Two people stop talking,Thinking of each。After a long time,Jia Lina just asked:“where are you going?I want to sell the supermarket and follow you“

Xia Jian heard Jia Lina say this,He is both moved,Sad again。He sat up,He took Jia Lina’s bare body into his arms again,The two sat in silence for a long time。
“You said Dong Xuanxuan took the police to find you?What’s the specific situation?“Xia Jian broke this silence,He suddenly asked。
Jia Lina thought for a moment and said:“She asked me what day of the fight,Finished asking me if I know where you are now?I said you ran away,She also asked about Qin Dongsheng’s family situation,I feel like this old guy is also doing something”
“Lina,Because my current identity is fake,So I can’t stand the police’s interrogation,So i have to leave here as soon as possible。People’s Supermarket is finally ready,No one can compare to you in a few years。In case you can’t hang on anymore one day,You can go to Bucheon Venture Group to find a woman named Wang Lin”That’s it for Xia Jian,Can’t help but take a long breath。
Jia Lina drilled her body vigorously into Xia Jian’s arms and said:“I might die in Wuying Town in my life,Thank you for the happiness you brought me all these days。If there is a destiny in this life,I believe we still have a chance to meet”Jia Lina’s words made Xia Jian sour。
The two are just hugging,Said many, many things,Until dawn,Xia Jiancai fell asleep in a daze,When he opens his eyes,Jia Lina is gone。
On the bedside table,With a thick stack of banknotes,A note is pressed under the banknote。See it says“Xia Jian,This is 20,000 yuan,Not much money,You use it first,Inconvenient to go out with too much。I will keep the phone number forever,You are okay,You can call me”
Maybe Jia Lina left in a hurry,She only wrote these two sentences。20,000 yuan,This is not a small amount of money in the income of the people in Wuying Town,Although he stayed in Jialina for a few months,Even if it’s paid to him by salary,Not so much。This is what Jia Lina feels for him。
Suddenly there was another knock on the door,Xia Jian hurriedly hid the money in the quilt。Could it be Jia Lina running back again?!This broad day,Once discovered,He’s over。
Xia Jian ran over,Opened the door。A woman rushed in,And closed the door smoothly,This action is done in one go。
Woman takes off the big sunglasses on her face,Xia Jian has a look,Can’t help but shout:“Dong Xuanxuan!How do you know i live here?”
“Don’t forget what i do”Dong Xuanxuan said,Wrinkled his nose and walked around the room。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What do you smell?There is no perfume in my room”Xia Jian deliberately joked。
Dong Xuanxuan smiled and said:“The smell of woman permeates the whole house,The remaining warmth on this bed,What a Jia Lina dare to say she doesn’t know where you are?”
“She is gone,Did you follow her to find me?“Xia Jian still asked Dong Xuanxuan a little bit disbelievingly。
Dong Xuanxuan sat on the sofa,A little domineering:“Who do you want me to follow if you don’t follow her,Luckily she only came to see you last night,If one or two days earlier,You can’t sleep in a hotel“
“What do you mean?“Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Dong Xuanxuan smiled and said:“Zhao Shisan’s case,Yellow calf being beaten incident,The bureau requested to consolidate the case,It can be said that the whole county is arresting you everywhere“
“You came here today to catch me“Xia Jian inevitably asked nervously。

At that time,Don’t see it.!

