Create a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot based on the CMP platform

Create a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot based on the CMP platform
The new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 2008, Dongfeng Peugeot e2008.  Two models of petrol and electricity are provided. The electric version is the first pure electric SUV of the Peugeot brand. The models on sale in the future will provide two versions of fuel and new energy power. 12 years ago, the first generation of Peugeot named after winemaking was born in France in 2008.Twelve years later, on April 20, 2020, the new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 2008 started pre-sale in China.As the latest masterpiece of Dongfeng Peugeot, this new car will bring consumers two fuel / pure electric power options.  From the perspective of the highest people, the whole new generation 2008 / e2008 is of great significance.This is the first time Peugeot has chosen to debut a brand new model in markets outside Europe. The debut of the pure electric model e2008 also means that Dongfeng Peugeot has taken a step towards electrification rigidity.  Adopting Peugeot’s latest family-style design language The new generation of 2008 petrol-electric double-car adopts Peugeot’s latest family-style design language, lion claw LED headlights and fangs LED daytime running lights form a sharp lion-like front face, and the body side adoptsThe cutting edge design optimizes aerodynamic performance while allowing partner design to be more coordinated.  In the interior cabin design, the new generation 2008 brings more innovative technologies.The 3D floating LCD instrument panel provides stereoscopic visual effects in the car, and can dynamically display important driving information according to the priority of the information. The exclusive 10-inch floating touch screen of e2008 improves the efficiency of human-computer interaction and ensures practicality.  Especially in terms of safety, e2008 brings together more than 200 functional safety experts and engineers. It took 4 years to develop a fully functional safety system. After more than 300 functional safety tests, the vehicle and battery, electric drive and other systems are more safe and reliable.  Built on the basis of the CMP platform behind the design, cockpit and other hard-core product experience, it is the quality assurance of the Peugeot CMP global platform.  Fundamentally, at the beginning of research and development, the CMP platform fully considered the development direction of electrification. It is a multi-energy conversion platform for symbiosis of oil and electricity. The pure electric version and the fuel version have the same driving space, storage space and driving experience.  Because of this, the two models of the new generation of 2008 are equipped with the most advanced product technology of PSA, have a lightweight and high-strength body structure, and adopt the global core component supplier system.  In 2020, Dongfeng Peugeot will devote itself to perfecting the layout on brands and products, and accelerating the integration and electrification of the product system.The e2008 model is not only the first pure electric SUV of the Peugeot brand, but also the first step of electrification of Dongfeng Peugeot “Move to Electric”.In the future, all models of Dongfeng Peugeot on sale will provide fuel and new energy power (including pure electric) versions.  Change is happening.With the integration of Dongfeng Peugeot’s new product system and the acceleration of electrification, this French brand may rejuvenate.  Sauna, Night Net Wei Shuai

Forensic Pioneer 4 started broadcasting, Michelle Xie Xian guest troupe murder

“Forensic Pioneer 4” started broadcasting, Michelle Xie Xian guest troupe murder
On February 17, the TVB criminal investigation penetrating drama “Forensic Pioneer 4” was broadcast simultaneously on Youku TV and Youku.As a sequel to the “Forensic Pioneer” series after nine years, “Forensic Pioneer 4” also experienced a major change in the lead role, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of the audience at all.The heat is as high as 8300.It is reported that Mi Xue, Xie Xian and other heavy guest actors no longer appear in the plot of the first episode of “Forensic Pioneer 4”. At the same time, “3D scanner”, blood testing equipment connected to mobile phones and other increasingly advanced forensic machinesIt also makes the play full of science and technology.Some viewers commented that although the lead actor changed blood, the standard did not decrease.”Forensic Pioneer 4″ Mi Xue cameo.The picture comes from the first episode of “Forensic Pioneer 4” on the Internet, and it came to an immediate conclusion. It is said that the suspected murder of the troupe.The troupe Chou Shengliang Shaobao suddenly vomited blood, and the art director Long Yaozhong was assassinated. The death was suspected of simulating the “sacrifice to the white tiger” in the traditional ceremony of Cantonese opera.Senior Chemist Gao An (Huang Haoran), Senior Forensic Wen Jiajia (Li Shihua), Senior Inspector Guo Huihuang (Tan Junyan), Forensic Science Director Shui Huiming (Chen Wei) Tampering Forensics, Forensic and ImportantThe investigation team conducted an investigation . “Forensic Pioneer 4” was starred by Huang Haoran, Tan Junyan, Huang Xinying, Chen Wei, Zheng Junhong, Yang Liuqing and others, and Huang Xinying was replaced because of the scandal that was exposed, so Tang Luowen was ordered to remake Huang Xinying ‘s drama.In the play as the network news agency reporter Xu Yi.It is reported that the last episode of Forensic Pioneer 3 came to an abrupt end at the scene of “The Clown Killed”, and the case will follow up in “Forensic Pioneer 4”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na

