China fight the epidemic highlight the power play

  President Xi Jinping speech at the UN General Assembly general debate of the 75th stated: "There are big powers should look to provide more global public goods, to assume the responsibility of a big country, to show the power play." Currently, humans are still to combat new crown pneumonia epidemic.

To overcome the virus, to deal with the crisis, calling for unity, calling for major powers to play. China uphold the feelings of the world, join hands with other countries to fight the epidemic, and take practical action to bear responsibility for global public health responsibility, highlighting the talk about faith, heavy friendship, Jan justice, observe the moral power play. As an international community, China insists its obligations within the framework of international rules and international order, to practice commitment.

In the fight against the epidemic, the first time China informed the World Health Organization, relevant national and regional organizations epidemic information, the first time released information about the new crown viral gene sequences, etc., first announced in treatment and prevention and control program, with the parties to share prevention and control and treatment experience, will lead to future vaccine successfully developed as a global public goods for the benefit of the world’s commitment to support global cooperation in epidemic prevention.

Sincerely magnanimous, adhere to obligations, abide by its commitments, China’s move to win the faith of the international community widely appreciated. China maintains that countries go hand in hand, shared prosperity, both to make your own well, and let others live better especially hope that the majority of developing countries to accelerate development.

China’s fight against SARS in difficult times, many developing countries to help us.

China also actively helped some developing countries with weak public health systems and build a strong defense and fight the epidemic, called on the international community to give developing countries, especially African countries, more material, technical and human support, and promised to countries affected by the epidemic within two years of special developing countries to provide $ 2 billion in aid to build 30 China-Africa cooperation mechanisms counterparts in hospitals, accelerate the construction of the headquarters of the African Center for Disease Control, and strive to achieve the availability of vaccines in developing countries and responsible sex, with members of the Group of Twenty an implementation of the "suspension of the poorest countries, debt service initiative" a number of major initiatives.

Togetherness, solidarity, friendship between China and developing countries to bring human warmth, strength. Unite against the epidemic in the world, the mainstream cooperation to revive the economy in individual countries but to abandon fairness and justice, to engage in political stigma and epidemic operation, to engage in "decoupling", "building the wall", "de-globalization."

China adheres to concentrate on their own thing, will coordinate development of epidemic prevention and control work and economic and social development, and to give these false statements, hegemony to strong fight back.

In June, the Chinese government officially released the white paper "to fight the epidemic of pneumonia new crown China Action", a detailed review of the whole process of the fight against SARS China, to further clarify the national unity and cooperation, common fight against SARS in the right direction.

China to defend their legitimate rights and interests to just move, take concrete actions to safeguard the international multilateral mechanism coordinating role in efforts to build mutual respect, fairness and justice, cooperation and win-win new international relations.

  Great fight against SARS fight again proved that human destiny is to build the human community to address common challenges and build a more prosperous and better world human right.

The case from the push to build the fate of the human community starting in their own epidemic prevention and control under intense pressure, the Chinese do our best to provide assistance to the international community, the guardian of human life and health; human health advocates to build community and health Silk Road, through multilateral mechanisms to promote unity and cooperation in multi-dimensional international assistance, such as vaccine development and use. China raised with the relevant countries to take joint initiatives, tariff reductions, the abolition of barriers to the smooth flow of trade and economic globalization continue to promote and maintain a stable global industrial chain supply chain flow, injecting impetus to global economic recovery. In the particular moment of human crisis hit, China to "We Are the World," the feelings, moral for the first action further demonstrates the power play, a big country style. (Author: Institute of International Relations, Renmin University of China associate professor).

China is coming! For the first time to participate in the service, I will bring four points of attention.

2021 China International Service Trade Fair opened in Beijing on September 2. has participated in the exhibition, which brings a diverse network international communication product system, and exhibits the latest exploration results in innovation in recent years.

The flag orientation of the country, China’s special socialist thinking, China Characteristic Socialism "Chinese and English special website officially launched. The special website is the authoritative official platform of Xi Jinping, Xi Jinping, the system has gathered the party’s 18th National Congress, Xi Jinping’s important foreign affairs activities, speech, discussion and signature articles, Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking related document books and research results, The Panorama Exit of General Secretary Diploma with the Panorama of Digital Map.

Foreign 习 习 新 新 新时 China characteristic socialist thinking is always the primary task of China.

