So-called“cp3”,Although and other“cp”Same,The same belongs to the world department,Is the most loyal eagle dog in the highest sector。

But it is also divided into three six nineteen,Like direct leadership“cp0”,Whether it is strength and status,Both have nothing to say。Absolutely intelligence,the best、The most mysterious and top presence。
In the so-called“cp3”,Although the same intelligence department,But it only belongs to the backup troops。Although they have learned some six-style,But it is better not to do it.。
so“cp3”existcpOrganization,It is universal than weak。
just like“Water sedimentation”,On the sea train,There is a dragon package that wears like theories.,Finally, it was hammered by Franche.。
The other party seems to“cp3”,But it seems to be as Luqi them.“cp9”Reserve,Participate in that task。
The result is a name,Dragon sets that make people can’t remember,No two episodes,Directly lead。Same as his long phase,Touching the dragon cannon ash undoubtedly。
Universal,Charles Saint Looking at the big shock,Walking into the night of the mansion,Also anger。
“You are the people?A district,Who allows you to use your dirty teaching?,Trampled on my gorgeous floor。”
From the Tianlong people or even unwilling,Same air with civilians,You can see it.,How much they have?。
At this time, the night is not please,And entered his home。Charlie San feels that he is huge insult!
“what?Your fat pig is still not figured out.?”
Night is also obedient to these Tianlong people.,Now that night is coming to him.。The fool knows that I want to do it for him.,Must not know the dead fat pig,I also believe that the night is not dare to do with him.。
Twenty-second chapter andCP3Fierce battle
Night is not intended to continue to be with this Tianlong people fat pig,After all, now Tiger is critical,He has to win this Tianlong people very quickly.。
And now the Navy’s support is not yet,If you wait until the generals of this part,Then they can’t walk more.。
Even,He caught the people of Tianlong people.,But I want to escape from the general hand.,May be almost minimal。
“Feet!”See the movement of the night,Tianlong peoplecp3Prehealth。
Although I have just been insulted by this Tianlong people,But he still has to protect the safety of this dragon.。
Because if this Tianlong people have a mistake,He feels that the death is not buried.。
A half string monthcp3Legs,Capricorn sicking over marble floor,It’s like hot knife cutting,Leave a smooth cutting on the ground,And come to the night。
“Royal Sword!”The screen disaster is like a gap,Blue blue snaps。
Turninated the night again“Go out”,Going out of incredible pace。Shake body,It is like a falling leaves in the wind,Helpless,Bolar but speed is extremely fast。
“Is the power of the devil fruit??”
See the might of the night,cp3Pupil is a shrinkage。Like Terg,The ability of the night is made“Devil Fruit”Ability。
For“Devil Fruit”Ability,cp3Be more calm。
“Devil Fruit”Before you enter the new world,Maybe it is a great thing。But in the second half of the great route,It is a flat thing。
Even some ability of the chicken ribs“Devil Fruit”,Not only adding the strength of the employer,Instead, it has become a cumbersome。
The ability of the devil fruit is talented,Even some once,Can even be divided into the sea。
But the power of the devil fruit,Weakness is also quite obvious,And quite fatal in the sea。
That is the ability to take the devil fruit,None exceptions will become“Drought duck”。And touch the sea,Ability will disappear,Even this is weak and weak。
Although there is no sea water here,but
cp3Pull out two shine“Knuckles”,These two“Knuckles”It is made with sea stone.,Also is the power of the power。
Apart from“seawater”,Another restraint of the devil fruit,It is the sea stone。This metal can be issued like“seawater”the power of,Once you are hit,Powerful resistance。
Becp3the member of,And also served as the guardian guard,Sea floor stone is for them,Although rare,But it is not something that can’t get it.。
Because in this holy place Mariet,The power of the devil fruit is not less,Want to suppress it,This kind of thing is naturally less。

“You know him so early.?”One side suddenly be curious,The relationship between the Qing Dynasty and Xiaomei seems to be unusual。