China High Speed Rail (000008) Review of Major Events: Winning the bid for the Sanyo Railway Project continues to be optimistic about the company’s strategic transformation, rail transit, and overall operation and maintenance

China High Speed Rail (000008) Review of Major Events: Winning the bid for the Sanyo Railway Project continues to be optimistic about the company’s strategic transformation, rail transit, and overall operation and maintenance
The Shenzhou High-speed Railway issued an announcement that the company consortium received a notice of winning the general contract for the construction of the Sanyo 上海夜网论坛 Railway Project. The total amount of project tenders was about 9 billion, of which the equipment part was about 18.4 billion. Comment: Sanyo Railway is a large freight transportation channel with strong profitability. The company announced that it will obtain the operation and maintenance and operating income of the project through shares, and participate in the project equipment bidding.The Sanyo Railway Project is a national trunk network planned to access the blank east-west horizontal freight corridor in the Central Plains. It is connected to the Menghua Railway and has an annual transportation demand of 1.6 billion tons, is comparable to the Shuohuang Railway and other high-profit large freight railways with strong profitability.The project stipulated that the advance payment should not be less than 30% of the purchase price of the equipment, providing stable cash flow for the company.The Sanyo Railway Project is calculated according to the three-year construction period and the thirty-year operation period. After the investment is completed, the company is expected to receive three parts of revenue: (1) 4.2 billion equipment and service orders for the three-year construction period (600 million in the first year and 16 in the second year).500 million, the third year 18.5 billion), including traditional and intelligent equipment sales, smart management maintenance and maintenance monitoring and dispatching platform construction, BIM simulation system, consulting services, engineering services and engineering equipment leasing, teaching and training, locomotive and vehicle leasing, etc .; (2) Operation and maintenance, estimatedContract for three-year construction budget13.300 million, the annual contract value after operation in 2023 does not exceed 1.8 billion; (3) transportation revenue, the annual transportation revenue is expected to reach 50-65 trillion, and the annual transportation revenue is expected to be 0 from 2023-2027.700 million, an average of 1 after 2028.7.5 billion. The strategic transformation of China’s high-speed railway has led to the continuous implementation of O & M projects.The projects that have been completed include Taizhou Line S1, Hangzhou-Shaozhou-Taiwan High Speed Rail, Tangshan Port Freight Line, Tianjin Metro Line 7, and are participating in bidding for Tianjin Metro Line 2 and Line 3 projects.The company is a system equipment company in the entire industry chain. Each of the interchange teams of Rail Transit has rich management experience. Changing the operation and maintenance services from equipment providers is a natural extension of the business model.After the rail transit, the market space is broad, and the 100 billion-level market is poised for development.With the formation and development of the domestic rail transit network, the current rail transit industry has gradually entered the stage of equal emphasis on construction, operation and maintenance.The urban rail industry has been approved to accelerate since the new regulations No. 52 last year. It is expected that the newly added subway mileage will exceed 1,000 kilometers per year, and the future potential of light rail and other multi-standard rail transit is huge.Based on the currently implemented operations, railways and urban rails under construction and planning, it is estimated that by 2023, the operating mileage of urban rails is expected to reach 16,265 kilometers, a compound annual growth rate of 2019-2023.9%.According to industry experience, rail transit operation and maintenance expenditure generally accounts for 2% of total investment?3% to median of 2.5% calculation, considering the replacement cost of an average cost of 10 trillion per kilometer, the urban rail operation and maintenance market size is expected to reach 4066 trillion by 2023.And most cities, especially third- and fourth-tier cities, have no experience in building and operating urban rails, and professional teams are urgently required to participate. SDIC Hi-tech is the largest shareholder, and high-performance evaluation of equity incentives demonstrates confidence.In 2018, SDIC Hi-Tech has a score of 5.The price of 3 yuan / share is an offer to acquire the Shenzhou High Speed Rail. At present, the company is a state-owned enterprise holding company, and the largest shareholder is SDIC Hi-tech, which accounts for 20%.27%, the second largest shareholder is Haidian SDIC, accounting for 12.59%, the background of state-owned enterprises helped the company win BOT / TOT and other projects.The implementation of equity incentives demonstrates high confidence in the conditions of exercise, and the conditions of exercise are no less than 35 in 2020-2022.900 million, 42.300 million, 51.300 million, net profit is not less than 5.900 million, 7.500 million, 10.100 million, ROE is not less than 7%, 7.5%, 8%. Earnings forecast: We maintain EPS forecast variable 0 for 2019-2021.16, 0.22, 0.29 yuan, corresponding to PE is 22, 16, 13 times, maintaining a target price of 4.8 yuan, maintain the “recommended” level. Risk reminder: investment in railway fixed assets declines, and new products and projects fail to meet expectations

Tianhong shares (002419) company quarterly comment: 3Q19 revenue appreciation2.

1% profit drops 21% optimistic about leading long-term growth

Tianhong shares (002419) company quarterly comment: 3Q19 revenue appreciation2.