Since the top of the special website, the first time reported that the Chinese Communist Party and the World Political Parties Leaders Summit, the Asia-Pacific OECD leaders informal conference, carefully blended diplomatic gold sentences, special discussion, interpretation of Chinese and English original content, showing diplomacy diplomacy in Xi Jinping The diplomatic practice of Chinese characteristic big country under the guidance of ideas has become an important vocal channel that promotes the construction of human fate communities and promoting all the common value of all humanity. To make a strong brand, tell the Chinese story, explain China’s view, and the intersection of various ideological cultural exchanges in the world is increasingly frequent, and the Internet has become the main battlefield for international public opinion struggles. In 2015, China Network founded Chinese and English bilingual commentary micro video column "China 3 minutes".

Each program selected a widespread concern in the international community of China-related issues together leading experts in related fields, in response to concerns expressed point of view, China’s position and the timely dissemination of sound, and strive to see the great small, add up, reflect the true, comprehensive, lively the Chinese look. After six years of hard work, it has grown into a brand programs with strong international influence. As of 2021 the end of July, "China three minutes" column published program 325, overseas social platforms cumulative amount of reading over one hundred million, a video player more than billion and interact more than million times, became Foreign speak good Chinese story, spread the good Chinese voice an important platform. "China three minutes" for the lead, China network began to study set up a "Chinese keywords", "Chinese Fan children" "Hi Chinese people," "The Third Eye China" and many other features multilingual program, and gradually formed a unique characteristics of micro-video external communication work and product matrix.

Honesty and innovation firmly establish cultural self-confidence splendid Chinese culture is a valuable resource to showcase the charm of the country, explain to the world No more with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the Chinese spirit of responsibility hidden wisdom of the Chinese excellent culture, but also the Chinese network. In 2020, China launched a new network of large-scale real cultural class record talk show "似是故人来." Program invited medal of the Republic of Yuan Longping, conservation Top Contributor Fan Jinshi, president of the Society of Chinese characters wide Huang, head of the National Ballet of Feng Ying and other 10 well-known experts, through field visits, on-site dialogue, presenters and other forms of Review, led the audience into different cultural fields, experience the profound Chinese culture. Net program in China, Jiangsu TV, iQIYI broadcast simultaneously, the whole network playback volume exceeded 100 million, while segment TV program ratings average ranked second, ranking the first class cultural variety.

"似是故人来" The second quarter has been filmed, guests included the famous painter Xu, the famous comic Jiang Kun, Wu Weishan sculptor, painter Fan Zeng and other celebrities, covering a number of areas, the outreach program will continue to explore the international spread of Chinese culture .

Technology enabling the road to explore the wisdom of propaganda with the rapid iteration of information technology, the Chinese network will also gradually start production of artificial intelligence research and development aid work. At this meeting the service trade, China Network in the interactive experience area brings the latest results show.

"AI data" is an intelligent data generated news video of auxiliary production tool that can generate a data key short news video, fast production data visualization products. "AR live" is based on the mobile Internet and cloud computing live platform. Users can personalize custom virtual studio, or simulate real-world scenarios, and even real-time interactive 3D presentation model for live giving a broader and more realistic scenarios of application effect. "NameMe" for foreign audiences is a developed Chinese naming service, integrated multi-user portrait data for user-generated unique Chinese name.

The service not only from traditional classics featured more than 3 million name database size, but also for the user to generate a fine Chinese business cards, detailing the name of the Cultural Implications of Chinese writing strokes, pronunciation, and meaning behind to help users understand China’s name culture.

With purpose to create "international spread of the network," China editor in chief Wang Xiaohui introduction, China network was established in 2000, is the leader of the State Council Information Office, China International Publishing Group managed central key news website, with Chinese, English, German , French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Esperanto and other 10 languages 11 text version. In addition to this exhibition project, Chinese net in the webcast, social media aspects of overseas operations, the development of cultural and creative products, also has a strong strength.

Open at present, China Network has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK six major international mainstream social platforms 10 accounts, covering English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and other eight languages, nearly 90 million fans worldwide, ranking first external communication media center camp. But also for the country to provide more social platform offshore account operational support services. Live service is the traditional Chinese characteristics and advantages of the network.

Since its inception, the Chinese network exclusive broadcast the CPC Central Committee and State Council Information Office press conference press conference, and in 2014 to provide bilingual services Record of key sessions. Only in 2020, China network to complete all kinds of live events over 1300 games.