Walk to the lake,Liao Wenjie discovered that the girl’s ghosts were beautiful,More attractive than Xiaoqing。
Not saying that Xiaoqing is not beautiful,The two have thousands of autumn,Single looks on,It is difficult to divide a high。Can be in front of this female outside pure,In fact, Mei Tiancheng,Self-taking the soulbuff,Old Master is bundry,Xiaoqing is not coming。
This look and temperament,Liao Wenjie gambling five hair,Be sure to send the head of Xiao Qian.。
Liao Wenjie time when Xiao Qian,Xiao Qian is also changing him,Dark road book、Lip red tooth white,A good skin。
No wonder Xiaoyan has not given an audio,The feelings are not born,But I don’t have a good person.。
Xiao Qian is thinking,Stop the piano,Hand pressing on the strings:“Scholar,Late night, private forest garden,Still staring at the strange woman, no hair,Is your holy sage reading??”
Xiaoqing is still return for two consecutive nights.,Have such excellent signs,Xiaoqian decided to explore the bottom,Find Liao Wenjie’s character,Select the appropriate Raiders to take them。
Just meet,Her people set up the lady of rich people.,Sex,Don’t talk。
“excuse me,Licheng Cui Hua,Seeing Miss, one person in the lake,Thoughts,Time Shen piano sound,I also hope that Miss is forgive me.。”
Liao Wenjie said:“Mile,I don’t know if Miss is informing the name.?”
“Nie Xiaoqian。”
“Xiao Qian……Good name。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Just guess,Confirm is Xiaoqian,The shadow of the human famous tree,Then look,Suddenly even more beautiful。
“Cui Gongzi,If,I will leave first.。”
Xiao Qian got up and put away the truth,Simple two dialogue,She confirmed that the scholar is a color embryo.。
Xiaoqing has no hand,It’s really a ghost.。
She dares to guarantee the ghost head,She just walked in front of her.,Liao Wenjie will definitely follow the same,Said some three more nights,A woman walks the night road insecurity,Then I intimately send her home。
“Miss slowly,Not sent。”
Xiao Qian leaves the figure,Down the place,Send a passion of trembling。
“what,Miss,What’s wrong with you?”
Liao Wenjie probe,Sudden face black line,Just swim from the wooden platform because of a snake,Drilling into the lake。
Nima score,Take a man with you, you have a script.!
“Cui Gongzi,I have a pain in my feet.,may be……Vicious snake bites。”
Xiaoqian bite his teeth,Looking back to Liao Wenjie,Face with three points of shame and dodge:“Can you help me?,Help me see where the snake runs.,Is there a poison??”
“No need to watch,poisonous。”
Liao Wenjie lifted Nie Xiaoqian,Let her sit on the table。
“Cui Gongzi,This night is half,The lake center,Some journes from my family,Really to the snake,I am not a life.?”
Xiaoqian’s face is pale,Slowly pick your skirt,Display a pair of jade white long legs:“You help me see,Don’t be a poisonous snake bit broken wound。”

soon,There is a different kind of sound in the room.。

Just when the sound is getting bigger and bigger in the house.,The door is ringing。
Nie Yang heard the sound of the knockout,It’s also a tremble.,Then frowned immediately。
I am somewhat disappointing to open the door.。
The same, the two will retreat after packing it.。
I saw the younger brother of the door.,He can’t help but anger.。
“Not telling you,Don’t bother me during the day??
What is going on?,Do not you know?”
“Boss,Someone wants to give us a battle,So I came here.。”
Nie Yang heard the words of the battle,Also coming。
What A cat, dog is also coming to the battle.?
“People are still being blocked at the door.!”
“Um,well done,Let him come in。”
soon,The scorpion is also gone.。
Entered the door,That special smell,Coupled with Nie Yang, only wearing a pants,The muscles on the body are in a list of exemptions.,He also understands that there is no serious thing that has not been done.。
Especially the big beds from not far,There are also a variety of women’s clothing,It is also proved his guess.。
“Just come to the battle?
Do you know that it is not in this world??”
Nie Yang said,It is also a little despised look at the scorpion.。
Diazi like this,He can fight one person。
I really don’t know where the other party comes.。
“Hey-hey,I really don’t know this.,However, this is all our boss let me come to the battle.,Our boss said that you will make your wind and snow moon tonight.,He wants you personally,There are not many other words.。”
“Oh!correct,Our boss said that if you continue to open, you are not afraid of being shalated.。”
One heard this,Nie Yang’s face is also difficult to look。
At the same time, people called the woman in the door.。
“Young,You look at this person,do you know it?”
The woman called Xiaoqing looked at the scorpion,Listen to the horse。
“knowledge,He is a small head of the person coming in the county.。”


First234chapter Head of the Black Saika
After sitting down,Those female princesses、Female hou、The female city masters have sharp eyes at this moment,As if I saw a peerless stunner。
They stared at Zhu Minglang,Then discussed,When Zhu Minglang accidentally glanced at them,Suddenly there is a feeling that they are going to take themselves away!
But okay,There is Nanling yarn protector。
Those female dignitaries obviously realize,The first woman to climb the mountain is not easy。
A strong man,It’s the best foil to women’s status,Even if she doesn’t do anything,No gold or silver jewelry。
“So swordsmanship exchange,Can start now?”Wu Feng said at this moment。
Business still needs to be done,Wu Feng、Hao Ye、Yunzhonghe, even though they are still sitting on the futon,But Yaoshan Jianzong also practiced in this manner on weekdays,They don’t bother to care about,Besides, Zhu Minglang has already helped them out。
“natural,Next, can Hall Master Wu Feng show us your sword fighting genre?。”The head of the black hat said。
For Lin Min’s failure,She doesn’t care。
I just think she already knows that Lin Min is not a good opponent。
“Wait。”Zhu Minglang suddenly interrupted。
“I wish son, don’t be too presumptuous,After all, Lin Min’s strength is not the best in our Mianshan Sword Sect。”An elder said。