1% profit drops 21% optimistic about leading long-term growth

The company released the 2019 third quarter report on October 25.

The first three quarters of 2019 achieved revenue of 140.

75 ppm, an increase of ten years.

75%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

52 ppm, a decrease of 3 per year.

15%, deducting non-net profit 5.

61 ppm, a decrease of 4 per year.


The diluted EPS is 0.

54 yuan; expected average return on net assets is 9.

84%, net operating cash flow3.

6.6 billion.

Brief comments and investment recommendations.

The company’s revenue in the third quarter of 2019 increased by 2 every year.

1%, every 20% of net profit attributable to mother.

75%, excluding the impact of real estate and Junshang Center stores closing, it is estimated that 3Q19 profit fell by 14.

18%, we judge that profit elasticity decreased mainly due to a high base and new stores.

Large stores opened in 3Q19, Songrui, 2 Aqua City, 5 contracted, and 1 Yingtan opened in October. We expect to open about 10 new stores in 2019.

1. The first three quarters of revenue increased by 1.

75% to 140.

75 ppm, gross margin increased by 1 in ten years.

32pct to 28.


Among them, 1-3Q revenue growth was -0.

8% / 4.

6% / 2.

1%, excluding the impact of real estate and Junshang Center stores closing, 1-3Q revenue increased by 1.

6% / 6.

4% / 6.

6%, same-store growth rate -2.

8% / 1.

3% / 0.

9%, comprehensive gross margin increased by 1.


In the first three quarters of the region, East China and Central China New District, the same store maintained rapid growth, and gross profit increased respectively.

17% and 8.

27%, total profit increased by 109.

36% and 27.

65%; same-store revenue in the old three quarters of South China increased slightly by zero.

47%, estimated to increase 2 in 3Q19.

47% improvement from the previous quarter. We judge that it mainly benefited from the growth of supermarket format.

In terms of division, shopping malls and supermarkets grew better. The same-store revenue of shopping malls declined slightly in the first three quarters, and gross profit and profit maximization increased respectively.

8% and 59.

19%; same-store revenue in the first half of the supermarket increased by 9.

2%, gross profit and profit maximization increased respectively.

61% and 13.


2. 2 new stores opened in 3Q19, 333 stores at the end of the period (85 large stores), and 5 large stores were signed.

① Opening stores: In the third quarter, the company continued to expand its store network and opened two new stores (the first community living center Songrui Rainbow and Aqua City Rainbow Shopping Center), an independent supermarket and 23 convenience stores. It opened in Jiangxi in October.Opened Yingtan Tianhong Shopping Center; ②Closed: 11 convenience stores closed in 3Q19; ③Signed: Signed 5 shopping malls and department store projects and 5 independent supermarket projects in the third quarter.

At the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company has settled in 26 cities in 8 provinces / cities in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, and Sichuan, and operates a total of 16 shopping mall-type stores (including franchise and management output 5)), 69 department store stores (including 3 franchisees), 84 supermarket stores (including 10 independent supermarkets), 164 convenience stores, with a total area of more than 3.22 million square meters3, the expense ratio increased during the period 1-3Q19 1.

73pct to 22.

73%, mainly due to the increase in sales expense ratio.

Among them, the sales expense ratio of the 3Q19 company increased by 1.

76 up to 20.

59%, the management expense rate increases by 0 every year.

2 up to 2.

21%, financial income decreased by 2.01 million yuan to 2.29 million yuan; the final 3Q overall period expense ratio increased by 2 to 25.


4. In the first three quarters, the net profit attributable to the mother was downgraded.

15% to 6.

52 ppm, excluding the impact of real estate and Junshang Center stores closing, the estimated profit increased by 0.


In the third quarter, net non-operating income increased by 5.36 million yuan, and profit growth decreased by 22.

68% to 1.

92 ppm, effective tax rate decreased by 2.

56 averages to 21.


In the first three quarters, the net profit of the mother company was downgraded.

15% to 6.

5.2 billion yuan, of which 1-3Q growth rate is 5 each.

25% / 1.

1% /-20.
75%, after excluding the impact of real estate and Junshang Center store closures, the growth rate of 1-3Q was 9% / 2 each.

34% /-14.
18%, we judge that profit elasticity decreased mainly due to a high base and new stores.

Maintain judgment of the company.

The company started a comprehensive transformation in 2013, with incentives at all levels and full coverage of incentives; building core competitiveness around digital, experiential, and supply chains, leading the industry’s development and innovation, with integrated output capabilities; rich store stores, speeding up store openings, and innovative management outputMode, the efficiency and gross profit margin of sub-new districts are closer to mature regions.

Through continuous intensive cultivation and cultivation of internal skills, the company’s overall 深圳桑拿网 performance is guaranteed to grow steadily, and its peers will follow.

Update profit forecast.

Assuming that the real estate revenue confirmed in 2019 is the same as 2018, the net profit is expected to be 9-2019.