"China network broadcast" brand in each platform account the size of more than 52 million fans. In recent years, China Network planned to enter the cultural and creative products, have gradually Kucha Xinjiang Research Institute, Lama Temple and other institutions design and production of rich category, style of the new series of cultural and creative products, and create a "Chinese auspicious cultural and creative alliance" help domestic and foreign brands, enterprises in-depth exchanges, promote the healthy development of cultural transmission.

Wang Xiaohui pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Politburo thirtieth collective learning, to strengthen and improve the international spread put forward specific requirements and ardent expectations. As media convergence of Chinese Foreign Office main platform, China Network encouraged, but also feel a great responsibility.

As the authoritative platform for propaganda media of China, China Network will continue to "build international spread of the network" as the goal, efforts to enhance international communication ability, to achieve "a world-class, with a strong comprehensive strength of international media organizations’ goal to strive for. China Network sincerely look forward to in-depth exchanges with the community, to break new ground external communication with partners to jointly create a credible, lovely, respectable image of China.

China Bouw Vijf Bureau "Super Ying-vrijwilligers" om het "Leren van LEI Feng" vrijwillige serviceactiviteiten uit te voeren

People’s Network Changsha Maart 4 maart Electric "Snel wandelen, de projectafdeling biedt iedereen om gratis kapsel te bieden, hou van de kliniekservice!" De arbeiders hebben het nieuws gehoord en er zal een tekort aan Zhongjian en de afdeling City Project een tekort zijn Team, het dragen van een vijfweg "Super-Britse vrijwilliger", zijn de vrijwilligers van het eigendom van het rode vest om de sitebeschikking te behouden.

Dit is de totale tak van de missie van China, de drie bedrijven en de drie bedrijven en de Branch City Project Group, en het nieuwe opening Community Party Committee lanceerde gezamenlijk de "Concentration Youth Force, Volunteer en Love Peer" Leii Feng Theme Party Groep.

Toen de arbeiders hun vermoeide gezicht veranderden, praatte iedereen en lachte, en de scène was vol met opgewekte sfeer. Het evenement is verdeeld in riser, de kliniek en het kijkgedeelte, en er wachten op een lange wachtrij voor elke servicedesk. "Er is geen tijd om naar het medisch onderzoek te gaan, deze keer zal ik de liefde van liefde rechtstreeks in de bouwplaats laten gaan, als je je huis niet verlaat, kun je het controleren. Het is echt Huimin!" wenst de super enthousiast om de weg te delen. Na het betreden van de accommodatie, na het invoeren van de accommodatie, van de bouwplaatsveiligheid, woonomgeving, gemaksdienst, enz. In een aantal service-upgrades zijn geüpgraded, zodat de drukke werklijn een warmte van een huis. Op de zijkant van het evenement, heb ik ook de e-class intelligente mobiele telefoon onderwijsbalie opgezet. "Super Ying vrijwilligers" Gebruik populaire taal om smartphones, fraudeur en andere kennis te populariseren.

"Meestal een trein nemen met een verandering, deze vrijwilliger heeft me geleerd hoe ik de mobiele telefoonscan gebruikt om de bus te nemen, in de metro te zitten en meer handig te zijn om uit te gaan.

"Worger Tao Yonghu zei. Naarmate de nacht komt, komen de arbeiders naar het" kijkgebied ", en we zullen de patriottische film" Changjin Lake "in de vrijwilligers bekijken. Arbeiders die Xia Qin zei:" Ik ging niet Naar de bioscoop heb ik de film gezien. Nu geeft de accommodatie ons zo’n goede kans. Ik verzamelde zich om de film te bekijken, en mijn familie vaak, ik voel me terug naar de tijd om films samen in het land te bekijken.

"Het wordt gemeld dat China Construction Five Bureau of Property Company serveert als honderd Chinese vastgoeddiensten, en het bedrijf heeft een high-end villa’s, tuinhuizen, kantoorgebouwen, commerci?le complexen, industri?le parken, ziekenhuizen, bouwplaatsen.

Het bedrijf heeft altijd gehandeld aan het leiderschap van de partijbouw, om een ??"rode eigenschap" te cre?ren en de jaarlijkse sociale verantwoordelijkheid van China’s eigendomsdienst, China Red Property Service Merk leiders te behalen.