“Um!”Xiaomei teachers put ingredients into the pot,While happy,“I saved him at the time.!At that time, he was just a child.,Look”Speaking of this small cute some card shell,Left take care seems to want to find a contrast,Finally, I can only disclaimer a breath.,“It’s a little higher than me.。”
“”One party, I don’t know what to say.。
Look,The guy of the Qing Palace and she knows how much I think.。One side is lazy on the sofa,Nonwatch the last thing to sell,While halfway,but,The guy is also so bad?
“Although you look like you fierce,But I can feel it.。”Xiaomei teacher is skilled in lunch,Said smile,“You are a class of people with the Qing Palace.!”
“I?”One side open eyes,Disdainful snoring,“I am with him.?”
“Be right。”Xiaomei teacher has not returned,“You are like him,It’s all kind,How to describe it?。”Some distressed, put down the cooker,Xiaomei teacher looks at the head,“Careful point,Should be a gentle person。”
“gentle?”I can’t help but laugh one side.,Kill yourself more than 10,000 people,Actually, some people use gentle words to describe themselves.?
“What I feel, I also say bad。”Xiaomei teacher dooded,Exposed a very sprouted expression,“But from your attitude towards that child.,No matter what you have done,But what you give people will not change。”
“idiot。”One side snorted,Re-closed your eyes,Light whispered,Xiaomei teacher doesn’t seem to hear,Standing on the bench and do lunch,The aroma is accompanied by the laughter of Huang Quanchuan and Fukugawa Ceaete from the kitchen.。
That child slowly opened his eyes,Looking at the last thing that is not far away,One party muttered himself,Then I reopened my eyes.。
Really idiot。
Underground street。
“I said.,Since you want to come here, what should you do in the clothing store?。”The Qing Palace is helpless to look at the Meiqin that almost hangs on his arm.,A smile in the tone,“and also,When do you want to hold me??”
“I didn’t have it.!”Originally, Meiqin, heard the ridicule of the Qing Palace, suddenly,“Who holds you?!Obviously, I am here to come here.!”
“Hi,Hi。”Northern Palace is helpless,“So,Miss,What is going to do here??”
“That’s this.!”Meiqin is excited to point to a billboard at underground street,“right here!”
“Peripheral antenna service?”Look at the advertisement on the brand,Qing Palace is slightly moved。
(This chapter is over)
NS478chapter I don’t know what she started.
“Peripheral antenna service?”Look at the billboard,Qing Palace is slightly moved。
Surrounding antenna service,Refers to the service to replace antenna base station with each person’s mobile phone。This kind of service can make the nearby antenna base station can also call。Means of,People walking in the street,All is a relay antenna。
for example,Even if the user has no antenna base station,As long as the character、Two people、Character three-link relay antenna,Finally, as long as the charactersxThere is a set antenna base station nearby.。Actually,This is through the plural population,Create a communication path for online stocks,So will not disconnect it as simple as it。The original development purpose is to prevent the communication base station on the ground because the earthquake is all destroyed.,Setting antenna can be installed on a small number of spaceships,Take this tubal air communication network。The advantage is,University will provide a subsidy of testing,So the service cost is quite cheap。
“Why do you have to do this??”The Qing Dynasty is a little curious about Meiqin,“You should not lack this fee?”
“Not because of that reason?!”Meiqin urgently pulled the arm of the Qing Palace,“It is a double signing.!I want this.!”
“Double signing can get rare 呱 too‘Halo’?”When the Qing Palace carefully read the advertisement on the billboard,Can’t help but laugh,“really,http://www.zgwhjl.cnI have already thought of it.。”
“how,Do you have any dissatisfaction??”Meiqin proudly,The beautiful face brings a piece of colorful color.,“To know,You have to listen to me.!”
“I am no problem.。”Qing Palace,Slight eyebrows,A smile against Meiqin,“but,This is generally not only a couple.?Don’t help you”
“I didn’t have it.!”Meiqin’s face is red,“Although the requirements must be a man and a woman,But it is not necessary, it must be a couple.?”
“Oh?”Looking at the red face,The laughter of the Qing Dynasty is more,Looking down, laughing at Meiqin,“So,What else is there??”
“Uh,Still”Look at the Qing Palace from yourself,Meiqin heart is invincible,Some of the speech suddenly,“There is also a husband and wife.!”
“Uh”Meiqin said this sentence, let the Qing Palace can’t help but hold,Subsequent moon laughter,“Pleased,That is better than couples.,Miss。”
“In short, you have to listen to me.!”Memo’s face is almost exploding blood vessels,Look at the Qing Palace like a smile,Bite your teeth,“I said it is a punishment.!”
“good。”Qing Palace,Laugh,Gently pull the hand of Meiqin,Rad straight into it,And Meiqin, the face of this time is already red.,Can only be taken from the Qing Dynasty。
Antenna service。
“All right,Basic procedures have been completed。”The staff looked at the Qing Palace and Meiqin,“The next is because the needs of the file,So I have to take a photo。”
“Take a photo?”Meiqin has been quiet at this time.,The face is not so powerful.,“Is it a proof photo??”