5.7 billion, 10.

5.6 billion, 11.

97 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

8%, 10.

3%, 13.

3%, of which the main retail business net profit was 8 each.

9.1 billion, 10.

310,000 yuan, 11.

97 ppm, an increase of ten years6.

3%, 15.

7%, 16.


Considering that the company is one of the leading department stores, it is one of the few retail enterprises that realizes business format adjustment and transformation and upgrading through endogenous innovation. It has the ability and opportunity to promote industry integration. It can give a certain estimated premium to 2019.Retail main business profit is 16-18 times PE, plus real estate net profit in 2019 is 0.

66 ppm, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 11.


42 yuan, maintain the “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

Outward expansion exceeded expectations; new store incubation period lengthened; real estate project sales were lower than expected; increased competition risks.

Wanhua Chemical (600309) Interim Report Comments: Interim Report Meets Expectations, Slight Pressure in Third Quarter

Wanhua Chemical (600309) Interim Report Comments: Interim Report Meets Expectations, Slight Pressure in Third Quarter

The core point of the interim report is in line with expectations: The company disclosed the 19H1 interim report, and the report actually achieved operating income of 315.

4 ‰, the ten-year average of 15.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 56.

2 ‰, an average of 46 in ten years.


Among them, the revenue in the single quarter of 19Q2 was 155.

9 trillion, 21 on New Year’s Eve.

5%, net profit attributable to mother 28.

25 ‰, a ten-year average of 47% (combined and adjusted after comparing the 18H1 data).

Due to the reasons, the price of polyurethane and petrochemical products of 19H1 company decreased significantly compared to 18H1, resulting in a significant change in 19H1 profit.

19Q3 results are expected to bottom: 19H1 domestic MDI prices show a roller coaster market, aggregate MDI started to increase from 11,000 yuan / ton in the beginning of the year, reached 18,000 yuan / ton in early April, and then continued to decline, until June fell to about 11,500 yuan / ton.
Although the current MDI price has basically stabilized and the polymerization has recently stabilized at around 13,000 yuan / ton, we expect that the price and spread of 19Q3 will still be slightly lower than the level of 19Q2.

We expect the 19Q3 performance to be slightly lower than 19Q2, which has reached the level of Wanhua’s overall economic decline, and the possibility of further decline is very small.

The new project is progressing smoothly: the company’s 19H1 capital expenditure reached 8.7 billion US dollars, fixed net assets increased by 6.8 billion yuan, construction in progress increased by 5.5 billion US dollars, and the polyurethane industry chain derivatives and supporting facilities on specific projects increased by 31.

2 ppm, ethylene integration project increased by 20 ppm, progress is relatively smooth.

The company’s operating cash flow in the first half of the year was 83 trillion, and the debt ratio increased to 58.

2%, the next two major projects need to invest about 25 billion. We expect that the company will not be able to increase leverage, the cash flow generated by continued profit can also ensure that the project is completed in 20-21 years.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We forecast the company’s total EPS to be 3 in 19-21.

80, 3.

60 and 4.

24 yuan, with a target price of 49 for a comparable company’s 19 times 19 times price-earnings ratio.

2 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

The risks indicate macroeconomic risks, risks of fluctuations in crude oil prices, risks of new project progress, and breakthroughs in MDI industry barriers.

Jiangling Motors (000550): Establishes Ford’s global cost-effective SUV segment with huge long-term development space

Jiangling Motors (000550): Establishes Ford’s global cost-effective SUV segment with huge long-term development space

The main points of the report describe the 杭州桑拿 announcement made by Jiangling Motors. From May 22 to May 30, the board of directors announced in a written announcement the approval of the “CX743 ICA vehicle export South America project to Job # 1 flow chart project between the company and Ford”.Service Agreement “and” CX743 ICA Vehicle Export South America Project Supplier ED & T Fee Payment Agreement “and authorized the company’s Executive Vice President Jin Wenhui to sign the above agreement on behalf of the company.

  Event commentary will be exported to South America, JMC re-ranks Ford’s global ranking of cost-effective SUVs.

Core points of the agreement: Ford hopes that JMC will implement regulations, oil products, use environment, and customer needs to adapt to South American requirements based on the domestic territorial model. Ford must be willing to pay a total of 38.4 million yuan in engineering service fees.Some suppliers need engineering, development, and testing of some parts, and Ford is willing to pay 19 million yuan.

  This event has two major meanings: 1) It is clear that JMC’s strategic layout is Ford’s global cost-effective SUV platform. The export of the border to South America is only a step of JMC’s overseas expansion. It is expected to expand more markets and export more models in the future.Long-term development space is opened.

2) The Chinese side estimates that the pioneering position in the industry not only indicates that JMC’s engineering development capabilities have been recognized by Ford, but also indicates that JMC is taking a step forward from domestic to global.

  South America sells more than 4 million cars each year, and SUV sales account for more than 20% of the total. The potential for territorial exports is constant.