Bouwdiensten dienen als een van de vier grote zakelijke dienstverlening van de CHINA-bouwvijfraad, en diende de ChangSha Airport Renovatieproject van Hunan No.1 Project, Changsha City Top Ten Public Facilities Project Changsha Preschool Docenten College, Zhongnan National Digital Publishing Base Construction Projecten zoals Raoliang Mountain Park, van de afmetingen zoals beveiligingsdiensten, vergroening, cafetaria management en real-name systeembeheer, om een ??geluksite te cre?ren, het gevoel van boeren, waarde te verbeteren. (Guo Qian) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

Dingxi: Epidemic prevention is not easy to develop

Original title: Dingxi: Incision of anti-epidemic and non-stop, since the epidemic situation Catch the anti-epidemic, and promote the development.

Scientific epidemic prevention literature helps epidemic prevention and control, popular science is the key. Dingxi City news media, related units, etc. through newspapers, TV, public account, poster, small video, slogan, etc., to promote epidemic prevention knowledge, and guide the masses to properly treat the epidemic, scientifically prevent virus spread.

Antining District Rong Media Center enhances the prevention and control publicity of the epidemic situation, dissemination of the epidemic prevention and control of authority information, interviews the first-line prevention and control personnel, and open an anterior epidemic prevention column. Yi Siyu, director of the Indeng District Rongsia Media Center, said: "The new media highlights the shortage of press posters, short video and other forms, agglomerate positive energy, and forms war ‘epidel.

"Dingxi City also fully exerts the cultural advantages of local characteristics, actively launching cultural workers and folk artists, through original songs, small songs, books, paintings, clay plastic cultivation, and cultivation of the social atmosphere of the epidemic.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Dingxi Municipal Committee, as of November 5, all kinds of media published in the city’s various types of information on the prevention and control news, literary works and other types of information (strips), using more than 7,450 "big speakers" to circulate publicity, Implementation of epidemic prevention and control publicity "three-dimensional" "no dead angle".

"Party Flag Red" "Volunteer Red" Warm Boys "Community Volunteers should take a few hours a day, very tired, I am a party member, I actively registered." Dingxi City Anti District Boyuan · Dijing Community Volunteers Cheng Xiu said. In the epidemic prevention and control, Dingxi City adheres to the party building leader. In the first time, 375 temporary party branches were established in the first line of the epidemic prevention and control, giving full play to the political leading and fighting fortress of party organizations in epidemic prevention and control.

The first secretary of the city and 2165 in the village to help the team team members fully adhere to the epidemic prevention and control first line, "Party Flag Red" "Volunteer Red" has become the warmer color in the middle of the earth.

Dingxi City is unhealthy, and the solid Great Wall of the epidemic prevention and control is jointly. Accelerate the development of November 5, a message allowed the people of the people to see the people – Dingxi City won the province’s "State Progress Awards in the Sanzhou City, 2021". While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Dingxi City is tightening the key work "Walk in the province", the key indicator "Stable in the middle of the province", adhere to the road of high quality development. The stable area continues to be strong potato, grass, vegetables and other specialty industries, establish the original type, 440,000 mu of development, and forming the quality detoxification seed potato breeding capabilities of hundreds of millions of grains, and the brand awareness of the plateau summer vegetables. And the market share is increasing.

Tongyu County is identified as the province’s distributed photovoltaic county to promote pilot counties. In the first half of the year, the county’s new energy field has completed investment of about 2 billion yuan, and new energy has become one of the pillar industries in the county.

A piece of light converts solar energy into electrical energy, and has become a new kinetic energy promoting high quality development.

According to data, the first three quarters of this year, the increase in industrial added value above the Dingxi City increased, and the per capita income of urban residents was 22,182 yuan. (Editor: Job, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more people see client download.

24 september tot oktober 8th Chengdu Provident Fund Centre opgeschort wat bedrijfsbehandeling

Originele titel: 24 tot en met oktober 8 oktober schorst Chengdu Provident Fund Centre een deel van het bedrijf op de 13e, Sichuan News Network Reporter geleerd van het CHENGDU-behuizing Provident Fund Management Center dat volgens CHENGDU HUISHEIDSPRODUCTEND FUT BEDRIJFSONTWIKKELING EN SYSTEEM IERATIEF UPGRADE, CHENGDU Provident Fund Center De nieuwe generatie informatiesystemen (hierna aangeduid als nieuwe systemen) wordt uitgevoerd. In overeenstemming met de voortgang van het nieuwe systeem is het CHENGDU Provident Fund Center gepland om systematisch in te schakelen op 24, 2021 tot 9:00 uur op 8 oktober 2021, en een deel van het bedrijf wordt gedurende de periode opgeschort. Duur en reikwijdte: 24 tot en met 8 oktober (5 werkdagen bezetten) Voor systeemschakeling wordt de leningacceptantiebedrijf normaal gesproken uitgevoerd en de andere bedrijfsuspensielijn is onderstreept en de collatie is bankoverschotte bankrekeningcollectie. Op 8 oktober 9:00 op 12 oktober, op 12 uur, staat het systeem op de lijn.

