Guo Weixun, Director of Hong Kong in Han Office: Pay attention to Hong Kong Youth in the central region.

Recommended reading May 30, 2022, the sixth National Science and Technology Workers’ Day, at the Yantai Coast Belt Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Yantai, Shandong. -3016: 53 The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Hubei, is even more magnificent under the reflection of the sunset.

2022-05-3016: 50 at the critical period of the winter wheat raising flowers, Wen’an County carried out a full coverage of wheat control rule, and the coverage of the control of the control of the control reached 100%. This year, the area of ??wheat breeding in the county reached 10,000 acres. 2022-05-2310: In the early summer of the early summer, the Lingzhi Lake Scenic Area, the group of egrets, pool herons, night herons and other herons to build nests, inhabit, and reproduce.

2022-05-2310: 40 Since the East China Sea entered the Fuxing period on May 1st, all the Yuhuan fishing vessels entered the port for ship repair, mechanical maintenance, and fishing gear renovation "three repair" to prepare for the fascism in the second half of the year. 2022- 05-2310: On May 22, 2022, the Sea Rice Performance Festival is in Qingdao, Shandong, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, Kashgar, Xinjiang, Xinjiang Kizilukir Kiz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Second Division, Heilongjiang Tieli, Zhejiang Taizhou Seventh province The ground opened one after another. 2022-05-2310: 33 On May 16, 2022, many world-first-level species and national first-class protection animals-green head ducks were found.

2022-05-1710: On May 13, 2022, the Shandong Yixian County Customs Working Committee and the County Disabled Persons’ Federation jointly organized the first launching ceremony of the 32nd National Disabled Persons Assistance Day and "Love-Chinese Good Man from the China".

The book was published by the China Federation of Literature and Cultural Federation Press, which vividly tells the touching story of the national model of helping disability and disabled, and the Communist Party member Shin Xingfen for decades.

2022-05-1500: 00 In the early summer, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal transportation of coal, stone, steel, wood and other cargo ships shuttled through, and the stream of rivers are not interesting 2022-05-1311: 37 At present, Wen’an County has established a demonstration of the transformation of the human manufacturing industry in Zuozhuang Town There were 19 traditional industrial agglomeration zones such as the district "" Daweihexiang wire and cable production gathering area ", with 693 entry companies, with a settlement rate of 90%. 2022-05-1311: On May 11, 2022, after a rainfall, the Great Wall of Jinshanling County, Pingping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province.

2022-05-1211: 02 May this year is the second publicity month in the country. The Xinjiang Kashie Border Management Detachment Red Qilafu Border Police Station organized police to go to the front-line ranch of the border, and the construction units arrived in the border. Ping Ping Ping Police Propaganda Campaign with the theme of the Civil Code 2022-05-1110: 55 On May 6, 2022, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, is located in Xiangyang Moon Bay Wetland Park in Xiangyang Hanjiang National Wetland Park. A beautiful ecological scroll.

2022-05-0813: At the end of 224, at the time of preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control of Lixin County, Anhui, the volunteers of Lixin Agricultural Bank of China were in the battle. Help residents of the community register a QR code, auxiliary sampling code, and maintain order. In the past few days, it has provided more than 10,000 residents to provide epidemic nucleic acid information collection services. 2022-05-0810: On May 5, 2022, the Great Wall of Jinshanling, Chengde City, Hebei Province. At the beginning of the summer season, the Great Wall Scenic Area of ??the Jinshan Ridge is green, lush and beautiful. 2022-05-0610: 00 On May 4, 2022, the Yangtze River Porporates played in the large river in the lower river waters of Gezhouba, Yichang City, Hubei Province.

2022-05-0510: On May 1, 2022, the ancient town scenic area of ??the Hongya Liujiang River, Sichuan Sichuan and the local non-heritage culture "marry", interact intimately with tourists, release the economic and social value of non-heritage culture, further deepen the integration of cultural tourism integration Become a new highlight of the scenic area and improve the experience of tourists’ experience.

2022-05-0212: 50 On May 1, 2022, the salt lake in the city of Shanxi Province showed outstanding beautiful landscapes.

The local implementation of "refunding the salt and returning to the lake" "returning the lake to the people" ecological restoration project, changing the salt lake from a mining area and industrial area to a tourist area, the ecological environment is getting better and better.