“sister,Contract is all,Let’s go。”

Zhao Xiaoshan opened this,Li Hui Rong is the weight of each other.。
He has already seen Zhao Xiaoshan.,But see the other party,And the eyes are not like the people who have joined people.。
Now the other party with Zhao Xiaoli,He wants to speaking a speech to remind Zhao Xiaoli,But thinking that people are the brothers and brothers, he doesn’t say much.。
“No hurries?
I took you over this time or I want Xiao Li to help you point to it.,Are you so eager??”
Zhao Xiaoshan saw the appearance of his sister in Li Hui’s face,He is very uncomfortable。
I don’t have to point out。”
Zhao Xiaoli listened to this, there was a little hard to look at the pleasing face with a smile.。
“Hill,What do you say??”
despite this,She also didn’t say too many strict words.。
“Xiao Li,The scorpion will go back first.,I will talk to you in the next day.。”
“OK,OK,The scorpion goes back slowly,And do business or partnership don’t have contradictions.,Otherwise, buy and sell for a long time。”
Li Hui Feng, just finished,I haven’t waiting for Zhao Xiaoli to say anything.,Zhao Xiaoshan has some impatient road:“sister,I went to my brother-in-law first.。”
See Zhao Xiaoshan like this,Zhao Xiaoli is both awkward。
“breeze,You said the sister,The sister will go back.,And not bother you。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli quickly went to chase Zhao Xiaoshan。
Zhao Xiaoshan walked quickly along the way,Go to half road,Zhao Xiaolisi is not chasing,Because she knew that Zhao Xiaoshan didn’t go,Can only return to your own home。
When she returned home,But I saw Zhao Xiaoshan who was complaining with Liu Dafu.。
And Liu Dafu is a gloomy,When I saw Zhao Xiaoli back,It is quick to Zhao Xiaoli to make a look.。
“Wife,You have to find Li Hui with your brother.?”
what happened?”
Zhao Xiaoli does not understand Liu Dafu to make it intentionally,But still is still curious。
“Then you have, have you given a good eye??”
When I said this, Liu Dafu put out a quenched look.,Just when Zhao Xiaoshan is not paying attention,He is fast to give Zhao Xiaoli a look。
Zhao Xiaoli will not understand this,When it is installed, it is a certain road.:“husband,I am not there.,You have to believe me。”
At the same time, she also looked at Zhao Xiaoshan in a little hate iron.,Then pull Zhao Xiaoshan directly outside。
Zhao Xiaoshan did not think that Liu Dafu will directly question Zhao Xiaoli in his face.,But the fact is in front of you,He feels his own。
Although he is mixed on weekdays,And the hanging german did not dare to work,But I am still very hard to my sister.。
He doesn’t want to watch the situation of his sister.。
So when I saw my sister and Li Hui, I showed the charming eyes.,He suddenly understood why his own older can win such a big business.,And more than a month。
His even in my mind has already thought that I have had my sister has already legged with Li.。
But these he just guess did not ask,I didn’t say that Liu Dafu said.。
“Stinky boy,Are you standing on me or standing on your sister??
You are my brother or my brother.?”
The 490th chapter Liu Dafu’s crazy brain supplement
Zhao Xiaoli said like this,Zhao Xiaoshan is also sorry,But I think that my sister is so moving, he is not happy.。
After all, when Liu Dafu, when he married his sister, it was the capital.,And the attitude is always very good。

“Tired teacher。”