Tijdens de proefoperatie wordt de verschillende activiteiten ge?mplementeerd en is de afspraak op de hoogte gebracht.

  Om 9 uur op 13 oktober heeft het Centrum Chengdu Provident Fund-fonds een uitgebreide hervatting van het bedrijfsleven in verschillende servicehallen en internetkanalen.

  Tijdens de opschorting van het bedrijf: 1. Unit Payment Business Voorzorgsmaatregelen: Betaal de betaling van de maandelijkse betaling en betalingsbedrijf op tijd, en betaal de online zakelijke hal van Chengdu Provident Fund Fund Center, via de "toevertrouwde aftrek" -eenheid, Probeer de betaling te betalen vóór 17 september 2021; in de Online Business Hall of Chengdu Provident Fund, wordt de eenheid van Housing Provident Fund betaald in de "Bouwbank B2B", en de betaling is voltooid vóór 18 september 2021. Als het systeemschakeling niet mag betalen in de tijd, betaalbaar, kan deze worden voltooid nadat de herstelservice wordt afgehandeld.

  2. Persoonlijke extractie Business Voorzorgsmaatregelen: De depositor heeft een in opdracht genomen extractieovereenkomst ondertekend met het CHENGDU Provident Fund Center en de extractiestijd in de periode van 25 september 2021, en het CHENGDU Provident Fund Center zal het bedrijf hervatten. Een deel van de afgeleide extractie Bedrijf zal worden uitgesteld na extractie van fondsen. 3. Persoonlijke lening Business Voorzorgsmaatregelen: de Acceptance-activiteiten uit de lening is niet be?nvloed en de deposant kan naar de PROFESSIONE-fondscentrum van Chengdu Providence Fund Center of Bank Loan Acceptance Network.

Op 22 september 2021, de laatste dag van Reserve Fund-leningen in september. 25 september, 2021, 24:00 op 7 oktober, hangende de aftrek van de reservefondslening (behalve de oevers van de bevolking van Minsheng, 0:00 tot 0:00 op 8 oktober, de levert de bovenstaande periode, de bovenstaande periode Brengt niet toe. Op het moment van 13 oktober moet het in de deadline worden opgenomen en wordt een boete gegenereerd.

  [Speciale herinnering] Op 021, 2002-0 tot 12:00 uur op 12 oktober hebben de gecombineerde lening-handelaren een normale aftrek. Druk op het originele aflossingsplan.

  Tips: 1. De depositoire en de depositor kunnen de offici?le website van het CHENGDU Provident Fund Center, het WECHAT-publieke fonds "Chengdu Provident Fund", WEIBO "Chengdu Housing Provident Fund" begrijpt het meest recente dynamische nieuws van het Centrum van Chengdu Providence Fund.

  2. Sinds het vorige ophanggedeelte van het bedrijf, van 8 oktober 2021, kunnen er mogelijk meer mensen in de servicekaller van Chengdu Provident Fund-fondscentrum, en de wachttijd kan langer zijn, begrijp de meerderheid van deposito’s en deposanten om het te begrijpen Probeer de piek aan te pakken. (Sichuan News Network Reporter Li Dan) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhanghua Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

310 photography masterpieces show "the light of the mother" two 渝中 中 首

The public visited the "Green Broadcasting Mother City" Yizhong District Photo Contest.

Xinhua Net (He Zhong photo) Xinhuanet Chongqing December 11th (Wang Longbo) in the "100-year brilliant mother city" Yuzhong District Photography Competition, the 310 works in Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street, in the form of masterpiece, Chongqing The city of Yuzhong District, the first MV of the two cities of "Walking Mountain City", "Love Mountain City".

  It is understood that in May this year, Yuzhong District launched the "Centennial Brilliant Mother City" photography contest, through the shooting of landmark buildings, city style, passing mountain city memory, showing 1562 photography enthusiasts to participate, accept At 11975 photos of photography.

