han Juan,Peeed,Then he climbed onto Han Juan’s back,Let Han Juan carry him out of the courtyard。
Boss Lin really stayed at the gate,Wait for Han Juan to come out,She whispered:“Go faster,Follow me,Don’t get lost“
On the street at this time,Pedestrians,Out to play,Shopping,And sell things,Anyway, the hustle,Very lively。Boss Lin went fast,Han Juan carrying Xia Jian,Try to follow her。
Walk into a small alley,Then I entered a big iron gate,Then I entered a house with the door open。Han Juan is walking,While observing the movement here,She found that not only was there a clear whistle,Also set up an ambush in secret。It seems they came to this place tonight,Not a simple place。
Entered the room,Boss Lin turned around and said to Han Juan:“Follow up“She just fell off,He reached out and pressed on the front wall of the house。People hear a creak,A lighted underground passage appeared on the snow-white wall。

Deputy Mayor Zhao,Hurriedly glanced at Ouyang Hong。Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Secretary Wang!Will you be expelled from public office if you go against the mayor??”

“This one…”Secretary Wang squeaked,I didn’t come here for a while。
Ouyang Hong said with a cold smile:“If you don’t know, check it out and then come to me.“
Secretary Wang flushed and said:“Mayor Ouyang,You don’t respect me,But you can’t disrespect Mayor Chen!You say you have any qualifications to confront him,He is the first mayor of Pingdu“
Ouyang Hong was in a fire,I didn’t expect she just returned to the office,This Secretary Wang just ran over,It seems that Mayor Chen called him。
Deputy Mayor Zhao saw that the situation was not good,He interrupted hurriedly:“Secretary Wang!Mayor Ouyang is in a bad mood,You’d better wait a while and talk to her!I want to discuss something with her now“
“No way,What’s wrong with bad mood?She must correct my attitude,Otherwise, isn’t I the secretary for nothing??“Don’t look at the age of Secretary Wang,Can be dull,Confession。Deputy Chief Zhao has already stepped him down,But he just couldn’t understand。
Good now,Ouyang Hong finally couldn’t bear it,She grabbed the teacup on the table and fell over,Just listen to the snap,Teacup smashed on the ground and cracked。Secretary Wang was scared and backed away,My face changed a lot。
“Don’t be wordy here,I’m against the two mayors,I don’t obey their leadership,It’s against them。You figure it out,See which one i committed,Serious treatment is,But one more word,Don’t blame me Ouyang Hong for not reasoning“Ouyang Hong’s voice is loud,The whole office building may hear。
Deputy Mayor Zhao hurriedly pulled Secretary Wang,Got Wang out of Ouyang Hong’s office。Ouyang Hong’s secretary heard the noise and walked in,Look at the tiles everywhere on the ground,She said nothing,So I found a broom,Quickly cleaned up。
Deputy Mayor Zhao just closed the door,Asked quietly:“Mayor Ouyang!What the hell happened,Make you so angry?“
“This group of bastards!Not only don’t allocate a cent for disaster relief to Pingyang Town,I also want to use the two million that others have just injected,You say i can’t be angry?“Ouyang Hong took a deep breath and cursed。
Deputy Mayor Zhao,Said coldly:“Really hateful,A flat city,I don’t believe that I can’t even allocate funds for disaster relief。They did it on purpose”
“I know this in my heart,They just want to force us to save ourselves,Because Pingyang Town not only has leisure agriculture,And there is a typical Xiping Village,And there is also a Huafeng Electric Factory,That’s how they set their wishful thinking,But I didn’t say it”Ouyang Hong said,Helplessly shook his head。
Deputy Mayor Zhao coldly snorted:”I really don’t know what these leaders think。Xiping Village is a cooperative,And the most present shareholder is also a startup group,They injected funds into the Pingyang Town Cooperative,I can’t let Xiping Village bleed too, right?!If something like this goes out,Who would dare to invest in Pingyang Town again?“
Ouyang Hong stood up,She took a long breath and said:“I have to tell you something,I may be suspended again,But none of these two million can move,Must be earmarked,Big deal you turn it back“