“Haha,If you gain something in the universe,It doesn’t matter if the teacher is tired。”The Lord of Longxing also made this joke。
“All right,No nonsense,The teacher will tell you some information about the universe。”
“Universe sea,But the vast territory that includes our primitive universe。”
“This ordinary life has a lifespan,Ordinary realm masters can live a thousand years,Immortality has unlimited life,But it’s equally possible to be killed,And the universe has its birth and death。A universe also has a life limit,To the limit,The universe will collapse。”
“You know,If a universe collapses,Those countless ordinary creatures are all annihilated,But those immortal、Lord、Where is the Lord of the Universe?”
“Universe sea?”Although I already knew the answer,But Li Ming still pretended to look like he just guessed。
“Yes,These strong,All went to the universe。”The Lord of the Dragon sighed:“If our era is the first universe era,Then it can be called the Second Universe Era before the last great ruin,The last time was the Third Universe Age。”
“These three cosmic ages,Is the most part of the strongest in the universe。And earlier,But there is no trace。According to some information we know,A strong man can survive up to three cosmic ages。of course,The first two cosmic ages,Since a complete era has passed,The number of the masters and the strongest of the universe is far greater than our time。”
“Our time,The strongest in the universe is enough to become the pinnacle group。But in the above two groups,Of just one of the strongest in the universe,At best a strong ethnic group。”Said the lord of dragon walk,“Especially the first universe era,There seems to be some special evolution,Of that era‘God Eye Race’Seven of the strongest in the universe were born。”
“An ethnic group,The seven strongest in the universe!”Although already known,But Li Ming thinks about it,I also feel shocked。
“of course,In addition to these three cosmic ages,There are also two holy places that are extremely special。”
“These two holy places are extremely special,They exist for countless ages,Will not be limited by the survival of the three universe ages。The strength of the two holy places is extremely powerful,Only these two holy land forces,Is comparable to our universe age,Is the largest force in the universe!After all, no matter which universe age,Are divided into several parties or even ten levels of different forces。”
The Lord of Longxing drank another glass of wine。
“But in this universe,The most important thing is not these powerful forces。。。Really scary,Three Jedi!”
“Space boat、Qingfengjie、Liu Zhongshan,These three Jedi,Everywhere is full of dangers that can easily kill the strongest in the universe—but,The opportunity is also very big。”
“Almost all Xeons in the universe,More than 80% of the pinnacle treasures come from this universe。”The Lord of Longxing has also become very serious:“With your life-saving ability,It’s hard to worry about your life in the cosmic ocean,On strength,It’s not the weakest in the universe,There are also some abilities to compete for treasures and opportunities。。。At least remember,be careful,Doppelganger was killed temporarily,If you get a powerful treasure,But lost,That will hurt to death。”
“Let me tell you the detailed information of each of these three Jedi。。。”

Gu Anan’s staring at Gu Xihong,Low head。

Can’t marry Lu Haozheng,She must also marry Lu Haokai,The thing last night has been passed out.,She is in these people,Don’t even have people want to marry her.,In the eyes of others,She is just a chess piece of Gu’s family.。
She always lives careful,Just want to have been living with rich people.。
Gu Xihong is looking forward to everyone expecting,Slowly open:“As long as Anan is willing,We have no opinions。”
A sentence of Gu Xihong,Let Gu An An instantly have a moment.,As long as Dad agrees,What do moms and two brothers don’t say??
After all, these years,She also knows their temper。
Gu An’an is a little uneasy to look at the lady.,The doctor looked at her cold.。
Gu An’an’s heart is a bit annex,Tonight,She is not talking to my mother.,Nowadays something wrong,Lu Haokai is stupid to tell the mouth,Mom will definitely look for her employees.。

“dad,I don’t marry Gu An’an.。”Lu Haokai reaction,Rushing a house。
Lu Wei,Face iron,Anger:“Your mixed beon!You see what you said.?
If you don’t like Anan,What do you want to explain tonight?,How do you explain??
How do you give you Gu Bo?,How to give Anan and Gu Jia an explanation?
Lu Haokai,Be a person,Can you ruthless!”
Lu Jian’s anger,It’s seen that I hate Iron is not steel.。
Nowadays, two people face-to-face resolution,This is the only solution。
Gu An’an has shown attitude,If they reject them,So,Two years of experience,Will end tonight。
“I”Lu Haokai has no words in a time.。
Although Gu Yi Lin has been present,But all the heart is absent-minded。
Gu Yi is also nothing wrong with,His sister of Gu Anan,Not too much feelings。
It’s a mother who lost it in the blue blue.,I have to bring her back.,But this girl has been careful to live in their house,air of gloominess,No a little blue active atmosphere。
Qin Ning looked at the lady,I also saw an eye Gu Anan.,The picture of paintings with exquisite makeup,Elegant laugh:“Sister,This feelings,Are you love my wish”
“Anger,I know what you mean,Isn’t your home Lu Haokai, don’t want to marry my family??”Gu wife talks to a straightforward,Qin Ning’s one fell,She also looks in the eyes。
Qin Ningyi,Face is very embarrassing,The smile on the face is obviously can’t stand。
“Sister,Can’t say this,Xiaokai, he may think that this is too sudden.,After all, the current children have passed 30 talents.。”
Gu wife acknowledged:“My family can’t wait for your Lu Haokai for so long.,As long as you,Give us a house,This matter,We will never mention it.。”
“Dream。”Gu Xihong looked at his wife.,After all,,Always,This is not difficult to listen to this.。
Lin Mengyi looked at an eye,Laugh:“Did I say it wrong??See this Haokai,Just don’t want to marry us Andan,It is said that it is not sweet.,Emotional things can not be reluctant,Haokai is not willing to make。”
She brought this daughter back home.,Will be responsible for her life,She is not the kind of person who knows,In order to marry your daughter,Let her marry people who don’t like it.。
Although it is not my own,But she accompanied her more than ten years.,He gives her a satisfactory life,Also got her。
Gu An’an is a bit of uneasiness to her,In fact, from small to big,She has never understanding my mother.。
Mom is a very strict person,It is also very high for her requirements.,She has been working hard to live according to my mother’s request.,But she feels that she is so tired.。
Lu Wei looked at Qin Ning to open,First step first:“Dream,Feelings are cultivated,This mixed kid,If he doesn’t marry Anan,This land of the group,Don’t want it.。”
Lu Haokai,Such as electric shock,Shame,threat,Dad This is thoroughly threatened him.。
Qin Ning also eyebrows,This is not the result she wants.。
Lu Haokai looked at an eye,This woman is the first time,Married her,I don’t even have a loss yourself.。