According to OICA data, South American auto sales in 2017 were 4.4 million units, an increase of 13 per year.

6%, the top three countries are Brazil, Argentina and Chile, with sales of 2.24 million, 900,000 and 380,000 units respectively.

Take Brazil as an example. In 2017, SUV sales were 400,000, accounting for 18%, and sales growth in 2018 increased by 23% to nearly 500,000.

The champion of sales of compact SUV models in the Brazilian market is the Jeep Guide, with a number of 100,000 to 200,000 reais (160,000 to 380,000 yuan), and annual sales of more than 60,000, indicating the potential of territorial export potential.

  The realm has begun a new chapter in passenger cars, sounding the horn of growth and maintaining the “buy” level.

In the domestic market, due to the country ‘s transition from National V to National V to affect territorial climbing, the monthly sales in the second half of the season is expected to exceed 10,000 yuan, and then the cost-effective SUV models continue to be launched.

In overseas markets, the leader is the first to export to South America. It is expected to expand more markets and export more models in the future.

The company’s new passenger car cycle is gradually intensifying, and a new round of growth phase has begun.

The company is expected to have an EPS of 1 in 2019-2021.

25, 2.

54 and 3.

85 yuan, corresponding to 22 for PE.

3X, 11.

0X and 7.

2x, maintain BUY rating.

  Risk Warning: 1.

Territory domestic sales climbed less than expected; 2.

The progress of passenger car export business was lower than expected.

Moutai, Guizhou (600519): First quarter results start to show gradual growth

Moutai, Guizhou (600519): First quarter results start to show gradual growth
Event: The company announced the main operating data for the first quarter. In the first quarter of 20合肥夜网19, it achieved revenue growth of more than 20% and net profit growth of about 30%. The first quarter results were a good start and exceeded market expectations.The company’s Q1 performance ushered in a good start. The revenue growth rate exceeded the target target of 14%. Taking into account the tight supply of Q1 Moutai, some dealers plan to be banned, and other factors, the market expects a conservative Moutai Q1 performance, so the company’s quarterly reportExpected to exceed market expectations.At the same time, the company’s Q1 profit growth was significantly faster than its revenue growth. We believe this is mainly due to the company’s expansion of non-standard product launches and the increase in the proportion of direct sales channels. Benefiting from the company’s further improvement of profitability, the company’s 1Q1 is calculated according to this announcement.The net interest rate will reach approximately 52.8%, an increase of about 0 a year.5 points. Higher non-standard investment + increase in the proportion of direct sales promoted rapid growth in performance, and advance receipts were partially confirmed.Since the company experienced an expected low in the third quarter of last year, the annual report’s revenue and profit growth rate exceeded 26% and 30%, and this quarterly report is expected to exceed market expectations again. We believe that its core of exceeding expectations lies in its products.The increase in ton price brought by the adjustment of the structure and sales structure mainly comes from the following three aspects: 1) Centralized supply of non-standard products. The company puts out 7,500 tons of Moutai before the Spring Festival, and puts it in after the New Year’s Day.The amount of investment before the Spring Festival reached about 30%, which formed an incremental support for the company’s Q1 performance; 2) Increased direct sales, the company reduced 437 Moutai liquor dealers in 2018, we expect the direct sales of Q1 to increase slightlyOnly the specialty stores in the channel have initially increased significantly. We expect that the remaining contract volume is expected to be sold through the establishment of a marketing company.3) Confirmed part of the advance payment. In late March, dealers began to charge across the quarter from April to June. We expect that the overall shipment of Q1 is still expected to grow slightly. The advance payment of Taiwan has gradually increased for two consecutive quarters. We expect thatQ1 will confirm some advance receipts.In summary, we believe that the fundamental reason for the company’s two consecutive quarters of rapid growth is still due to continued tight demand from the supplier. At the same time, after the adjustment period in the third quarter of last year, the company made internal business strategies including product strategies and marketing strategies.In order to adjust in a timely manner, the benign fundamentals of the industry + the company’s rational decision-making helped the company’s performance growth return to the fast track. The preliminary plan is expected to be completed more than expected, and the medium and long-term sustainable growth capacity will be sustained.On the whole, the company ‘s first-quarter performance exceeded expectations and achieved its initial goal. The company has the ability to promote continuous growth by increasing the proportion of direct sales and upgrading the product structure. It also has a significant water storage effect on advance receipts, and the company ‘s scale revenue planningIt is expected to exceed expectations, and the Group’s 100 billion targets can be expected.In the medium and long term, based on the supply of base wine and market demand, we believe that the tight supply and demand layout of Moutai will persist for a long time. Recently, market approvals in some markets have increased to more than 1,900 yuan. Considering the large number of internal channel spreads, the futureMoutai still continues its ability to raise prices (direct price increases or product structure enhancement).In the long run, although the production and sales volume of Moutai will stabilize, the channel spread will eventually return to normal levels, and channel profits are expected to continue to reverse. The current corresponding 2019 performance valuation is about 25 times, considering the determination of Moutai performanceThe sexual premium and best performance are still expected to exceed expectations. We recommend that we look at the company’s investment opportunities from a long-term perspective and continue to recommend it. Investment suggestion: Re-buy rating.We estimate that the company’s total operating income for 2019-2021 will be US $ 896/1038/1193 billion, a year-on-year increase of 16% / 16% / 15%; net profit will be US $ 415/487 / 56.5 billion, an increase of 18% / 17% / 16%, corresponding to an EPS of 33.05/38.77/45.01 yuan. Risk warning: Sanggong’s consumption restrictions will increase, competition in the high-end wine industry will increase, and food quality accidents will occur.