Xia Jian laughed and said:“Rest assured,It must be you who are lying on the ground begging for mercy,Then what should I call the police“Xia Jian finished,Laughed presumptuously again,He was deliberately angering them。At this moment,Chief Li and the owner of the restaurant also followed。People in a few nearby shops are fighting here,Also surrounded。

Chen Sanwa was said by Xia Jian,In front of so many people,I can’t hold my face,He roared and charged up。But this guy is really not blowing,He showed a frame first,Then fisted,Followed by a burst of rush。If this meets ordinary people,Really fell to the ground。
But he ran into Xia Jian today,I saw Xia Jian didn’t fight back,He just dodges left and right,Give people a look that can’t stand it。Chief Li has a look,Finished thinking,If Xia Jian had an accident in Donglin Township,,Don’t talk about others,Ouyang Hong alone would scold him to death。When he thought of this,Took out the phone。
But at this moment,Xia Jian suddenly flew up,Swept towards Chen Sanwa’s waist,This guy doesn’t dodge,But on one knee,Cocked elbows,Here comes an Erguiguanliu。
Just listen to the snap,Xia Jian’s foot just swept Chen Sanwa’s elbows。Just listen to Chen Sanwa screaming,There is a rolling on the ground,Then stood up。He asked tremblingly:“What are you tied to your feet?Have the ability to take off your shoes and let me take a look“
The fog of everyone,But everyone can see,Xia Jian just injured Chen Sanwa with this foot。Two of his men rushed over,It was a punch to Xia Jian。
But soon there was a victory,These two guys attacked fiercely at the beginning,Unexpectedly, not many times,They screamed and fell to the ground。
“You deceive,Have the ability to take off your shoes for everyone to see“Chen Sanwa still shouted loudly。
First1160chapter Convince him
http://www.fuzuweb.cnBy a bumpy street,A lot of people。
Xia Jian looked at Chen Sanwa,Want to convince him to lose,So he took off his shoes,Also raised the trousers,Showing his strong calf。
Chen Sanwa walked to Xia Jian’s shoes,Bent down,I didn’t give up and squeezed it with my hands。He found that these shoes are almost the same as the ones he wears,It’s just that the shoes are a bit shiny。
“Do you have something to say?If you are not convinced,You can find someone else”Xia Jian’s voice is very high,He deliberately told everyone。
Chief Li, who is standing by, is in a hurry,He thought,Why is Xia Jian like this?,Already won,Just accept it,What reminder Chen Sanwa。Like him,I’m sure I will find a group of people over。

Looking at Blue Xin to send the room to the room,Lu Haocheng:“Muzi,I will go out for a while.,You look at the blue blue,Don’t let her go out。”