She hates this short-eyed Chen Erniu,If it wasn’t for his untimely appearance,They don’t know what it is like now。She also thought of the hills in Pingyang Town where the leisure agriculture,Someday Xia Jian used his motorcycle to carry her,She hugged Xia Jian’s waist with both hands,When did she think she was drunk。

She thinks she and Xia Jian are very close,It’s just a piece of paper,But many things happened later,Let her clearly realize,Xia Jian and her are not the same。She is a national official,And no matter how good Xia Jian said, he is also a businessman,They are essentially different。
She has to abide by many agreements,But Xia Jian is not,He lives in freedom。When she saw Xia Jian walking out of Yao Junli’s bathroom in a bathrobe,Whenever her heart died to Xia Jian。through this matter,She also realized the other side of Xia Jian。
He is not only responsible for his emotions,But his nature,Bohemian,There is never a shortage of women around。Such a man,Ouyang Hong can’t accept it,Even if she eliminates her internal factors,Can a job let her do this??
Ouyang Hong holding a tea cup,Staring at the ceiling。When she was grabbed by the neckline by a woman yesterday,Seeing Xia Jianfen rushing over,Made her lonely heart tremble,She felt instantly,She needs a man like this to protect her。
But when she crawled on Xia Jian’s shoulder in the box and wept, This nasty man ignored her,Even if you hug her with one hand,But this man didn’t do that,But standing neatly。This made Ouyang Hong feel the distance between Xia Jian and her。
The heart is frozen again,Just when Ouyang Hong was almost desperate,Xia Jian, a careless guy, wants to send her to the city committee,This moved Ouyang Hong again。What kind of man is this?Ouyang Hong can’t figure it out。
Phone rang,Ouyang Hong couldn’t help being surprised,She was busy withdrawing her thoughts,It’s the phone number of the municipal party committee,She is busy,I heard Secretary Wang say on the phone:“Liu Jianguang’s incident is a bit complicated,Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to participate in the investigation。I have asked Director Mao to catch the matter yesterday,You can rest assured to work!”
“Good secretary Wang”Ouyang Hong finished,Where did Secretary Wang hang up in advance?。
Just at this time,Wang Youdao knocked on the door and walked in,There are not many cases like this。He is not calling,Just let the secretary call her,Came to see her in person today,This made Ouyang Hong very surprised。
“Mayor Wang,What’s urgent,And let you run over?”Ouyang Hong said,Stood up。Anyway,He is the mayor。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“I seemed to tell you last time,A business woman named Hu Huiru wants to invest in Pingdu,Would you like to meet her?“When Wang Youdao said this,,All eyes are laughing。His expression made Ouyang Hong feel very unnatural。
She remembered,Hu Huiru and Wang Youdao really told her about this,Just not too much,Besides, she didn’t come to see her,She forgot about it later。
“Okay!You give her my phone,See her time!“Ouyang Hong suddenly woke up。Wang Youdao came to her twice and talked about this business woman,This shows that Wang Youdao knows her at least,How else would he do this?
Wang Youdao laughed and said:“OK!Let’s have one more businessman to invest,The speed of this development will be faster“Wang Youdao finished,So I said hello to Ouyang Hong,Opened the door and left。