The public visited the "Green Broadcasting Mother City" Yizhong District Photo Contest.

Xinhua Net (He Zhong photo) This masterpiece is five days, and it is divided into "the light of the mother’s" "The Lights" "The City" "The City" "The City" is "five" five chapters, highlighting "maternal city" "The cultural heritage, see the scene, see people, see things, see love, let everyone know a more three-dimensional, more colorful.

  In recent years, in order to further enrich the city image promotion carrier, Yuzhong District has created two city image songs and MV: "Love in love" "Walking Mountain City". Among them, the city folk rumors "Walking Mountain City" were created by Chongqing’s well-known musicians, and the song carries his childhood memories of the Zhongzhong District. "Love Shangyu" was created by Chongqing’s well-known musicians, and the songs were integrated into the life elements of clothing and food in Yuzhong District, the scene blending, and vividly showcased the historical accumulation and modern fashion. On the same day, the electronic version of "Searching" is also officially launched. "Searching" is a book reading book reading about the human history of Chongqing Mother City. The book is divided into mountains and water Tiancheng, the history of Zhi Zhi, the peninsula, the old town, the lane, the lane, six parts, from Natural landscape, historical geography, humanistic history, urban construction, outstanding characters, etc., introduced the multicultural elements of Chongqing’s mother city.

  It is understood that "Search" is headed by the Propaganda Department of Yuzhong District Committee.

Belastingvermindering wordt verlaagd tot de ontwikkeling van biomedische ondernemingen tot innovatie drijvende kracht

Aangezien de opkomst van nieuwe kroonligonie, terwijl de interne verdediging, de interne verdediging herstelde, is een reeks beleidsmaatregelen die de biofarmaceutische ondernemingen ondersteunt, en het belastingvoorkeursbeleid ook een belangrijke rol is. Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., een leider van Yuxi Biomedical and University Health Industry Development, is ook een van de begunstigden.

Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is de Holding-dochteronderneming van Yunnan Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., die een beursgenoteerd bedrijf is. Het is een binnenlandse toonaangevende vaccin-productiebasis. "Vanaf februari van dit jaar, wanneer ons bedrijf sociale zekerheid betaalt, heeft het genoten van de kosten van basispensioenverzekering, werkloosheidsverzekering en werkgerelateerde letselverzekeringseenheid, en heeft er enkele betaald en de belastingafdeling is in de tijd geretourneerd.

Vanaf juli bedroeg de drie verzekering van het bedrijf ongeveer 10.000 yuan. Dit is een sterk intensief middel dat wordt gegeven door bedrijfsmoeilijkheden.

"Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co.

PU Cuilian introduceerde dat in de loop van de jaren, onder de zegening van de nationale belasting- en vergoedingspromotie, de ontwikkelingstappen van het bedrijf stabieler zijn, en de ruimte is groter en de "niet-contact" belastingafdeling uitgegeven door het elektronische belastingsbureau in Recente jaren. Kanalen en sterk verbeterden de effici?ntie van het bedrijf.

Al in september 2007 werd het eerste product van Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. officieel gelanceerd en het nieuwe product is vertrouwd door consumenten. De marktvraag is toegenomen en het bedrijf staat voor veel geld. Breid de markt en uitbreiding van het producttype. Het valt samen met de implementatie van de nieuw bedrijf inkomstenbelastingrecht in 2008, en het beleid stelt bedrijven in staat om aftrek toe te voegen aan onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingskosten, die ongetwijfeld "tijdige regen" zijn gestuurd naar de ontwikkeling van het bedrijf. Volgens de Policy Propaganda en Active Counseling van de fiscale afdeling heeft Watson genoten van het nieuwe productonderzoeks- en ontwikkelingskosten plus belastingkorting, en in 2009 was de belastingbelasting van het bedrijf 10.000 yuan. Het landacquisitiebeleid is vergezeld door de groei van Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co, Ltd., is ge?njecteerd in de continue drijvende kracht in de technologische innovatie van het bedrijf.

Met de steun van het belastingbeleid heeft Watson een toegenomen onderzoek en ontwikkeling.

In september 2009 was het tweede product van de biologie van Watson "gelyofiliseerde A, C-groep, en de bacteri?n polysaccharide-bindende vaccin" werd officieel vermeld.