Mu Zizhi looked at him:“Why,The foot is on the blue,She wants to go out,How can I block it??”He can’t even stop your wife.,What’s more, is it still a wife?。
Lu Haocheng does not hide him,Tell him about the things happened in Lega。
“what!Do I still have such a thing in the past few days??”
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,“Other party,I am not afraid,Next, their family will do a lot of things.,What I want to do is to catch their little braids.,Send them to where they should go,I am worried about the safety of blue and blue,Now Li Shuya has an accident,Li Tingyuan has been giving his daughter asking a lawyer,But you also know that lawyers here don’t dare to accept our case.。”
“Lijia can’t move our face,But in the dark, you will not let us go.。”
Muzi has a slap in this matter.。
Suddenly, I am worried about him.:“What should you do now??You can’t come messy,You have to go out, bring on Lin Ye them.。”
“Go to Lee。”Lu Hao became overcast,This thing will not be alive.,“Lin Yen can’t expose,I am going to take A 尧,He is free to be fine this time.。”
“Others have not seen you, I have learned me.,I need me to understand me when I need me.。”Cold ice sound came,Lu Haocheng slowly looked back and looked at the European, who came in.。
“It’s really true that Cao Cao Cao Cao is coming.。”Lu Haozheng elegantly leaned on the sofa and looked at the cold.。
Ou Jingxi puts the things in the handside,Falling against Mu Zizi“Congratulations”Later,Opposite to Lu Hao Cheng。
“You have never been moving in the past few days.,I always thought that you have already made this.。”
“hehe……”Lu Haozheng was a smile:“I want to let them,But they don’t want to let me。”
Eu Jingxi’s long legs and elegant overlapping,Just slowly and evil look at Lu Haozheng,Unhappy opening:“Find the door,Not as learning blue blue,kill without spilling blood。”
Lu Haoge’s body slightly,I mention this thing,He is still anger at this moment.。
“you say,Do you have to know this?。”Lu Hao’s eyes looked at the European。
Ou Jingqing ignores。
Mu Zizhi asked:“What kill does not see blood?What did I miss again??”
Muzi Pigramn,Self-versed things that you don’t know。
Too,During this time, he is very busy.,They will not bother him。
Lu Haocheng told him that he just said Li Shuya grabbed Blue Xin.,There is no blueprising plan to come.。
“nothing?You look at the blue blue,Don’t let her go out,Li Tingyuan does not even have a lawyer,This gas is sprinkled on the blue head.,He has secretly sent people to stare at the blue。”
He understands the purpose of each other,Just want to grab his wife threatened him。
“so serious?”Mu Ziyou has a little worried about the room。
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,Although he didn’t go out these days,But the right to tell him about the movement of Lejia on time there every day.。
Mu Ziyi looked at him:“Can I do something??”
Lu Haocheng looked at him with a smile of play.:“You don’t have to do anything.,I want to think about the female star.,How do you want to be good?,After all, he let your wife premature birth.。I estimate that this thing is happy and you are not finished.,Just now there is no strength to find you.。”
Mu Ziyi listened,The eyes cut him。
“You are a little bit,I heard it.,I have to go to the keyboard.。”
Ou Jingyi listens to this self-exposure,I can’t help but look at him.。
“You will also kneel your keyboard?”The sound is full of questioning。
Mu Ziyu only hates his mouth too fast,This kind of thing is also in front of them.,Be too shameful.。
“What is this?Just kneel than one or two times,The woman doesn’t know,Waiting for my baby after the full moon,I will teach her again.。I have to send her a gourd baby graduation photo.,Let her know that he has a few pounds in the end.。”
“All right,One will be blue,I am walking with Apu.,You pay more attention。”Lu Haoheng got up,Wear coat。
Looked outside the window,Already have a bright sunshine,This winter is finally going.。
“Do not worry,I will pick my mother for a while.,Let her accompany you here,In her heart,Hey is more important than you。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”Why do you want him to hear??
Ou Jing, but still sitting,“Dumplings,Eat dumplings and then go again。”