All these years,The real estate developed by Hengneng Real Estate occupies almost half of the capital,And they are all well-known boutique properties,Hengneng Real Estate has also become a well-known real estate brand in Beijing and even across the country。

In terms of real estate development,Hengneng Real Estate has rich experience,Never make the low-level mistake of not meeting the green area!
Verdict,There must be some misunderstanding,They must find out as soon as possible。
She and her mother both value the Nanao Yaju project,But not long after the start,Was intercepted by the upper hand,And it is required not to start work again in the short term,This is not just material loss for them,It’s a damage to reputation。
Yushi took out his phone immediately,To call Wu Zesheng,I thought for a while and stopped the action,He should be busy here, right。
She called Miao Jianwei,The other party is also on a call。
She expected that both Wu Zesheng and Miao Jianwei must be busy at this moment.,I’m afraid the phone will blow up。
Imperative,Yu Shi feels that he must understand the situation as soon as possible、Solve the problem,The construction site cannot be stopped,They can’t just be splashed with sewage!
Zhang Wenya handed this matter to Wu Zesheng,Wu Zesheng is going to take the nearest flightGcity,Yuhan insists on going,Zhang Wenya didn’t stop。
in the afternoon,Yu Shi and Wu Zesheng arrivedGCity construction site,She thought the construction site was empty、Scene of people going to the empty building,But I didn’t expect it to be so lively!
The gate of the construction site was crowded with people,There are still a few interview cars parked。About a dozen media reporters are holding cameras、Video camera,Gather in twos and threes to discuss what。Look at this posture,Seems to be holding a press conference。
Yushi has never been afraid of such scenes,Buckle on the handlebar,Want to open the door and get off,Wu Zesheng hurriedly stopped:“Poetry,Don’t worry,Don’t get off!”
Yushi is a media person,Knowing that journalists can work hard for the news。They are now at the gate of the construction site,It’s all because I didn’t find the person in charge of the construction site,Otherwise it would have pounced on like a cat smelling fish。

“Ah!Really have you,I’ve never met this person before。But then again,What have these villages developed into now,I really don’t know”

Xia Jian said,A little helplessly shook his head。
Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“You didn’t know no one blamed you,But it’s different now。These villages are now your investment targets,So you have an obligation to help their village become rich”
“Did Li Hulin tell you something??”
Xia Jian lowered his voice and asked。
Qin Xiaomin nodded and said:“Li Hulin said,Since Dongsheng Group took over these projects in Pingdu,Don’t care about the life and death of their villages。They have fully mastered the cultivation technology of black potatoes,High output in a year,But there is no market,You have to take care of this”
“If it wasn’t for you,I don’t even know about it。How about this!Let’s have a meal at noon,Let’s go to Liziwan Village in the afternoon?”
Xia Jian lowered his voice,Soliciting Qin Xiaomin’s opinions in a low voice。
Qin Xiaomin thought about it:“can,But let’s eat together,In addition,This place must be where your classmate belongs。Two bowls of noodles,Two side dishes,It’s very good”
“sure!This requirement is not high,I can do it。Hey!I didn’t ask about your current situation when I was happy just now?And the auntie is okay now?”
Xia Jian said,Then turned the topic around。
Qin Xiaomin cocked her mouth and thought for a moment.:“I’m still like that,It’s fine to live alone,Carefree。My mother died years ago,Her old and sick relapsed,Not rescued”Qin Xiaomin said,Tears in my eyes。
Xia Jianyi listen,I feel embarrassed immediately,He took a breath and said:“sorry!I don’t know anything about it。You too,Why don’t you call me and tell me。Anyway,Friends must still do it!You won’t hate me like this”
“Stop talking。All this is fate,You and I have no luck。Actually this is good too,Since they are all separated,Best not to contact。Moreover,You are all married,If we come back again,This is out,Will affect you a little bit”
Qin Xiaomin said,Tears finally shed。
Xia Jian hurriedly passed the tissue。Qin Xiaomin took out two,Wiped lightly。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“You think too much。There are things in this world,When others want to say,Even if you didn’t do anything,People will still say,Anyway, this mouth grows on someone else’s body,Just do them”
“Ah!You are magnanimous,It seems you should have been arranged by others,Otherwise you wouldn’t say that”
Qin Xiaomin said very confidently。Because the scandals about her and Xia Jian have been circulated.。