2022-05-0211: 00 April 25, 2022, a hot slip test vehicle is conducting a hot slip test in the Hangzhou High-speed Railway Lake Hang section of Kanggan Street, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. 2022-04-2510: 41 In recent years, Nanchuan District has continued to carry out city Zhou Shi desertified governance, protects urban ecological barriers, improves urban landscape construction, enhances the green land rate of urban construction areas, and makes citizens push the windows to see green and go out to enjoy flowers. 2022-04-2210: 37. Narrate。

Summary is somewhat amazed。
, Then nod,“This is true,However, they use water to make testing。”
Three people have dotted。
When I first established a laboratory,Summer is naturally involved in it.,And have a great enthusiasm。
There must be a certain recognition for the steps of the researchers at the time.。
He glanced around and swept around,Rotate to the right,Pick up two experimental special glassware。
Subsequently poured in the inside。
When the water reaches half of the vessel,Stop in summer。
And then put a red coral on the table,Gently put into one of the utensils。
He smiled and heard three people,“Three minutes later,You can use a pen,It can be distinguished by detecting the purity of water.。”
I heard this sentence,Three people are all。
“Mr. Xia,What you mean,Soak red coral,The mysterious energy inside will volatilize in the water,And mysterious energy icon,Right??”
Owen suddenly said。
Summer nodded,“It’s almost like this.,But there is still a difference,I will understand when you check it.。”
Three people are sophisticated。
And at this time。
Three water quality detection brushes are placed in the workbench in the summer,Mandabate them can do hand。
First2080Chapter Another kind of idea
What changes will happen??
Three people in the Yangman took a water test pen,Heart gave birth to a thick curious。
Owen is the first to touch,Exploring the detection pen into the utensils in the red coral。
Xiangyang and Guan Ruo Britain look at each other,Immediately made a decision。
Among them, Guan Ruo Ying explores its own test pen into a utensils without red coral.,And the sun is also like Owen,Exploring the other utensils。
When the field is suddenly quiet。
In order to be more sure and true,Three people stay more than one minute。
Then I took the test pen.,Take a closer look at the value。
The first talk is Guan Ruo Ying,“This vessel is an ordinary tap water,Numerical value102,It’s not bad.。”
Unusual,The water quality of ordinary tap water is generally80Until230Among,The lower the value,Indicates that the water quality is better。

Fushun explores the implementation of the "two -way selection" mechanism

Original title: 325 rich leaders benefited "I filled a development demand form at the beginning of the year, and the cadres of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions took the initiative to call me, inquire about the situation, and provided me with a one -year interest -free loan of 100,000 yuan. "On April 20, Li Haiwei, the leader of the rich village in Yushu Township, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, happily told reporters that the loan solved his problem of expanding the lack of funds in the breeding scale.

  Since last year, Fushun City has explored the "two -way selection" of functional departments and rural rejuvenation talents, and through the functional department "positive gang" and rural revitalization talents "reverse selection" Funding, technical training, production guidance and other development problems.

  In terms of "positive gangs", Fushun City organizes 18 direct departments such as agricultural rural areas, forestry, trade unions, and women’s federations to produce the "Rural Revitalization Industry Support Development Demand Form". 61 accurate assistance projects such as policy interpretation and skills training, clarify the specific assistance persons and contact information, and provide "point -to -point" telephone consulting services.

In terms of "reverse election", the township party committee and the village "two committees" organize the leaders of the local rural areas to get rich, and check the projects that need to be helped in the form.

Organizational departments at all levels summarize the needs of the needs in a timely manner. For those who meet policy support, the person in charge of the assistance department will form a helping pair with the relevant talents "one -to -one", follow the whole process to follow the help, and resolve the development of rural revitalization industrial projects with high quality. Actual difficulty. Earlier this year, Fushun City has fully upgraded the assistance mechanism, 10 new assistance projects will be added, and all the assistance project introduction and development demand table will be entered into the online platform.

Rural rich leaders can choose the individual’s need to assist the project online. The organization department regularly fills in data in the background statistics, and timely feedback to the relevant municipal units for accurate assistance. "Now, everyone can log in to the network platform at any time. Fill in the statistical table according to their own needs, which is much more convenient, and the problems encountered can be solved faster and better." Ding Xiwen said. Since the beginning of this year, Fushun City has selected the development needs of 1,092 wealthy leaders online, and 928 of them have formed a support for the backbone of the relevant units.