Many repairs are fast than summer.。

These tricks are like the Qing Jiang Zhiqing.,Touching the colorful light curtain,Hold hands。
next moment,I only listened to the ear.。
Most people are shocking by the light curtain,Strong throwing into the crowd。
After seeing this scene,Many people have changed color。
Rumor,First colorful light curtain,Containing the rules of review。
No machine,Can’t enter within。
Summer and Gof Swords in the crowd,Unhappy is not slow。
“Ugh,After all, still have to look at the chance,No machine,Even the first ban is banned。”
Gogjian looks to the summer,Hoe,“summer,You have to prepare.。”
There is no greed in the summer.,More curiosity。
Narrate,He laughed,“I do not mind,But the brother you……Abandoned a pulse,If there is no machine,It can be big.。”
“Ha ha。”
Gob Jianlang laughed,Quite confident,“I have a big machine,Otherwise, you will not give up the soul of the soul.。”
Say,Deliberately blowup in the summer。
The two walked a moment,Suddenly saw the Changming team in front stopped。
“Why don’t you go??”
The two arrived in front,Gobian curiously asked。
Changming full face,“I don’t want to be anxious.,Sorry let us walk together,Make up a team,Also there is a photo。”
“Okay,In this case,Then wait for the business meeting.。”
Changming face,Then laugh and promised。
After a moment,Zhengbaixian session and others arrive,Integrated with everyone,move on。
Everyone got off the mountain,Re-climb the front party。
More,More people,Every road is swarming,More and more intensive。
Even on the way,Many teams have conflicted。
Gobian will sacrifice the five-side token,The breath fluctuations on the tensile level,Not dared to find trouble along the way。
So as soon as possible,Still three days,Come to the colorful light curtain。
Because there is the existence of Gogjian,Their area is squeezed out of the air。
Gob Sword smiled and gave birth to everyone,“The chance is in front of you,Who will try it first??”
Narrate,Surrounded by everyone,Jump。
“I come!”
Zhengbao will refine the first standing station。
Have a chance,The result is destined,I have to try it morning and evening.。
The car seal thinks that it is organic.,After all, I came in.,I saw the vision of colorful sunlight.。
“Ha ha,Car owner,Come on。”

Pucha City is going to Northeast,It is the Pingyang City, North Qi, Jinyi,Continue to go north is the mouse.,Jinsheng through the mouse

Is this award,Is it going to Jinyang??
Gao Bao is very shocked,This route changes,Very disadvantageous he started action.。
What he is most fear now is accident
The people who have been admitted over there are Gao Changgong.,Gao Boyi can absolutely trust。
In case the person, it will become a section,Then he gave a high governor, he went wrong.
“Dou General,We have this way,It’s like going to Pusan City.。”
Dou Yi looked back at Gao Baoyi,Helpless:“The high ocean sent people in Pingyang City,The taste of the emperor is pinching 阎 姬,I have to blame the greetings.。”
Um,This is very conforming to the high temper,But for Gao Baoyi, it is not necessarily good news.。
Jinyang has always been the capital of Northern Fresh Militaryholders.,Gao Bo Yi is handed over to Niqi near Jinyang,No good thing
Although like Li Da“Extreme Baibao Fresh”Get him Gao Baoyi,But such people have hundreds of people.。
More fresh polar people,It is the banner of Dangdang Dangdang.。
Gao Bao fell into the sect of the horses,What will I don’t know?。
At this time, he really wants to discuss with Dou Yi.,Don’t go to Jinyang first,How is it to go to Shaoguan??
But how do you say this??
Discovery of Dou Yi, Gao Baoyi,I thought he was afraid of death.,These days have said that the customs of the customs have,Change the magistrate to make Gao Boyi happy。
He is really scared,Gao Biyi said that it will not escape,But in case of a sword,That is big.
I know that Gao Biyi is committed.,I don’t know, I thought it was forced by him.
“Gundorcarison seems to have a hard thing these two days.”
Bonfire,Dou Yi is sitting around the Gao Baoyi,Asked:“It is quite open-minded when you depart from Gaotou.,Why is these two days??
Go to Shaoguan and go to Pucaka City,What really difference is there??”
What is this call??This is the difference between life and death.。
Gao Biyi simply didn’t know how to say to Dou Yi.。
“I am afraid of death is a human condition,Especially like the animals, kills,Die meaningless。Can Dou Armed Forces understand??”
Gao Bao Yi Xinkou Hu。
Dou Yi is silent。
A long time later,Dou Yi lifted,There is tears flashing in your eyes.。He took the shoulders of Gao Baoyi asked:“What is the unspeakable wish??Besome,Little small things are still not trouble。”
“I have a long son called high in Qizhou.,The mother mother is the east house of Zhao County。
Although I am married is a high ocean,In fact, I have always been the chamber of Li.。
I have seen the Tuanjun,Dare to ask General in the future, if there is a daughter in the home,Can you make the dog become a dragon??”
Dou Yi was scared by the strange requirements of Gao Baoyi.。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS437chapter Gao Chengmou is coming
Dead person,Actually, seeking people to do children。Dou Yi, which is quite good,Smile 嘻 的 开 高 伯 的 topic,Continue the words of the words on the customs of the customs.。
As for the other party, is there a bigP,Then there is only Dou Yi himself know,Anyway, Gao Baoyi can’t see how many angry.。
Long road in the world,As long as you have been walking,There will always be a day。
Gao Biyi has appreciated the magnificent view of the vast voyeng of Puchacheng.,I saw the abandoned salt pool,There is also a large piece of salt base unmanned cultivation.。