Sinds 2009 heeft Watson op 11 opeenvolgende jaren onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingskosten aangevraagd. In 2018 is de onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingskosten plus aftrek meer verversingsrecords, bereikt 27,98 miljoen yuan, en onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingskosten worden afgetrokken om de vermindering van het bedrijfsleven te verminderen inkomstenbelasting. Het heeft 4,2 miljoen yuan bereikt en de investeringskosten plus tegencommer zijn in tien jaar 29,24 miljoen yuan bereikt. Zo’n grote hand, ononderbroken "True Gold Silver" belastingkorting, die niet alleen direct de belastingdruk van het bedrijf wordt verminderd, maar ook direct ge?nspireerd is op het onderzoek en de ontwikkeling van het bedrijf, zodat de onderneming vol onderzoek is, de ontwikkeling zoekt.

In maart 2020 is WATSON’s 13-luidruchtig pneumokokkenpolysaccharide gecombineerd met vaccin afgegeven, wat aangeeft dat de 13-jarige pneumokokkende polysaccharide-bindende vaccinatie kan worden gevaccineerd.

Nadat het product wordt vermeld, brak de gigant van het buitenlandse vaccin het monopolie van het baby-pneumonia-vaccin in de baby-pneumonie, vulde de kloof op dit gebied en hielp ook hun moederbedrijf Yunnan Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. om de gunst van de Capital Market. Meer energie in het onderzoek en de ontwikkeling van het nieuwe Coronal Pneumonia-vaccin, het "nieuwe kroon mRNA-vaccin" ontwikkeld en batch van klinieken in het eerste mRNA-vaccin van mijn land dat de klinische studie heeft ingevoerd na het voltooien van dierlijke aanvalsexperimenten.

Volgens statistieken heeft Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. genoten van de nieuwe niet-publieke ondernemingsbeveiligingsbelastingconcessies. De ontwikkeling van de westelijke regio is verminderd met 100 miljoen yuan, en de onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingskosten worden verminderd om het bedrijfsresultaat te verminderen Belasting 29.24 miljoen yuan, vanaf 2019 Accumuleerde belasting miljarden inkomstenbelasting aan het einde van het jaar.

De stabiele steun van het belastingbeleid en de optimalisatie en het upgraden van belastingdiensten hebben een solide basis gelegd voor de huidige en langetermijnontwikkeling van de onderneming, die ervoor heeft gehouden.

Sinds dit jaar heeft de biologische geneeskunde-industrie van Watson de groeisnelheid verbeterd, waarbij het continue herstel van de Yuxi-industrie wordt getrokken, de Yuxi-belasting zal de implementatie van de belastingvermindering van het bedrijf en goedkoop beleid blijven volgen, zal de service optimaal zijn en de snelste snelheid reageert aan de belastinggerelateerde bezorgdheid van het bedrijf, het helpen van yuxi biomedische productie van hoge kwaliteit ontwikkeling. (Editor: XU QIAN, ZHU HONGXIA).

Closure of the Communist Party of China Tenth Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region

  China Tibet Network News November 30 morning, the Communist Party of China Tenth Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region successful completion of the task, the successful conclusion in Lhasa.

The picture shows the meeting site Photography: Wang Shu delegates by secret ballot, elected the members of the Communist Party of China Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the Tenth, and tenth alternate member of the Communist Party of China Discipline Inspection Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The picture shows the meeting site Photography: Wang Shu General Assembly adopted the "Resolution Tibet Autonomous Region Communist Party of China Tenth Congress of the Communist Party of China on the report of the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the Ninth" and "Tibet Autonomous Region Communist Party of China Tenth Congress of the Communist Party of China on the Tibet Autonomous Region resolution "report on the work of the ninth Commission for discipline inspection. The picture shows the meeting site Photography: Wang Shu picture shows the meeting site Photography: Wang Shu meeting pointed out that the conference Xi Jinping adhere to the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as guidance, comprehensively implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping important remarks on Tibet work and a new era of party rule Tibetan strategy, take concrete actions to practice the "two maintenance" look overall plan for development, based on the actual deployment.

Adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, highly concerned about people’s livelihood, all development must adhere to national unity and progress gives the meaning to be given to improving people’s livelihood, people’s sense of cohesion, enhance people of all nationalities should get a sense of well-being, safety sense achieve high-quality development and good practical livelihood. Assembly summarizing the work of the past five years, based on the "two hundred years" strategic node view, mind "two overall situations", based on the work of Tibet "five overlay" New features of the new situation, a clear mission, proposed the goal of a future period, inspired the delegates a strong sense of mission, played not far behind, courageously rushed theme.