(Responsible editor: Yin Baihan, Tonglong) Share more people see the client download.

Earthly,A person who has gathered from the water has been drilled out from the crack.,Grotting the corner of Zhitian,then,Like no form,Correctly in the crack,The two arms and half of the bodies have also revealed out。

“Oh, ah.!”Zo Tian saw a horrible scene when I was screaming,Turned to crazy out of the outside,Don’t dare to look back,A blink of an eye, Just disappeared from the Xi Qi Tuan’s line of sight.。
Looking at Zo Tian left,Si Qi Tuan is slightly tone,then,The white jade double-edged sword in her hands is also melted.,Disappeared in your own hands。
then,Si Qi Tole can slow down,Looking at the liquid human form of gradually agglomerating,The eyes flashed a touch of faint。
(This chapter is over)
NS423chapter Forced back
Significant manual shape in front of the water flow,Si Qi Tuan smile frowns,But didn’t say anything。
“What are you doing??”Not think,That man is said to speak first.,“Just like she left her.?”
“According to the plan,Now I have entered the final stage.?”Schili Tuan said faintly,“Now this time,I think it is best not to have more than wealthy branches.。”
“Humph,That didn’t let her alive?”Liquid humanoid sounds,“Personally,Go to grab her back。”
“Yes!”I heard this figure,Two black people in the factory immediately stood up,Although it is full of strange and fear in the eyes of liquid human formation,But the two are still resolutely promised.。
“very good。”Liquid figure only has a smile on the strange face of the eyelids and mouth,Then turn around and follow。
hateful!Si Qi Tuan looked at a slightly killing in the eyes of liquid people.,Just when she wants to have something to do,Her mobile phone suddenly rang,When she saw the call to the mobile phone,Subtle flashing,Pocardly。
After a few minutes。
“Hoot!”Sky is taken in the hands of a tall black man,Constantly struggling,“let me go!”
At this time, the heart of Sky is simply desperate.,Originally according to that‘Kidnap’You can go out to run in the direction of yourself.,The result is not yet half of themselves.,and,Ownlevel 1The weak strength is completely unable to protect yourself。Without any choice,Can only be smashed again。
“Ah, ah.,”At this moment,That previously strange human form appeared again in front of Sky,Only three holes of the horchable faces make Zo Tian couldn’t help but shake it.,“Still a small mouse?。”
Sky looks like a ghostless creature,Heart fear is more prosperous,But I can’t use it at this time.,The whole person is also raised in his hand.,Can only listen to life。
“never mind,Ask her to ask her.。”See Zuotian this look,Liquid human form seems to be boring,Put on,Turning around two black people,“Then you will be handled.。”
Sky,Just say something,Her eyes have grown up,at the same time,Liquid human form also slammed,I am in the original place.。
Two dull sound came,Sko Sky painted in the ground,Her side,Two black big people did not ring directly on the ground,In front of Sky,A brown-red hair girl is standing there,Hand white jade double-edged sword,Cold-cold looking at the liquid manpower。
“how——Do you want to betray??”The alert looks that it is obvious that this will happen.,After I said, I said.,“Or do you have a love for this little mouse??”
“I will not manage this fool.。”Si Qi Tuan snorted,Subsequently lift the head,Staring in the liquefied manpower,“but,If it is betrayed,Should you be you?,Alert?”
Si Qi Tuan said,Alert to see that the controlled people will naturally do not have any expression,But her body is quietly stagnant.,The flow of the coated surface is like stopping a moment.。
“‘ber’It is working for the command of the college’s union council.,”No response to the police policy,Si Qi Tuan is still faint,“However, this work seems to be a little different.。”
“This work,It is nothing to do with the unified council.!”Si Qi Tuan’s eyes flashed,“Is your own dependence with the outside,Let us work for you as an intermediary.?”
“I booked the reason for your betrayal for your command.。”Schili Town,“Although I am talking about me,This reason does not make sense,but——”
“Rebur,Must be lowered!”Si Qi Tuan two eyes,White jade sword in your hand lifts up,Flashing in the hands of the girl as if the flame is general。
“Feed,You won’t plan to play here.?”Looking at the attack gesture made by Si Qi,The liquid humanoid of the police is not afraid.,I didn’t even have to refute anything that Schili Tuan said.,“You are afraid not my opponent.!”
“It is difficult to say。”Si Qi Tuan is not afraid of the warning,“Think,You have not fully understood my surgery.?”
Liquid factory,Listen to the voice of Schiline in the headphones,Wearing a black nurse clothing flashing in the eyes of a cold,Subsequent but laugh,Shake the shaking head。
It is also after all.,This person’s power is not from the urban city.。The alert looks to the chin,Quietly think,If you get it?,I seem to be very good at all.。
“Oh, is it like this.。”Take a while,The police saw a laughter,Speak out,“This is here soon.,Before leaving,Give you a small suggestion.!”
“If there is a place that can go back,It is best to leave http://www.canyinb.cnthe urban city.!”The alert to see the intercom in the hand slight smile,“If you want to live for a long time。”Finish,Girl gently stunned,The corner of the mouth evoke a radiative。
“That side picture is really interesting.!”
Liquid factory,Schili Tuanli suddenly looked at the previous human form,Goes on the ground,Look indifferent。
“I already,There is no place to go back.。”Si Qi Tuan whispered a sentence,Then turn over,Looking at the horror, look at this scene。