“Fukuyama Top Ten Companies”,“SZCity’s well-known top 50 enterprises”,These auras are enough to show that Yuxing has grown into a giant in a short period of time,This development speed even exceeded Li Tianchou’s expectations。

Zhu Lei、Both Fu De and Wen Hui are already outstanding entrepreneurs,Peng Weihua’s fame is even more thunderous,Li Tianchou turned into a traveler, only observing but not showing up,For these things on the surface like uncovering spun yarn,He sees more thoroughly,Yuxing’s internal disharmony seems to be unstoppable。
Qi Baozhu’s public announcement of leaving Yuxing caused a series of follow-up events,First, You Shilong, who has never asked anything, suddenly ran into the office and had a fight with Zhu Lei,Then Xiao Song attacked Fu De on the board of directors about Qi Baozhu.,But then Xie Dabao、The joint suppression by An Yongxiang and others,Xiao Song was angry but left the board midway。
Yuxing’s senior executives all at once,Divided into two factions。
Its root lies in the question of how to distribute the shares that Qi Baozhu gave up,According to You Shilong and Xiao Song’s opinion, you can’t move,Qi Baozhu is just a momentary act of anger。But Fu Erde proposed to transfer the shares to Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang at the assessed price.,Part of the proceeds paid to Qi Baozhu,Part of it is reserved for additional group income。
Zhu Lei originally supported Xiao Song’s opinion,But I don’t know why I suddenly changed my words to support Fu De,And added a new share bidder Peng Weihua。
This made You Shilong, who had endured for a long time, couldn’t sit still,Pointing to the nose and yelling at Zhu Lei,Then all over the world looking for Peng Weihua’s bad luck,Eventually conflict with Ryoko broke out,Two people play well,Almost didn’t tear down the office。
The fierce conflict between senior and core personnel cast a shadow over the entire Yuxing Group,Zhu Lei will talk to You Shilong afterwards,Also apologized,But since the crack is torn open,It’s hard to get it back。
Li Tianchou doesn’t care about the superficial flies,But it’s very strange why Qi Baozhu suddenly gave up his shares,Just a little bit of understanding, I know the mystery,It’s not a secret,It’s just that some people’s food looks too ugly,It’s because his heart is still in the water and he is really angry。
It turned out that Qi Baozhu and Luo Jun found a new facade,And paid a deposit,But the owner suddenly repented,And the old facade will be demolished immediately,Didn’t even negotiate a compensation agreement,When the two people who are anxious to catch the blind are having nowhere to go,The client of the new storefront said that he intends to acquire the remaining Yuxing shares in Qi Baozhu,If everything is settled,The new facade can be exempted from three-year rent at one go。
Qi Baozhu is not a fool,I immediately realized that it was most likely that Peng Weihua and others were behind the scenes.,After the last share transfer event,He knows very well that Peng Weihua and An Yongxiang have coveted his shares for a long time。
Tracing to the source is a gathering,After drinking, he scolded Fu Erde for opportunism,Encourage Peng Weihua to bully,And expressed his desire to leave Yuxing。
This is an unexpected impulse,Also said something that shouldn’t be said,But it became a cracked egg,Caught by a fly,Only then did Peng Weihua leave the car dealership,Sloppy behavior at the cost of 2% of the shares。
Qi Baozhu took a knife and went to find Peng Weihua,Because of Zhu Lei’s presence,The two didn’t fight at the time,This time Zhu Lei listened to Fu De’s words,What he did is not so glorious,Superficial persuasion,Actually favoring Peng Weihua,Both inside and outside the words imply that Qi Baozhu has no evidence, don’t mess around,I can’t just wrong my brother。
Angrily,Qi Baozhu is not playing anymore,Announced to leave Yuxing completely。Zhu Lei regretted it,Feeling pawned by Peng Weihua and Fu De,But riding a tiger is difficult,I can’t save face and look for Xiao Gang Zhu,Just use raw rice to cook mature rice。
Li Tianchou while walking,Pinch and calculate,I can’t help but frowned slightly,Whether it is Peng Weihua or Fu De,Junqiyun Zhenglong,And the Yuxing headquarters in the distance faces north and south,There is also Xianghe ring protection,There is also a dragon。It seems that it is not time,But the warning is necessary,So-called not,That is all。
After the company groundbreaking ceremony,Yuxing held a celebration party at the headquarters,The seniors are beaming,Sit around,The main table is traditionally originally eight chairs,But now it’s seven,Even so,Still can’t sit up。