Stroke medication

Stroke medication

Stroke, also called stroke, is a common disease in the cerebrovascular system.

It is divided into two categories, one is cerebral thrombosis, and the other is intracranial hemorrhage.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of stroke is related to the following situations: 1. Due to inappropriate living conditions, stagnation of emotions, and liver heat.

  2. Eating disorder, loss of spleen, and phlegm.

  3, physical quality is weak, exogenous wind evil.

Wind, fire, sputum, and heat interact with each other to cause a sudden onset, which is the most common direct cause of stroke.

  Therefore, from a quantitative point of view, the diet should be light, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as radishes, coriander, celery, Chinese cabbage, bananas, pears, etc., with cold serum heat, digestion appetizers, wide chest tonic.

Fast foods, such as chicken, lard, pepper, tobacco and alcohol.

  The use of traditional Chinese medicine drug therapy has a certain therapeutic effect on wind.

  1. Symptoms of internal phlegm fever: fainting has suffocated, the sound exits, throat phlegm, astringent language, strong tongue and greasy tongue, slippery pulses.

  Governing Law: Relieve heat and remove phlegm.

  Therapeutic side: Fritillaria porridge Fritillaria powder 15g, previous rice 50g, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Boil the porridge with regular rice and rock sugar as usual. Add the Fritillaria powder when the broth is not thick, and cook for a while with mild fire. Stop the fire when the porridge is thick, and serve warm morning and evening.

  Winter paw drink wheat winter melon seeds 30g, brown sugar amount, smashed, boiled water.

  Radish juice, white radish pound juice, 30ml each time, 3 times a day.

Or mix radish juice in the porridge.

  2. Symptoms of liver fire burning: fainting has passed, the sound of the mouth is open, the qi is high, the restlessness is disturbed, both the head is swollen and tinnitus, the top is painful and the tongue is red.

Pulse number.

  Governing Law: Qinggan Xiehuo.

  Therapeutic formula: pig gall mung bean powder pig bile 120g, mung bean powder 80g, mix and dry thoroughly, 6g per serving, 2 times a day.

  Chrysanthemum porridge before the autumn frost, pluck the chrysanthemums, dry or steam them, or dry them in the shade, then grind them for future use.

First use 100ml of the original rice, add water as usual to cook porridge, when the porridge is ready, add 10-15g of chrysanthemum powder, cook a little, then boil.

  Celery porridge 60g (chopped) fresh celery, previously 100g rice, put in casserole, add water to cook porridge as usual, take warm morning and evening.

Should be cooked and eaten, not for long.

  Sword bean tea Sword bean root 30g, add 3g black tea, decoction.

  3. Symptoms of righteousness: eyes closed, hissing and shortness of breath, short tongue and blue face, spontaneous sweating, cold hands and feet, self-contained stool, tongue quality, and weak pulse.

  Governing Law: Ziyin Yiqi Gutu.

  Therapeutic side: 15g red ginseng soup, fried.

  Ginseng soup ginseng 10g, orange peel 10g, thresh leaf 15g, sugar 150g, 30ml water.

Decoction for tea.

  Schisandra soup Schisandra 10g, perilla leaf 18g, ginseng 12g, sugar 100g, add 3000ml of water, fry to 1500ml, filter the residue and drink soup.

  Oyster wheat bran powder is divided into oyster powder, wheat bran is divided into equal portions, 3g each time, twice a day.

  4. Symptoms of kidney deficiency and collateral obstruction: short tongue, no speech, no foot pocket, or hemiplegia, or half body failure, red tongue, weak pulse.

  Governing Law: Yishen Tongluo.

  Therapeutic formula: Lycium barbarum, Lycium barbarum, 15g each, and water for tea.

  Asparagus porridge 30g Asparagus, 50g white rice, porridge to eat.

  Rehmannia porridge takes 100ml of raw rehmannia juice. Cook the previous rice first. Congee into rehmannia juice and stir well.

  Chinese wolfberry and Qiqi jujube lean meat soup 15g of Chinese wolfberry, 10g of angelica, 30g of astragalus, 10 jujubes and 100g of pig lean meat.Mix the above flavors together with soup, season with salt, and eat soup.