Beijing Huairou comprehensively promotes the creation of "basically no illegal construction zone"

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 14th (Dong Zhaorui) established a leading group with the establishment of the district party secretary and the district head of the team leader. The creation of "basically no illegal construction areas" will be comprehensively promoted. During the year, it will complete the demolition of 1.8 million square meters of illegal construction and the reduction of 200 hectares of land to ensure the success of the establishment.

In 2021, the processing of the classification and governance of the governance of the Huairou District made a progress of%. This year is the second year of the three -year creation of the "Basic No illegal Construction Zone" in Beijing, and the year of the end of the creation of Huairou District.

"Huairou is an important carrier and ecological conservation area in the capital function. The creation of basically no illegal construction areas is an inevitable requirement for implementing Beijing’s overall planning and Huairou partition planning. The inevitable approach is also an important practice to promote the modernization of urban governance systems and governance capabilities. "Xiao Haibin, director of the investigation of illegal office of Huairou District, insisted on creating work with partition planning and promoting the implementation of partition planning with the creation of work. The basic principles of transitioning from the township township township township towns to the township of Pingyuan Township, and the scale of existing illegal construction have been established in an orderly manner.

It is understood that the overall goal of creating a "basically no illegal construction area" in Huairou District is that the new life illegal construction strict control and strict control, dynamic zero growth, and the basics of existing illegal construction are basically processed.

To this end, this year, it will mainly do a good job of 7 aspects, including: resolutely curb the construction of new students and achieve "zero growth"; do a good job in the verification of the construction of the stock illegal construction. According to the progress, the "Hundred Days Campaign" was carried out from March to May, and it was touched and disassembled first, then roughly disassembled and then demolished and then demolished. 80%of the task indicators.

From June to August, the "100 -day tackling" was carried out. In response to the difficulty of demolishing the "no -procedure" building, we concentrated their strength to tackle, and completed the remaining 20%of the classification certificates to verify and demolish illegal land.

"We will fully implement work mechanisms such as daily summary, weekly adjustment, monthly notification, formulate shards, segments, and set the responsibility and control system for people, and adopt regular guidance, field inspections, and on -site office. The key breakthrough drives comprehensive advancement.

"Xiao Haibin introduced, taking Huairou Town as an example. As of March 14, the illegal construction area of ??10,000 square meters had been issued, with a checkout rate of 134%, and the task of demolition was completed%.

According to the "mature batch and acceptance of a batch", Huairou distinguishes two batches of creation units to carry out the creation of creation. By the end of April, the four pilot creation and acceptance work of the four pilot creation units of the Mankou Gate, Baoshan Town, Changxian Yingzu Township, and Tanghekou Town were completed. ; In September, the municipal departments were requested to conduct the "basically no illegal construction zone" for acceptance.

It is reported that in response to the issue of feedback from the municipal -level acceptance, Huairou District will in -depth search of the roots, form a rectification list in a timely manner, and urge the rectification before the end of December.