One arrow!The distant sky is from time to time falls the body.。

finally,Summer, there is a black light,Flying out,In place,Break through the sound barrier。
Take more than a dozen breathing,He chased Zhang Luo Yan,Block the way。
No nonsense,Semi-air step forward。
The golden fog is scattered as he stepped by him.,The body’s black 光 makes him look like a devil。
Strong perplete pressure makes Zhang Luo Yan squatting,Breathing suffocation。
“summer,Put me once,I swear, I will never find you trouble.……”Zhang Luo said that it is not a summer opponent.,Nowadays, an arm,Not an enemy,Only beg for mercy at this moment,Trying to escape a robbery。
Summer is not nonsense with him。
“what……”Zhang Luo Yan’s fear is incomparable,I have already expected yourself in the robbery。
He screamed,Struggling, if you are more struggling。
Summer uses speed leaving a disabled,Snake knife tears a gorgeous knife,Zhang Luo Yan left a wound。
finally,With a black ray,,Inserts the opposite side of the body。
“Hen”Zhang Luo Yan is a strap back,Two disabled people fall down,Summer rapid income must be a crystal space。
Spin,He launches flying wings,Rush to another direction。
Afterblating,He chased the land of the Huang Escape.。
“impossible,How can you find me?……”Land wind anger,Hand in the hands of the sword,The face is a very strong unbelievable。
Summer cold channel,“At the end of the day,Not only you will track the secret。”
Land wind eye,“you,you……You don’t know……”Summer silence,Stride。
He didn’t know that he left a mark.。
But when you use the eyes of the sky to assassinate these people,I learned this news from the land style.。
As for why he can chase the upper land。
Very simple,He also used the original fire.,Condensation,Play on each other。
Not only one of him。
Those who escaped seven or eight people,All have been traced in the summer。
They can’t escape one。
“summer,you,You can’t kill me,I am in order……”Seeing the summer murderous people,Land wind color,“Our boss Du Hao is a super power in the late stage,His younger brother Du Yu is also the initial stage of Shenke,you,If you kill me?,They won’t let you go……”Summer shape,Brow。
See this,Land style accelerate speed,“if only,As long as you let me,I swear will not pursue,Don’t tell the boss without this matter……”“Means of,You haven’t told them yet.,Right。”
“No,I swear……”“very good,Then you will die.。”
call out!Talk,Summer crushing,That is like a light。
“you……”Land wind,The long sword in hand is constantly being smashed.,Do everything we can,Thick swordsman。
at the same time,He also played a variety of jade secret treasures,Lightning、Light blade、Fire dragon……Want to stop the summer。
Summer is not afraid,Lifting the power to the ultimate。