White-collar newcomers nine crazy one by one_1

White-collar newcomers “nine crazy” one by one

Quite particular about human beings, cultivation, and skills, many people who are new to the workplace are full of ambition but have been hit by the head.
The following will make a one-on-one analysis of the “nine crazys of white-collar newcomers”.
  ”Crazy” symptom one: famous school and department, who is fighting!
 ◎ “Crazy” Index: ★★★★ Generally speaking, the students who are about to step into the society are full of spirits. Four years of university life has built a solid knowledge structure for them, and also created their “arrogance” from the inside out.”.
  However, society is not as simple as a school. No matter how high your education is and the background of a famous school or department, people may not buy it.
  Case: When Xiao Li University graduated, it was a good time to recruit people from a famous media in Shanghai. Look at the recruitment requirements: Bachelor degree or above, related majors, it is best to have some practical experience; Think about your own conditions: recognized by the Chinese department of a famous Shanghai universityA talented girl, the Department of Publicity Minister of the Student Union, has organized many large-scale activities, and also worked in a periodical department for nearly two years. She has also published a lot of works. She feels that this recruitment is just for her.
When she passed the initial test and went to the interview with the guts of “who would be my own”, the situation outside the test room let her take a sigh of relief: all the candidates who came to this interview with a 10: 1 interview rate were allFor those who are not idle, there are graduate students in journalism and senior journalists with very rich news works. Among these people, Xiao Li feels how ridiculous he is.
  ”Crazy” symptom two: personality independence, refusal to cooperate!
  ◎ “Crazy” Index: ★★★★ Today’s college students are well-protected and unique seedlings, and they show their youthfulness and disrespect in their behaviors, but they look out of place when they arrive in the society.
Speaking of fashion is “avant-garde” and “personal”, in fact, they are self-righteous and vulnerable.
  Case: Confident and introverted Wang can be said to be smooth before graduating from university. From kindergarten to college, he is the “top-notch” in his class. His parents have hardly been concerned about his studies. He graduated from the local university and enteredWorking for a computer company.
Xiao Wang, who has just entered the society, still believes that he is the best. When he sees the leader handing over some of the more important designs to his colleagues, he feels very unbalanced. The designs made by colleagues are alwaysDisapproving, ridiculing some of these imperfections, a look of no chance.
Over time, colleagues had a lot of opinions on him, so the boss had to ask him to seek another job.
  ”Crazy” symptom three: The more you are, the more your boss is!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★★ 企业 In the enterprise, some people are unwilling to do tricky work, and some “promising young people” always like to be more and more 俎.
This kind of enthusiasm for work should be encouraged, but when it is overdone, good things become bad things.
  Case: Xiao Zhu studied art design. After graduation, she worked as a beauty editor in a magazine.
There are not many people in the editorial department. The editor is a kind old lady with a harmonious atmosphere.
But harmonious and harmonious, the editor is a serious person, and must be personally involved in business matters.
  Xiao Zhu feels that she has no room for creation, and sometimes strives for reasons so that her ideas can be realized on the page.
Taking into account his enthusiasm for work and professional background, the editor-in-chief respects his opinions as much as possible, and Xiao Zhu’s self-confidence and sense of ownership are getting stronger.
Once the editor-in-chief met, the printing company came to send the final proof. The editor-in-chief was asked to sign and print. Xiao Zhu signed the name of the editor with a swipe.
Unexpectedly, there was still room for change in the proof.
The magazine had to be reprinted.
Xiao Zhu not only received batches, but also withheld his salary for the month.
  ”Crazy” Symptom 4: Open your heart quickly and keep your mouth open!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★★ Gossiping and gossiping, some things are as taboo as possible, such as involving the privacy of the boss, new decisions being brewed by the company, personnel transfer, etc. It is okay to communicate in private, but new peopleHe always talked openly in front of the audience, and accidentally crossed the limit.
  Case: Liang Zi was recommended by the department to the secretariat of an institution when he graduated, and naturally had more opportunities to contact the leaders.
He can also participate in some of the more important meetings, and he is more informed.
  It should be said that Liang Zi still knows the discipline that can not be leaked at important meetings, but in the envious eyes and touts of the newcomers who come with him, Liang Zi cannot hold it.
Coupled with the “inside story” of some incidents, he was very young and very opinionated, and he really did not vomit, so colleagues often heard young Liang Zi talk in the office.
Three years later, Liang Zi, who could not be reused, resigned resignedly.
  ”Mad” Symptom 5: Frequent job-hopping, three towards four!
  ◎ “Crazy” Index: There are many newcomers who have just graduated who have high self-confidence. I always feel that my current job is too genius, and I just plan to change jobs as soon as I step into the unit.
As a result, he jumped up and down, still the highest on the original hill.
  Case: On the second anniversary of graduation, Hai Tao chose the fifth job change. He smiled bitterly and said that he was a “professional job changer.”
The first job change was after he had been a teacher in a middle school for 3 months. He felt that a big guy was confined to a three-foot podium and a workbook all day and was a waste of life.Break the world.He feels that the criterion for the success of a person in modern society is whether there is money or not, whether there is power or not, and he has no background. “Power” is not to think about, then work on “money”.