At the same time, the orderly promotion of the classification and treatment of unsatisfactory categories, to be improved, homestead, and continuous governance projects, and "look back" in classification, resolutely prevent "rebound back tide", and "control new life and fine management" Catch to the end. On this basis, Huairou District will also focus on building a long -term management mechanism of "fine management land and intensive land", forming a long -term management and control system covering the full process such as law enforcement, supervision, management, approval, accountability, and risk assessment. Essence At present, Huairou District has established a leading group with district party committee secretary and district chief, and the leaders of the districts as the deputy team leader. The guarantee group and comprehensive coordination office.

As a creation unit, 16 streets and towns have also set up work classes to steadily and orderly work. "The real purpose of creating work is to realize the transformation from ‘retransmit" to’ heavy governance ‘, and from rectification -type demolition to planning to lead a refined governance violation.

Therefore, the creation process must firmly grasp the theme of high -quality development, actively coordinate the second half of the articles that are illegal, and continuously optimize the regional urban space layout and ecological environment construction, promote regional functions, living environment, urban quality and development level. Improve and continuously improve the happiness, gain and satisfaction of the people. Wang Jiangang, member of the Standing Committee of the Huairou District Committee and deputy district, said. (Responsible editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) shared let more people see it.

Xia Jian walked over,Sitting between Jin Yimei and Wang Lin。Jin Yimei smiled and said:“President Xia!Our office is packed,Can move tomorrow”

“OK!I think so!Move all office equipment on the first floor,Finished restoring the first floor to a home。How to decorate,It’s up to you,And immediately,Must not disturb the people,In addition The decoration speed should be very good,More money doesn’t matter。What office is missing,To fill up as soon as possible,Because our battle is about to start。move、And leave all the office layout to Zhang Le,You and Wang Lin focus on this project of shantytown reconstruction”
Xia Jian was talking,The brain is thinking non-stop。He thought for a while and said:“You can come early in the morning,Go back as early as possible at night。When these two projects are taken down,I can give you a few days off,Give you a good rest”
“Thank you Mr. Xia,I’ll go now。Let Vice President Wang report to you about the shantytown project。I start tomorrow morning,Arrive half an hour earlier than others”
Jin Yimei got up and left after talking。
After Jin Yimei’s footsteps disappear completely。Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian and asked:“You were busy till dawn last night,It’s not good to rest,Where did you go?”
“Damn!There is no alternative。Zhang Teng caused something,I come out to help,I didn’t expect to glue me,But okay,The problem is finally solved”
Xia Jian said,Can’t help but take a breath。
Wang Lin snorted:“Not right!Which beauty was given the needle again?!”
“Ah!You are getting better and better now,Even know this。But not a beauty,He can be regarded as a half-old milf。Hey!How do you know this?”
Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“I went in and looked at you when you were asleep,Found a strap on the head of the bed,Pinned money for acupuncture,So i guess”
“Ah!Since you all guessed something,Then I might as well tell you about it。This woman is called Zhang Fenglan,In his fifties。The head of the Ray Group,A multinational company,The headquarter of the group isYDL。Her leg is sick,I gave her the needle,But it’s all over”

Deep in the mountains blooms (new era · facial)

Li Kai is the first secretary of Sanhe Village, Zhaojue County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. This year is the fourth year of his job assistance.After Sanhe Village was awarded the honorary title of "National Model of Poverty Alleviation in the Country" last year, Li Kai set a new goal of struggle- "To work with the villagers, the construction of Sanhe Village became more and more beautiful, and the days of the Yi compatriots became more.Come and get better. "In order to achieve this goal, after the expiration of the three -year assistance period, Li Kai took the initiative to apply and stayed.

In the year of extension, with the help of Li Kai, Sanhe Village took industrial rejuvenation as an important measure to consolidate poverty alleviation, explore the development of industries such as breeding, planting, processing, and tourism suitable for the village, and promoting the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation results.Effectively connecting rural rejuvenation.

In 2021, the per capita disposable income of poverty alleviation households in the village reached more than 10,000 yuan.

In April of this year, Li Kai submitted a postponed application again. "I am still young and I am willing to contribute my youthful power here.

"Cao Zheng and Xu Hongtao reported.