I walked around and watched this fruit tree.。

This world of plant growth seems to have no soil at all、Moisture、Sunlight or other nutrition,I don’t know if they should also be called plants.,In short, they can grow in any position.,In addition to the built house built,Every place can see the trace of these plants,Even them can grow on other larger plants,Therefore, it constitutes this world that seems to be living。
Who can think of,This world is on the verge of destruction.?
“What is the nucleus??”
“Just throw,Throw up on the floor,Soon there is no。Don’t throw it down, it is,Be a person。”
“Oh。”Zhouzi throws fruit core,“Do you usually eat these fruits??”
“Do not eat。”
“Then what do you eat??”
“We rarely eat something that is long from the hometown world.。”Red dyeing slightly smile,I saw it left.,She doesn’t panic, I will explain.,“But not because of the taste is not good,Or we don’t like,Is because of the lack of the world resources,So we generally go to your world to find it.,Bring these energy back。”
“This way.。”Zhou,Also shake your head,“But I still don’t understand。”
Red dyeing is blinking to him,A few points of playful:“Leave it to ask Minggong,I can see Minggong in the evening.,Anyway, he knows more,He likes to teach people。Otherwise, you have seen Ming Gong.,I don’t know what to say.。”
Zhouzhi expressive became strange
He is tangled on the way,See what Ming Gong should say,How to do,Troubled。
Have a personal short board being distressed。
“Are you very familiar with Ming??”Zhouzhi no sound color removal topic。
“so so。”Red dyeing,“More familiar with you。”
“Do he like to be a teacher very much??”
“His biggest dream is to be a teacher。”
“This way.”
Zhouzhi nodded if he thought。
The first person of Tangtang,Live for so many years,It is so persistent to be a teacher,Even later, I also opened the school.,What is a ghosty??
Zhou suddenly felt a little strange。
Twisted the head to the left,Rapida greets the sharp looks of 槐,Nothing to attach,Instead, it is a review。Based on his understanding of his,This eye seems to have penetration,Get his thoughts。
Then the old monster didn’t speak.
“That is better than burning。”
If a week, I don’t want to hear.。
The front light becomes sufficient,Even a little glare,Zhou Zhiwei,I suddenly went big my eyes suddenly.。
They have come to the treetop。
I only see the forest.,Under feet,On the cloud,Countless tree crown in the cloud in the clouds,Undulations。Monster with wings or no wings in the air,Some just passed,Hurriedly fly,Some are like playing,倏 倏 蹿 蹿 蹿 天 天,Rowing an arc and drill down。
I hangs on the left mountain,Laminated,Can be in this fantasy picture,But only more show its nature。

Xia Fei nodded and said:“I think this works,It’s best to make a quick deal”

“Ok!When I talk to their boss,See if you can get close to him,It’s better to catch the thief first,Thus,We can win without fighting”Xia Jian was communicating with Xia Fei。The two have discussed,Just got out of the car。
Xia Jian and Xia Fei are at the forefront,Gu Yue is right behind them,Xiaoting followed。The latter is according to Xia Jian’s arrangement,Several team leaders led the team,Everyone walked in in an orderly manner。
Around a large stack of logs,A field the size of a basketball court appeared inside。Xia Jian and the others just walked in,Just crash,Four or five people emerged from every corner,I feel that everyone is doing their own stuff。
Xia Jian looked around for a week,I found the passage just behind them,If it’s really blocked,It’s hard for them to run out。
Just when he was about to arrange for someone to pass and guard this passage,A hoarse voice came out:“Are young people courageous??He brought so many people,It’s just a lot less than me”This man said,Ben haha laughed。
With laughter,A middle-aged walked out from the crowd on the opposite side,Xia Jian looked at it under the faint light,This person is in his fifties。What is strange is that he has a ponytail braid。
“Xu Sanduo,You tooGZA person with face,Why do you still play with me like this,Have something to say,Don’t look for something on purpose?”Gu Yue yelled to the people with a confident expression。
“Little girl movie,Did you call Xu Sanduo??Didn’t Gu Dong tell you how to behave??”Xu Sanduo said,Came over step by step,Xia Jian saw it clearly,This person is definitely over 50 years old。
Gu Yue smiled and said:“Xu Sanduo,You are not respectful,How do you tell me to respect you?”
“Humph!Looks like I have to teach your dad a good lesson tonight”Xu Sanduo said,Suddenly his arm raised,The black shadow like a long snake swept towards Gu Yue。
Xia Jian, standing next to Gu Yue, saw it,Slammed arm,Just listen to the snap,The shadow was drawn on Xia Jian’s arm,Turned out to be a soft whip。