He had done insurance, acted as a small food agent, and worked as a counter manager in a supermarket. Every time he changed jobs, he firmly believed that he was closer to the target. However, when he checked the bag today, he found that he was still empty-handed except for being tired.

He said that his biggest wish now is to have a stable career, even if the salary is lower.

  ”Crazy” symptom six: I am better than you!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ After the novice enters the company, because the working environment and the nature of the work are not very clear, the boss often arranges some old employees with work experience for novice internship.

But many novices who are very confident in their professional knowledge or ability to do business feel that it is redundant.

  Case: After graduating from Wang Zhi University, he went to work as a journalist on the TV station, and the director of the department arranged for him to take him.

Lao Li is an old photographer, and people are not good at talking.

In the cooperation, Wang Zhi felt that some of Li’s so-called “photographic experiences” were too outdated.

During an interview, he took advantage of Lao Li’s late arrival and ran out by himself.

When the film came back, I felt very good, so I asked Li to give some advice.

I did not expect Lao Li to talk about ideas, and Wang Zhi must be obeyed. Since then, he no longer dares to ignore Lao Li.

  ”Mad” Symptom 7: I can speak, I can say more than I do!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Young people easily see things as simple and idealistic, so that they are inexplicable when they hit a wall.

  I hereby warn those newcomers: It is good to have passion, but just think about it before speaking. If you are 50% sure, then say it, the remaining 50% will use your passion and hard work to practice.

  Case: A child studying architectural design and three students in the class went to the architectural design institute for an internship.

  At the beginning of work, the leader showed them the design plan for a client and wanted to hear their thoughts.

The child and his classmates knew everything and talked endlessly. They counted the famous buildings in ancient and modern times at home and abroad, and compared them with many suggestions.

The leaders finally asked them to revise the original plan, and everyone took it with confidence.

Unexpectedly, I realized in practice that my proposal could not be realized at all, and I had to turn over the design proposal intact.

  ”Crazy” symptom eight: Disdain trivial matter, start another stove!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Do you understand the principle of “don’t be small and don’t be small”?

The reason why the leader does not let you do big things alone is because he is not yet sure that you still have some such strength.

Sometimes, some savvy supervisors often use a few small things to examine your work style before promoting you.

  There is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

  Case: Xiao Zhang is a clerk of a foreign company.

The style of this foreign company’s business is very simple, and even every page of printing paper must be used in reverse.

Once, the handyman in the office didn’t come. The director held a large pile of used printing paper and let the chapters be sorted by size for reuse.

Xiao Zhang was very upset, and the stack of paper remained on the table for a day.

When the director unhappyly took away the stack of paper and sorted it out by himself the next day, Xiaozhang felt something bad. Sure enough, when the company tailor tailored a few days later, Xiaozhang was fired.

  ”Crazy” symptom nine: avant-garde dress, taste flaunted!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Each unit has its own unique image. If you want to work in which unit, you must first dress up in line with the overall image of the unit, rather than blindly pursue “uniqueness.”

  Case: Li Lu is a beautiful girl with a good figure. She is very particular about her clothes and is very fashionable.

In summer, she wears bellybands, so she dare to walk in the office with plaster exposed.

Not to mention the cold wind in the office building made her whole body cold, and her colleagues’ special eyes also made her unnatural.

One week later, the company issued the “Staff Dress Code”: during working hours, it is not allowed to be exposed in order to avoid affecting the company’s image.

  Editor’s Note: Newcomers who have just taken up a job have some work experience. If they refuse to use their brains to get the job done, they want to ask someone to do the work for them. It is even harder to get ahead.

At the same time, the workplace is not a school, not a family. Some students must completely abstain from their pride and self-centeredness; they must have certain communication skills and cooperative spirit, and it is necessary to learn some etiquette and cultural knowledge, and to go down to earthstep.

The most detoxifying is glutinous rice

The most detoxifying is glutinous rice

Nowadays, many people like to mix some cereals such as rice, black rice, and barley in their diet. But, do you know their nutritional characteristics and health benefits?

Who is unfit to eat these foods?

  The most detoxified is glutinous rice and glutinous rice, also known as Jiangmi. Because of its fragrant and sticky texture, it is often made into flavor snacks, which is loved by everyone.

Glutinous rice contains nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, and a large amount of starch

  Reminder: Eating glutinous rice in winter can improve the ability to keep warm.

  Glutinous rice has the functions of tonifying qi and tonifying qi, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, solidifying antiperspirants, stopping diarrhea, aborting, detoxifying and treating sores. It can be used for cold stomach pain, gastric and duodenal ulcers, polyuria, thirstSymptoms such as sweating and pimples.

  Glutinous rice is not easy to digest and should not be eaten in excess. The elderly, children, and those with weak spleen and stomach should pay special attention.