Summer look。

He can see it,Regardless of its strength or fighting experience,Be extremely superior。
Not the martial arts on the island,Most empty realm,It’s not very good.。
Every shot is extremely drilled,Tie to the sword demon all the joints。
“The joint is the weakness of sword demon……”Summer is dark。
Be in front,He cut off the sword,The wound is not a blood,Instead, there is a very pure fire.。
I feel that the original fire is so long,Dark magical dragon and replaced,Summer fire elements between heavens and the earth are extremely sensitive。
He dares,The sword magic is absolutely pure and huge!This kind of fire,Is the same as the refiner。
Interrogate,Men have achieved absolute advantage,How many times I bombarded?,Complete the sword magic leg joint。
Then the latter shot is like a poisonous dragon thorn hole,I suddenly a shock,Will tear joint。
The sword devil with strong unwillingness and grievances,Body lost balance,Revert to the ground,The mouth issued a sound like metal friction。
Men take a long gun,Looking down at the sword magic broken arm,Watching the shoulders from the ribs to a deep pit。
His pupil pose micro-condensation。
Drake swordsman double sword,I left scars in it.……What is the power?? He turned,Looked at the summer,Then I stared at the snake knife in the hands of the summer.。
This snake knife is to refine the military conference,Completely purified by Gengjin,No array。
Even so,Also sharp to pole。
Its uplinks turn out of Sensen chill,Directly let the man sweat together。
He stepped over to the summer,I have a bloody badge on his shoulder hanging.。
“I am Zhang Hong, the 36th team.,Which team are you??
I have never seen you.。”
“Which team isn’t I?,Come from Ze City。”
Zhang Hong stunned,Immediately extruded smile,“You are going to get the big rear, it is.?”
Summer is not explained。
Zhang Honggan cough,Refers to the snake knife in his hand,“Since this,Brother, you don’t sell this to me.?”
Summer,I watched him deeply.,Shakehead,“Do not sell。”
Say,Turned forward。
Zhang Hong’s eyes,Looking at the back of the summer,Greed and killing alternate,Sink,Slue up。
“brother,You don’t have to fight in a wound.,This knife is buried in your hands.,Give me,I will kill more swordsman,War for defending the wind city。”

Eliminate employment discrimination and reduce the threshold for rights protection

Recommended reading In recent years, the Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County of Hebei Province has vigorously developed special fruit planting industries such as cherries and promoted farmers’ income.

2022-03-1017: On 15th, celebrating the International "March 8th" Women’s Day Ceramics Creation Pen was held at Yangmeiting Station in Yangmeting, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. 2022-03-0909: 55 On March 7, 2022, the temperature of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, rose, and the Hunhe River channel gradually melted. A group of migrating seagulls arrived as scheduled. A scenery of the river 2022-03-0809: 55 The spring returns to the earth in Renhuai City, Guizhou Province. The birds stop and play in the flowers.

2022-03-0714: 49 Thousands of acres of vegetable bases in Jieshui Township, Yushui District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province and rapeseed fields, villages, rivers, etc. 2022-03-0714: 242022-03-03-0509: 39 March 1, 2022, the first time after snow in Saihanba National Forest Park in Chengde City, Hebei Province, forests, roads, mountains, rivers are wrapped painting. 2022-03-0211: 01 On February 28, 2022, the promotion month activity of "China Taste · Yuepin Yuexiang" prefabricated dishes was launched in Beijing and Guangdong.

2022-03-0115: 46 2022, February 28, 2022, more than 1,600 beauty plums in the Baitanghe Park, Jumping Dunhe Park, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing.

The "pink flower sea" connected to the film is particularly eye -catching, attracting a large number of citizens to play. 2022-03-0110: 57 The Xinjiang Entry-Exit Border Inspection Terminal Altay Border Management Detachment Kanas Brigade’s Hemu Border Police Station at the Hemu Border Police Station conducts patrols on the frontier of the China-Mongolia border.

2022-02-2710: 51 Plum Blossoms in Nanjing Meihua Mountain in Jiangsu Province blooms, attracting people to come to enjoy the flowers and enjoy the spring. 2022-02-2710: 41 Recently, the Beijing Winter Olympics has set off an upsurge in the people. Students record the Winter Olympics by hand-drawn way, express their love for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and carry forward the spirit of the Winter Olympics. 2022-02-2417: 14 On February 23, 2022, in Yejiatang Village, Kaihua County, Kaihua County, Luzhou City, Zhejiang Province ushered in a group of red "ice pier". With the severe cold, stick to the front line of the snow, clean the area of ??snow, ensure the safety of crops, and practice my body to do practical things for the masses. 2022-02-2316: 32 On February 20, 2022, in a company producing workshops in Sihong Economic Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, workers are rushing to produce products in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” countries and regions. 2022-02-2110: 34 On February 20, 2022, Sanmenxia, ??Henan, inhabited the Great Swan inhabiting in the Wetland Park of Swanwan Lake National City, Sanmenxia. 2022-02-2110: On February 18th, the Joint Army of the Retired Military Affairs Bureau of Yushan District, Ma’anshan City, Anhui held a "Sending Gongxi News" ceremony to send the second-class hero and a Ma’anshan warrior Sun Wanxin. The plaque of the house ", Li Gongxi Newspaper and Ling Gong reward.