The picture shows the meeting site Photography: Wang Shu picture shows the meeting site Photography: Wang Shu meeting stressed the need to adhere to progress while maintaining stability of the overall tone of the work, based on a new stage of development, complete and accurate fully implement the new development concept, the development of new services into the pattern, good job stability , development, ecological, strong edge four events, efforts to promote "the four founding members" strive to "four forefront." Must resolutely implement the people-centered development ideas, promote the development of high quality, and improve and protect the livelihood, maintaining social stability, management of religious affairs according to law, and actively promote Tibetan Buddhism in China, cast firmly adhere to the Chinese sense of community to do the main line good national work, consolidate the basis of national unity and progress, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, trying to make sense of fineness to get the people is greater, happiness more sustainable, more secure sense of security. Party committees (party) to use plain language to earth, good study and implementation of the work, the spirit of the meeting into practical action carry it out of. Delegates to take the lead in meeting the spirit of publicity, take the lead to implement the spirit of the meeting, to make contributions in their own posts, to promote the spirit of the General Assembly floor with concrete actions to implement.

(China Tibet Network reporter / Wang Shu Zhao Yao) (Editor: Li Wenzhi).

2009 National Supreme Science and Technology Award Winners – Gu Chaohao

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2021-11-0311: 29.

Baoshan exploring "first investment" to speed up research results

  From now on, the 2nd China-US Economic and Trade Forum of Europe and America is held in Baoshan District.

Shanghai is focusing on promoting the construction of international financial centers, and the new progress of the establishment of economic and trade open innovation has achieved new progress. Take the Baoshan District as an example, actively integrate the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and strive to create the "Shanghai Science Center for the main position", and force resources such as high-end talents, advanced technology and quality projects at home and abroad.

From the laboratory to the production line, the new link to the transformation of scientific research results is gradually formed; from exploring the new mechanism of "first investment" to cultivate "technical brokers", "seed project" accelerate landing.

  After the layer selection, the Baoshan District "Transformation of Science and Technology Achievements in the First Pioneering Mode" project, recently successfully revealed the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2021.

This is the only innovation reform task selected by the city as the main body.

  Aiming at the research results from the laboratory to the production line stage "some scientific research results have lost their vitality.

"Many innovative subjects feel that when scientific research results are developed to the middle stage, support policies and funds are often easily" missing ".

  When the scientific research project is in a germination state, the college laboratory has a rear shield for scientific research funds.

Entering the "Industrial Sample" phase, the investment institution will see the expectations will come.

In the middle stage of the two, it is the most important funds and resources to help "support", but no one is concerned. The pilot aiming of "first investment" is the scientific research results from the laboratory to the middle stage of the production line.

  The scientific research is transformed, the source is at the university. But most university teachers and students are not familiar with commercial logic, and even registered companies are unclear.

As a result, the University Science Park is given a "catalyst" role of production. Since this year, Baoshan District has attracted a large number of university science parks.

"Every university science and technology park has expertise and is adapted to the industry.

Zhao Jiang, deputy director of the Baoshan District Science and Technology Commission, said that the research and development of biomedical research is taken as an example, the scientific research team of the university can facilitate the "middle test and venture ground", so that the research results accelerate out of the laboratory. "Technical Broker" acts as a business and college There are two programs in the translation of scientific research results. One is to have research results, then search for industrial projects, the other is to have industrial demand, and then inverted the research and development. Usually, the latter is time consuming This is equivalent to "production after ordering".

However, when the market entity is looking at colleges and universities in a list of demand, the results are often unreasonable. "There is a ‘translator’ between them.

Liu Zehua, Director of Technical Transfer Director of the University of China, said.

Another identity of Liu Zehua is "technical broker", in practice, he encounters a lot of cases that cannot communicate. For example, a car company wants to find a part, the keyword is "brake feeling is good". But the response of the scientist is: "I have developed a graphene coating with good heat dissipation.

"The two are not in the same discourse system." They need a communication bridge, the ‘technology broker’ is this role. "In Baoshan District, University School, University Science Park, etc. It is consciously cultivated" technical brokers ".

"This job is high, such as a cross-discipline background, etc.

"Liu Zehua told reporters that they are actively striving for related colleges and universities to cultivate more" technical brokers ". (Reporter Wang Jiayu).