2022-02-1821: 19: Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, vigorously strengthen the protection and research and development of ancient books. It is a series of tasks such as sorting out, booking, records, digitalization, and cultural and creative development for 160,000 ancient books collected by Shijiazhuang Library. At the same time, the popularity of "Juru Run today" is promoted to the public to make more readers get close.

2022-02-1809: 56 Anhui Province Federation of Trade Unions "Trade Union delivered posts to the first offline recruitment fair of the New Year of the JAC" Tiger Year of the Tiger New Year. Workers are employed nearby to alleviate business difficulties. 2022-02-1511: 292022-02-1420: 14 On February 13, 2022, the plum blossoms, begonias and cherry blossoms in Qihuamura View Ecological Park, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province opened one after another, attracting a large number of tourists Come and watch the tour 2022-02-1413: 22.

First1403chapter This bite

Feng Yan is still stylish and sexy。
Wang Youcai walked over,I can’t move both eyes。He lowered his voice and laughed:“General Feng!Your two little white rabbits are about to jump out”When Wang Youcai said this,,He deliberately glanced at Feng Yan’s tall chest。
“hate!There has never been a form。I came to see you today to talk about business,President Hu called me last night,It is said that the first batch of saplings will be shipped in a week,How is the land on your side now?”Feng Yan is used to the way Wang Youcai looks obsessed when he looks at her,Not only is she not angry,Instead smiled and said。
Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Then frowned and said:“These places look flat,But it is really troublesome,The people here have been working for a few days and still think the wages are low,I have to go every day,What do you say?”Wang Youcai deserves to be a good actor,What he said is true。
“Damn!What can be solved with money is not a big deal,You let them work hard,I’ll give Mr. Hu a reaction when I go back today,Just raise the wages of the previous labor shortage”Feng Yan said disapprovingly。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“It’s still our manager Feng,It’s up to you,Otherwise I really can’t go down”
“You can do it!Say you are fat。Mr. Hu in Mingtang is not sure,Don’t I, Feng Yan, don’t know?But make it beautiful,Almost done。And the money from last time has been credited to you“Feng Yan said,And gave Wang Youcai a wink。
Wang Youcai listened,Couldn’t help but laugh:“General Feng!I really love you,You will provide us with more such good things in the future“
“okay,Don’t give me numbness here。Have the little daughter-in-law in this village been harmed by you again??be careful,You can’t support too many sons in the future“Feng Yan laughed。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“You don’t know the conditions of this ghost place,It’s a bit difficult to eat meat。I want to harm,Not enough ammunition,You have to supply me“
Feng Yan,Can’t help but laugh。She said after laughing:“Really wronged you,When i came this time,Brought you something delicious in the car,All hard goods。Guarantee that after you eat,The little wives in this small village are not at peace“
Wang Youcai was happy when he heard it,He called Tian Wa,Several large plastic bags were raised from Feng Yan’s trunk,Not bad,It’s all chicken, duck and beef。
With these things,Wang Youcai is indeed happy,When leaving get off work at noon,He secretly gave Julan a small bag,Everything inside。
Julan was embarrassed to accept,I am actually very happy。The men and women who come here to work,Let’s talk about a hundred people,This Wang Youcai will not be given to others,But gave it to her,What does this show? Only she knows this。
When I go back to dinner at noon,Wang Youcai walked with Yao Chunni。Two people separately mentioned what Feng Yan brought to Wang Youcai。Don’t say how happy Yao Chunni is,She has grown so big,She has seen so many good things for the first time。
“Hey!Do you really have a leg with Julan??“Yao Chunni walks,Suddenly lowered his voice and asked Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“I want to have,But they don’t want“